My New Goal Is To Become The Progressive Antitype of Ann Coulter !!! Wish Me Luck ! LOL !!!

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But.....would they ever allow me to be on TBN.?   .... like she was......and I almost threw up........ Hmmmm?  maybe if I donate or become famous........?????

 I am A sincere and committed Follower of Jesus the she claims....????? shall know them by their fruit.......ring any bells?


kevin baggese
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well gosh i dont know i feel

well gosh i dont know i feel like i have a fully functional brain.i guess you could say thats an antitype to ann coulter and her drone following.hey i dont have any drones either,at least none i am aware of,so another anti-ann trait.

Revising History
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Good luck with that, but I

Good luck with that, but I think we already have a man who is the opposite of Ann Cultist and her cronies, the Drugster and Billow Righteously and Empty-Head Hannity: I'm listening to his voice now, Noon to three Monday to Friday,

Thom Hartmann is calm, cool, and polite where Ann is shrill and combative. He speaks in well thought out, logically arranged (and grammatical) arguments with verifiable facts and sources. She seems to work from the "Something is coming to kill you/take all your money, jobs or guns/make us all into commies" ethos and she's the only one who can tell you how to survive the calamity. If anyone questions her "facts" or allegations, the few that get past the call screener, she belittles them, calls them names, is otherwise rude to them, and hangs up on them. I have heard Thom respond in three ways to this kind of call: he will try to figure out which fact is in question and quote sources and higher authorities; he will explain more fully until the caller either gets it or obviously is not trying; he will apologize and set the record straight. I have never heard Ann, Bill, or Rush admit to human frailty of any kind. "Would the last person to leave the AM dial please put the lights out" :-)

I love to hear Thom debate some of these RWAs. I am in the habit of recording him so I can learn how to speak firmly to FauxNews Acolytes and keep the conversation civil and on point. Regular people do sometimes hear and understand truth when they hear it. They usually do not have some career or philosophical need to cling to the groupthink, but have just heard it over and over and over.

kevin baggese
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man that was a really good

man that was a really good post.i could not agree more.i really am also appalled at the echo chamber that the right has is really evident when you run into someone who is under its influence.just talking points and no substance but firm belief that that which they can not explain or defend or understand the echo is none the less fact.i am old enough to remember edward r.murrow,chet huntly and david brinkley,cronkite and the rest of the great newsmen of that sadly bygone era of our news machine.even 25 years ago if someone from the future would have told me of the paid off hacks at fox news i would have laughed and said-no way!and here we are.???

by the way=did you forget glen peckerwood?

none of the clowns at fox or joe the scmoe scarbrain on msnbc can hold a candle to thom hartmann-not even in the same universe-maybe literally as well as figuratively.

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I'm a huge fan of

I'm a huge fan of Thom's.....yes, I love him......I agree with your assessment.....

I just wish there was someone who could hang her ignorant, broad-brushed dichotomy styled world view ..."out to dry"....just once!!!!

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