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Both the MP3 and Flash streams aren't working this first hour.  At least I can run the iHeart app on my Android tablet and listen to Green960.  I prefer doing that to running the Clear Channel desktop page.



I wish I could get Thom live

I wish I could get Thom live on AM radio but the Denver Station plays him in the afternoon, 3 hour delay. instead we get Big Eddy at 10 AM 

when I have internet available, I try the KPOJ radio station online and that works sometimes.

I don't have anyway to run Iheartradio, I don't think.  this certainly is more complicated that I'd like. I love the internet but still learning!

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It's back up now.  I just

It's back up now.  I just wanted to let them know.


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thanks captbebops. The

thanks captbebops.

The quickest way to get me so I can pass the message on is to pop into the chat room if you can.

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Down again and the chat room

Down again and the chat room app isn't working on Ubuntu 10.04 and Firefox.  It'll launch, accept login but doesn't work.