Republicans that want to blow up the economy to make Pres. Obama look bad in 2012 - have a lot more work to do!

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If the Republicans hope that blowing up the economy to make President Obama look bad in 2012 will work - then they still have a lot of work to do convincing the American people. A new Quinnipiac poll shows that 54% of American blame the bad economy  on George W. Bush - whereas only 27% believe President Obama is to blame.

On top of that - more Americans trust President Obama to handle the economy than they do Congressional Republicans. And if we do indeed default on our debts - the poll showed that most American won’t blame the President - they’ll blame House Republicans like Speaker of the House John Boehner and Eric Cantor.

Hopefully, the adults in the Republican Party are thinking of returning to their Eisenhower and Dirksen rational roots - their right-wing-crazy plan isn’t working.


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I'd be thrilled if the

I'd be thrilled if the Democratic Party was as liberal as Eisenhower.

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I thought it more interesting

I thought it more interesting that the trend from Jan. 2010 to July 2011 shows that people putting more blame on Bush has dropped a point from 55% to 54% while people putting more blame on Obama has risen from 20% to 27%.

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The Community Reinvestment

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) caused the recession. 

The act basically forced banks to take risky home loans.  Guess what happend?  The risky borrowers couldn't pay back the loans.  

The bill was passed by Carter in 1977.  Supported by Clinton in 1990.  Bush tried to stop it in 2003.  Obama sued sued Citibank to froce the bank to make risky loans. 

Democrates good intentions cause big problems for everyone.

Democrate let thier emotion get in the way of common sense. 

In closing Carter, Clinton and Obama had quite a bit to do with the current recession.

Tick off those rasict Republicans and vote Herman Cain in the primary election.







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We the people "own" this

We the people "own" this country and it`s "high noon" with economic criminals vs democracy.Who will have the courage to stand up?

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ATVMike - you are not

ATVMike - you are not correct....there is much more if you read the entire article.

Community Reinvestment Act had nothing to do with subprime crisis

Fresh off the false and politicized attack on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, today we’re hearing the know-nothings blame the subprime crisis on the Community Reinvestment Act — a 30-year-old law that was actually weakened by the Bush administration just as the worst lending wave began. This is even more ridiculous than blaming Freddie and Fannie.

The Community Reinvestment Act, passed in 1977, requires banks to lend in the low-income neighborhoods where they take deposits. Just the idea that a lending crisis created from 2004 to 2007 was caused by a 1977 law is silly. But it’s even more ridiculous when you consider that most subprime loans were made by firms that aren’t subject to the CRA. University of Michigan law professor Michael Barr testified back in February before the House Committee on Financial Services that 50% of subprime loans were made by mortgage service companies not subject comprehensive federal supervision and another 30% were made by affiliates of banks or thrifts which are not subject to routine supervision or examinations. As former Fed Governor Ned Gramlich said in an August, 2007, speech shortly before he passed away: “In the subprime market where we badly need supervision, a majority of loans are made with very little supervision. It is like a city with a murder law, but no cops on the beat.”

Tom, just how much longer are

Tom, just how much longer are you willing to carry water for this REPUBLICAN president?  I hope it isn't gonna be too much longer now, because it's starting to get ridiculous at this point.  Obama is proposing big cuts to the social saftey net of the most vulnerable among us, and all you (and the rest of the establishment "liberals") can do is say "....hey, look over there at those bad ole Republicans!!!  aren't they just crazy!".  I once actually thought you had integrity, I listened to you back when you were on Air America when you railed against the Bush presidency not because of partisanship (at least I assumed) but because the policies of the Bush administration. I remember in the months after Obama was elected, you said you'd cut him some slack for the first 6 months (I didn't agree, but I thought it was fair). But now you've gone completely off the deep end.  We have like 6 wars going on, a terrible economy, outrageous unemployment, trillions transfered to wallstreet, and now Obama is proposing to cut medicare and social security.  And what do you do every day Thom?   You carry the water by continuing the "Big bad Republicans..." charade, when the real bad guy is telling you exactly how he wants to hurt Americans.

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The best thing that the

The best thing that the Republicans can do is just to get out of the way....the Democrats are fully capable of blowing the economy all on their own.... the Republicans do serve as useful cover though....

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Louise,you`re speaking truth

Louise,you`re speaking truth to power,but power has "lost its mind".It`s all on us the people,we have the power,we bail out and keeping the economic system alive by the Fed printing money in tax-payer name. The "FED"  belong to the people,the economic criminals should be living under the bridge like them two Wall st investors from the movie "Coming To America". We need to hear the "Big Truth",WE OWN THIS SYSTEM! All we hear is the "Big Lie",Government Debt is a problem,without government debt,this world would be "Dead"! Tc,the big picture is Obama make $400,000 a yr and there are 400 billionaires in America.Who do you think has the power in this country? Obama is trying his best to keeping the world from making the Civil War & WW2  looking like "tea-parties". Capitalism is as dead as communism,it`s feeding on itself,the only solution is controlling our money. When the capitalists control our money,their interest comes first,time to control our money and put "the people" interest first.Some would say that`s "Common Sense"! Change start from the bottom,not the top,we move our money to a bank we control,this would be aka Fed,not a credit union.Remember the big picture,Who control the money"! Not Obama,he probably don`t control half the government with all the "good job browny boys" around.

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Garrett78 wrote: I'd be

Garrett78 wrote:

I'd be thrilled if the Democratic Party was as liberal as Eisenhower.


At this point I'd be happy if the Spinlessocrats would be as liberal as Nixon or Ford.  At least we were taxing the richest at around a 72% clip.

Nixon, Ford, or Eisenhower would be called "those whiny progressives" by people like Rahm Emanuel and the DNC leadership if they were part of the Democratic party today.

In the Republican field they would be dismissed as outright communists.

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I agree. At this point Thom

I agree. At this point Thom does nothing more than take the eye off of Obama's draconian, conservative policies using tribalism. Thom always decries Reagan--hello, Thom!: Obama is Reagan 2.0, new and improved!

It's such a tired tactic to take: look at those useless Republicans! Nevermind that the tribal Democrats are the same or worse by acquiescing to the demands of Republicans. Not to mention Obama who "negotiates" by proposing center-right policies to begin with, such that compromise consists of going further right, further corporatist.




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Obama & Thom don`t cause the

Obama & Thom don`t cause the problems,why don`t you people "focus on the root",we all do that,Obama & Thom job will be easier. Your complaining won`t give Obama or Thom,etc.. the power to get what you want.Your going after the "root cause" will get you what you want.If you have the 'courage'

tayl44 Obama is actively

tayl44 Obama is actively making the problems that we have WORSE.... what part of his war mongering, bailing out wall street, and gutting the social saftey net dont you get?