Attack on Democratic Traditions

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The situation of the US public budget is really dramatic. This indebtedness crisis is the result of excessive military spending since the end of the Second World War and the neoliberal policy launched at the beginning of the 1980s. New York City filled with corporations raking in profits and its swanky-elitist urban society closes schools for lack of money. A series of cities has already declared bankruptcy.

The republican attack has the goal of cancelling union rights. A progressive counter-movement in the form of a broad Obama coalition is emerging.

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The article assumes Obama is

The article assumes Obama is a traditional liberal rather than just another neo-liberal twit..


Obstacles aside, Obama might begin by restoring Nixonian Republicanism; he could do that! I say "Nixonian" for want of a more appropriate model. Thoughtful Tea Partiers, if any exist, might disagree, but Herbert Hoover is too remote, and the continuing deification of Ronald Reagan has become a non-starter. Republican plutocrats, the smarter ones anyway, realize, even if most Democrats don't, that "the Reagan Revolution" – continued by every President since Reagan, including Clinton and Obama – has run its course. They understand that the time is past due to "restart" the program.

A contemporary version of Eisenhower Republicanism would be better still but that would fall outside Obama's ken; Ike was more of a New Dealer and less of a hawk than Obama could ever be. Thus only Nixon is left. It's not a perfect fit: the Nobel laureate's willingness to engage in what peace candidate Obama called "stupid wars," though considerable, pales before Nixon's criminal recklessness. And, on the other hand, if Obama has it in him to be as "progressive" as Nixon was in domestic affairs, he has yet to show signs of it. But at least he does have Nixon's lawlessness down pat.  - Prof. Andrew Levine.

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Quote:...the great democratic

...the great democratic tradition of the country...

The myth persists.

It's so disheartening to know that many people with good intentions fail to grasp that "democracy" in the US has been managed by elites since day one.

Well, you can vote for the

Well, you can vote for the corporate candidate or the corporate candidate.and know for certain that one of them will win.

Voting for one's own impoverishment is a lot better than having it simply shoved down your throat. 

If the Soviets had established two branches of their ruling party,, one could have voted for the party in control or the party in control. They'd have had a nice little democracy going like we do and spend their time debating who can marry who to show substantial differences. LOL

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polycarp2 wrote:They'd have

polycarp2 wrote:
They'd have had a nice little democracy going like we do and spend their time debating who can marry who to show substantial differences. LOL

Or who has the right to serve the MIC and who doesn't.

Well, as long as we have some

Well, as long as we have some semblance of democratic functioning, we should use it..AND there has to be an adjunct to that. Organizations outside of the political parties as well.

Labor and the organized radical left used to keep the parties somewhat honest. Labor is weakened and ineffective. Remnants of the organized  radical left barely exist..

There is no Socialist Party, for instance,  to push an FDR into action as there was in the 30's. No alternatives to scare either wing of the Corporate Party into doing what's required if they want to retain power.. The only alternative is a corporate candidate or an opposing corporate candidate.

The losing wing of the corporate party gets to join  lobbying better pay, but lose their insider-trading perk on Wall Street. Knowing what legislation is going through, and which legislation won't get out of your own Committee makes fortunes. A form of  insider trading that is totally legal.

Buy stock in a small co., earmark a few million bucks for it, and make a tidy sum.when the market reflects its unexpected new profits.

Things like that..

 My own Congressman holds $350,000  in shares in a bank...and sits on the Financial Services Committee that oversees Banking/Finance. Perhaps he knows something I don't. (source today's Denver Post).

Members sitting on Committes overseeing and regulating energy  tend to have investments in guess Like Colo. Rep. Tipton. on the House Natural Resources Committee. A bundle in oil and natural gas stocks.. .(source, today's Denver Post).

The only insider trading that is totally legal is that reserved for legislators. A sure buck with no risk. People wonder why they leave office  as millionaires. and hang on so dearly to their seats for as long as they can.  LOL..

If a bill essential to the nation conflicts with the personal financial interests of Committee members, it will sit in committee until dead  cows come home. Nation be damned.

There are no longer any organized threats to change the system or any of its structures if they don't function well for the majority,, Accordingly, there is no need to change them. They function very well for the few in charge of them just as they are..

The goal is to make them function even better for the few. It that includes austerity for everyone else...oh well. There are no organizations left to challenge it..The "red scare" and attacks on labor got rid of them.

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"A progressive

"A progressive counter-movement in the form of a broad Obama coalition is emerging." demandside

Tell that to the thousands of civilians dying in the Middle East. Tell that to the people being tortured in Bahrain...while Obama... the Noble Peace Prize Obama... met with the crown prince of Bahrain and "reaffirmed" the United States' "strong commitment" to the regime of unelected autocrats...

Obama dropped in a meeting the prince was having with SOS Clinton, who likewise extolled the autocrats for their "national dialogue" and "important work."

Here is some of that important work:

"Bahraini security forces beat the detained poet Ayat al-Gormezi across the face with electric cable and forced her to clean with her bare hands lavatories just used by police, members of her family said yesterday in a graphic account of the torture and humiliation suffered by those rounded up in the Gulf nation's crackdown on dissent.

The 20-year-old trainee teacher, who spent nine days in a tiny cell with the air conditioning turned to freezing, is due back in court this weekend on charges of inciting hatred, insulting the king and illegal assembly, and her family fear she may suffer further mistreatment in custody amid threats of another round of interrogation.

Masked police arrested Ayat at her home on 30 March for reciting a poem criticising the monarchy during a pro-democracy rally in the capital Manama in February. ... The details of her interrogation and imprisonment are similar to the experiences of other women detained by Bahraini security forces since they launched a full scale repression on 15 March against all those demanding democratic reform in the island kingdom.

Ayat gave herself up to police after they threatened to kill her brothers. She was taken away in a car with two security officials – a man and a woman – both of whom were masked and dressed in civilian clothes. They immediately started to beat her and threaten her, saying she would be raped and sexually assaulted with degrading photographs of her put on the internet.

... While Ayat was meeting her family during the arraignment, a policeman overheard her giving details of her mistreatment. He said that if she continued to do so, she would be returned to the interrogation centre and tortured again."

Obama is not the solution...he is the problem. The system is broken...
One wonders sometimes how his head can bear up under those laurels, caked and heavy as they are with dried blood, clots of viscera and vast heavings of hypocrisy.

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I guess the "attack on

I guess the "attack on democratic traditions" is a truism....too bad that the democrats are attacking them as much as the republicans......