There's Oil in Georgia, how about your state ?

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In the late 70's or early 80's, American Oil Company did "sounding" tests in NW Ga to determine the depth of oil.

At the time oil was some ~$10 bbl and AMOCO said it would have to exceed $30 a barrell to drill.

Our share on 25 acres would be $355 per day. My Dad signed up and AMOCO paid him for a full decade yearly "right to drill" payments.

The depth was 15,000-20,000~ feet. My Question, if the drill rigs in the Gulf of Mexico cost $100m+ go through 1mile of sea, THEN drill through 3-5 miles of bedrock, why do they NOT drill here in Ga ?

It seems obvious to an educated man of 60 that drilling the SAME DISTANCE on a $100mil rig in the ocean would be more expensive.. So I ask myself, they've found oil all over NW Ga, so why are they wasting $100mil+ instead of drilling on Terra Firma ?

The only rational answer is "Royalties". Drilling in the ocean, doesn't encompass royalties so they don't have to pay landowners,

Also there's nobody 1 mile down to report the dumping of unwanted or noxious agents, or "minor" leaks for that matter.

Obama was right to stop the drilling until the country is fairly certain it can be done safely.. BP says it's safe, so it is !

Obama does NOT know about the oil in the SE USA, if you look at the US oil resorvoir charts, the south is devoid of oil, hmmm AMOCO paid hundreds of landowners for the right to drill here for What Reason ? It wasn't to throw away money, they knew it was there and planned to get it. But the subsidizing of the oil companies has led them to "Explore" for new oil, I think in areas where the locals can be shut up in one way or the other {can you say Inuit & Gwich’in Indians]

2006 ... Inuit sue US government over BP land usage

Jan 13, 2010 ... Native Inupiat Eskimos and Gwich'in Indian activists,,,,their entire way of living is at risk due to oil drilling. ...

My opinion is the Inuit leaders were "persuaded" to sign, the Gwich’in elders refused.

Quote->> Even if the North Slope Inuit have won the oil-development battle in Washington, they still face vehement opposition from the Gwich’in Indians of the Northwest Territories, the Yukon and interior Alaska — and opposition, as well, from Ottawa

The Southern US has too many people with eyes and nerves to sue for the nasty way business is done today, some people in more remoter areas do not have a voice that can be heard.. Just another way we try to take advantage of the underpriveleged.

Drill where either no one can report the disasters underwater, or where the locals can be persuaded. Just don't drill in Georgia, to many "eyes"

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Herbert W
May. 13, 2011 8:51 pm

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