Finding truthful facts to disprove so called facts my uncle has heard on the radio

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I recently had a conversation with an uncle who belonged to a union all his working life and I was dumbfounded when he sided with Govenor Walker. (We are Minnesotans) He stated that 60 some percent of all the working people in this country (he's counting military) are working for the government and that the remaining 30 some percent of working folks have to support them with their outlandish benefits. I don't believe government workers are overpaid and.I find his figures hard to believe.

I have no idea where I would find the "facts" to disprove this. I know progressives like Tom fight these kind of lies everyday. I wish there were resources to financially support an organization that watched or listened to the right wing medias so they could list the lies and could post resources of where these lies can be disproved.

Is anyone familiar with this particular lie and could you point me to where I might disprove it?


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I would start with his math. 

I would start with his math.  How can 30% of the population that is making "workers" wages support 60% of the population that is making more money than the "workers" are?  I would like to see how that works so I can retire this year.:)

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Webtasia, With all due

Webtasia, With all due respect to your uncle, please tell your uncle that so what if government workers are making more than private sector workers.  I am sure their benefits aren't that great either.  However, the point is, when are we going to stop acting like crabs in a bucket?  Why are we begrudging someone making a living wage?  Everyone should have adequate compensation for their labor.  People do work.  It's not like the employer, be it government or private sector, is giving money to their employees out of the goodness of their hearts for no reason.  They are paying for a service, ie., work.  We should all struggle for the upper end instead of racing to the bottom.

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Great point, for someone who

Great point, for someone who looks at things logically. He was an iron worker all his life. I go up to the farm this weekend and I'll see him. I just don't know how to even argue with percentages that are pulled out of the air. How do you combat something like that? I remember when all five of our family farms had AFL-CIO signs on the fencing. All they get for radio out in the rural areas is the right wing talk show hosts. It's a shame.

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Thirty years ago no one

Thirty years ago no one whould have argued that government workers were willing to be underpaid but get great benefits. Reagan went to war with the unions, and publc workers have simply been able to keep pace whille the private sector employees have lost ground.

But for facts and figures, try:


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Thank you PlacitasRoy for

Thank you PlacitasRoy for your reply. The articles, especially the first one, are very helpful. I appreciate your time.