Republican Yard Signs and Bumper Sticker Ideas for 2012

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Discussion of potential 2012 Republican candidates for president on today's radio show got me thinking about some fun political signs, stickers, buttons and slogans for Republicans next year.

I'll share a few of mine but would really like to check in to read some of yours for when we need a laugh, so please feel free to share!

Romney/Pawlenty (this one is kinda cool!)

Ambassador Jon Huntsman
Sportsman for Huntsman 2012

Ambassador Huntsman as a potential Veep only works in the often homophobic Republican party if they nominate a woman or Jeb Bush!:
Bachmann Huntsman 2012


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Give us your vote and we'll

Give us your vote and we'll give you the shaft - GOP 2012

Need help pulling up those boot straps?  Don't look at us - GOP 2012

We'll make you nostalgic for Reagan - GOP 2012

Put Whitey back in the White House - GOP 2012

Just give us everything - GOP 2012

We'll give you more change than that Kenyan - GOP 2012

The top 2% need more help - GOP 2012

Social Safety Net?  Hell no!!! - GOP 2012

Next time we'll do better, we promise - GOP 2012

Come on, we can't possibly be as bad as those liberals say - GOP 2012

We'll give you what the government can't - GOP 2012

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GOP, where dumb is

GOP, where dumb is welcome.

Vote Republican, like Jesus did.


Vote Democrat, its easier

Vote Democrat, its easier than working.

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Rapture came and gone, GOP still here

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Vote Republican and respect

Vote Republican and respect life...unless it's non-christian, brown or poor.

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Be our Ho - GOPimps 2012

Be our Ho - GOPimps 2012

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Apocalypse Now!

Apocalypse Now!

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Now that we got all your

Now that we got all your money.  How about your dignity? - GOP 2012

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Vote Rmoney! Romney, he has

Vote Rmoney!

Romney, he has to have held your position at least a few times on each issue.

Romney, if you disagree with him get your minister to make him fire teh gays.

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Well done!........


Stupidity:...Our One Inexhaustible Resource......GOP 2012

Greed Over People....GOP 2012

Greed Over Principle....GOP 2012

We Retard, You Comply....GOP 2012

Ideology over Common Sense....GOP 2012

In Ignorance We Trust....GOP 2012

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"Vote Republican if you

"Vote Republican if you believe in a FREE America, where ALL non-capitalists will DIE!"


This was inspired by this You Tube post: This person demonstrates how dangerous the Republican party has become.

harry ashburn
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"Fiends don't let Fiends vote

"Fiends don't let Fiends vote Democrat"

harry ashburn
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"If you ignore EVERYTHING

"If you ignore EVERYTHING Jesus tells you, you're not REALLY a Christian.... You're just a Texan!" -bill maher