community health clinics vs universal healthcare ?

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I saw a video where George W. Bush says he is not for universal healthcare but he is for community health clinics for the Poor my question is why are community health clinics not enough why do we need universal healthcare I support universal healthcare but I just want to ask why having  community health clinics is not enough are community health clinics funded by the Government or the State or by Charity thank you ?

Absolutely opposed to a national health care plan

Q: Would you be open to the ideal of a national health care plan?

BUSH: I’m absolutely opposed to a national health care plan. I don’t want the federal government making decisions for consumers or for providers. I remember what the administration tried to do in 1993. They tried to have a national health care plan, and fortunately it failed. I trust people; I don’t trust the federal government. I don’t want the federal government making decisions on behalf of everybody.

Source: St. Louis debate Oct 17, 2000

$3.6B for 1,200 new community health centers

I support increasing the number of community health centers across America. Community health centers are community-owned, locally administered medical clinics where people can receive preventive care, free vaccine clinics, health alerts, disease screening, and counseling. They have become America’s health care safety net. Under my plan, we would provide $3.6 billion in federal money over a five-year period to create 1,200 new centers from coast to coast.

Source: USA Today editorial by Bush, page 16A Apr 13, 2000


Ask “are we getting health care?” not “are we uninsured?”There is an issue with the uninsured. There sure is. And we’ve got uninsured people in my state. But we’re providing health care for our people. One thing about insurance, that’s a Washington term. The question is, are people getting health care? And we’ve got a strong safety net. And there needs to be a safety net in America. There needs to be more community health clinics where the poor can go get health care. We need a program for the uninsured. They’ve been talking about it in Washington, D.C. The number of uninsured have now gone up for the past seven years.

We need a $2,000 credit, a rebate for working people who don’t have insurance, that they can use in the marketplace and start purchasing insurance. We need to allow small businesses to write insurance policies across jurisdictional lines so small business can afford health care. Health care needs to be affordable and available.

Source: St. Louis debate Oct 17, 2000




I agree that the primary

I agree that the primary issue here is access.  Insurance is merely the current gatekeeper of this access to health care.  Community Health Clinics are typically not a viable option because they would be funded by municipal property taxes.  As with everything funded in this manner there is drastic inequities in its distribution and access as a result of our de facto geographical class and racial segregation.

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Though I am personally

Though I am personally relatively poor I live in a wealthy county, and I use a community health clinic. I get better care for far less cost than I would from private insurance. However, that will change when I eventually have a heart attack or stroke. I will still get high quality care, but the bill will bankrupt me.

The fascist dictator qouted so sarcastically above was disingenuous, but correct, except for 1 important point: like the present ACA, the 1993 plan did not give the government power to make medical decisions. It increased the power of private insurers to deny necessary medical treatments. Had the 1993 bill passed I would be dead today. Period. The mandatory premiums would have been so expensive I would have lost my home. I would have died of exposure. Get it?

In 2014 I expect that my clinic will close. The increased cost of corporate paperwork combined with lower reimbursements will be fatal. Personally, my doctor will I'm sure ccontinue to write my prescriptions, so I will survive, but its not about me, its about people like who I was in 1993.

I have suggested this before - a possible answer is to make all medical bills over a certain amount a refundable tax credit. I am a non insulin diabetic with extreme hypertension, and I spend less than $1000 a year as a self payer. All I need is protection from the operating room and ICU. This would cost the individual and the nation far less than perhaps even single payer.

Probabyu universal health

Probabyu universal health care with access to local clinics would be a great combination.

It's been shown that universal/single payer greatly reduces the costs a nation pays on health care per capita. Lower costs and the entire population is covered.

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"


The problem that causes

The problem that causes problems for those who seek to create healthcare clinics for everyone,  not just the poor,  are those who selfishly want to pay only their own medical bills and nobody else's,  which is why they support the medical insurance industry because such organizations are based on the profit motive,  turning it into a property and not just a service.

Even if community healthcare was widely available these selfish people would not want to participate because they would want only healthcare based on the profit motive,  even if the service they would receive in a community clinic would potentially surpass that of a private "for profit" health organization.  I also think that a large amount of hostility towards community clinics would be based on a hostility towards the people who would need such services,  namely the poor.  To some people poverty is contemptible,  regardless of how hard a person works or does not work,  and this would be reflected by their views on community healthcare.

However,  I do not favor the harassment or persecution of selfish people because I believe in the right to privacy and to commit "thoughtcrime."  Besides,  everyone is selfish from time to time and I do not want to be a self righteous hypocrite.

Well, my mon has pretty good

Well, my mon has pretty good insurance...and had to go to an ER recently because there wasn't an M.D. open at the time to deal with a semi-emergency infection that suddenly became pus-filled combined with rapid swelling. She needed a quick dose of anti-biotics. The ER Dr. agreed.

We looked for a community clinic, and couldn't find one. It would have been a much more efficient use of medical resources.

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"

That is sotra the point. 

That is sotra the point.  Community clinics are funded by municipal funds.  Many rural communities can't even afford a library and were are going to expect them to erect a doctors office in every town across the US on their own?  Urban centers will have the same problem.  We can't get enough funding for schools as it is.  Layering this over the top will just compound all of the problems we currently have with community _________ fill in the blank.   If our country was not so geographically divided from a class standpoint and you could find a way around the small community issue, then it might be tennable.  It just isn't right now.



It is a strange paradox how

It is a strange paradox how in the USA we do have enough resources to help everyone,  but because of how things are distributed it doesn't work that way.   You guys make that point more or less and I acknowledge it.  However,  I refuse to persecute those who are selfish with their resources because it would be a form of "thoughtcrime" persecution.  If a person thinks selfish and greedy thoughts,  let them.  The problem is deciding what to do about our own actions,  my own actions...

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