Is the Department of Veteran's Affair's banning the use of God at Military Funerals?

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I found this headline on Facebook early this morning:

"Stop the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) from banning the Word 'God' from Military Funerals"

The long and short of this appears to involve the Director of Houston National Cemetery, Arleen Ocasio, who has allegedly "banned" the use of God during Military Funerals. Finding this to be more than a little outrageous, I dug deeper. Here's what I've learned from some quick research...1) The matter appears to have begun about a year ago when a family burying a loved one had specifically requested no references to Christianity be used on the grave marker.2) There are volunteers called the "Memorial Ladies" who assist the Cemetery during its many Military Funerals. Apparently, members of this group, in offering its condolences used the word God and the family involved was offended and complained to the Facility.

3) Director Ocasio instructed the volunteers to refrain from...

Bill in Dayton
Jul. 18, 2010 4:32 pm


The headline is misleading, they are banning the use when requested to do so by the family of the interred.

Not all families are as accomodating to requests of the deceased. One Chicago family got even with their nudist grandfather, who wanted to be buried naked, they put clothes on him. [open casket or not?]

Etiquette at a funeral

From an Unfinished Burlesque

of Books on Etiquette

By Mark Twain


DO NOT criticize the person in whose honor the entertainment is given.

Make no remarks about his equipment. If the handles are plated, it is best to seem to not observe it.

If the odor of the flowers is too oppressive for your comfort, remember that they were not brought there for you, and that the person for whom they were brought suffers no inconvenience from their presence.

Listen, with as intense an expression of attention as you can command, to the official statement of the character and history of the person in whose honor the entertainment is given; and if these statistics should seem to fail to tally with the facts, in places, do not nudge your neighbor, or press your foot upon his toes, or manifest, by any other sign, your awareness that taffy is being distributed.

If the official hopes expressed concerning the person in whose honor the entertainment is given are known by you to be oversized, let it pass -- do not interrupt.

At the moving passages, be moved -- but only according to the degree of your intimacy with the parties giving the entertainment, or with the party in whose honor the entertainment is given. Where a blood relation sobs, an intimate friend should choke up, a distant acquaintance should sigh, a stranger should merely fumble sympathetically with his handkerchief. Where the occasion is military, the emotions should be graded according to military rank, the highest officer present taking precedence in emotional violence, and the rest modifying their feelings according to their position in the service.

Do not bring your dog.

douglaslee's picture
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

The use of "God" had Already been Banned when They decided to go to War in the First Place. The Use of "God'" is Appropriate at military funerals ONLY in Damning those that Caused this Needless Death to Happen for reasons of Corporate Greed and Nationalistic Imperialism. The Souls of the Brave Soldier will be Taken Care of by God....whether the Family wants that fact Verbally acknowledged ...or Not. The Family has that Freedom of Speech.....Not to be pushed Or silenced by the State.

WebMonster's picture
Jul. 6, 2011 3:24 am

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