Super Congress: the final nail in the coffin of representative democracy and freedom as we know it

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Super Congress: the final nail in the coffin of representative democracy and freedom as we know it

Madison Ruppert
Aug 2, 2011

Cloaked in the fear surrounding the debt ceiling and a possible default is the most dangerous legislation that America has ever faced. If this passes, the Super Congress will make the PATRIOT Act look like a just and fair law. When six Republicans, six Democrats and the President have complete control over the legislature, we need to be concerned.

The most frightening aspect of this proposed “committee”, inaccurate though the term may be, is the fact that lawmakers in Washington have already openly admitted the unprecedented power they will be afforded.

Referring to the Super Congress as a committee is a bit deceitful. Calling it a Supreme Council of Overlords would be a bit more accurate.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made this quite clear by announcing on the Senate floor that, “The joint committee – there are no constraints. They can look at any program we have in government, any program … It has the ability to look at everything.”

When this is made explicit and openly so, I think there should be some serious concern among Americans. The PATRIOT Act was not billed as an Act that would be used to detain and torture Americans and innocent people from around the globe who did not have any evidence against them. We only found this out after it was rushed into law.

The Super Congress, on the other hand, has already been exposed as a completely unconstitutional body that will remove the ability for anyone to filibuster a bill or amend it in any way. This gives 13 people the unprecedented power to push through any legislation without a single amendment.

This fact already has some groups up in arms, literally.

The Gun Owners of America released a statement summarizing how this Super Congress could easily be used to wipe out our right to bear arms.

As they outline, much of the unconstitutional gun control legislation has been killed in the House and Senate through filibuster and with the help of Speaker of the House John Boehner.

However, if the Super Congress is passed into law, the crucial ability to filibuster will destroy all impediments and highly restrictive laws like the United Nation’s small arms treaty could easily be put into law.

The larger question that looms over this entire issue is: what can they not pass?

Unfortunately for everyone in America, and the world for that matter, this Super Congress would have literally no limitations whatsoever. Every single controversial bill that has been filibustered or voted out could be pushed through. Let your imagination run wild, although be warned it likely won’t lead anywhere pretty.

If you live in the United States, you have the duty to contact everyone you know and inform them about this issue. We need to build a massive grassroots movement that will inundate our representatives 24/7 with the call to never allow this to be put into law. We must stop this before it is passed, or else it will be too late and whatever shred of freedom we had left will be lost for good.


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Personally, when lobbyist

Personally, when lobbyist began writing all of our legislation is when I believe the last nail was hammered. This is just a nitros boost to the fascist engine.

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I think the NWO has it

I think the NWO has it planned for Obama to be the last American President.

What will happen after this debt-crisis will be one for the history books.

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Lon-Paul wrote: I think the

Lon-Paul wrote:

I think the NWO has it planned for Obama to be the last American President.

What will happen after this debt-crisis will be one for the history books.

Yeah, but just wait another hundred years when the USA is the shit-hole of the world. Then, the fascists will be lining up to bring jobs back to the US. Then who'll have the last laugh?!

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There is no "Super Congress."

There is no "Super Congress." The conference committee is a long-standing process used by the Congress to reconcile differences in House and Senate versions of the same bill. The conference committee is perfectly Constitutional. Article I, Section 5, paragraph 2 provides that "Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings..."


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The Super Congress Is An

The Super Congress Is An Artificial And Authoritarian Agency That Is Usurping American Sovereignty

Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
Aug 3, 2011

“Perhaps I was asleep, or have amnesia, or maybe I was abducted by aliens, but I don’t remember ever having elected a Super Congress. However, apparently there will be a committee of twelve that will effectively run our country.

This “Super Congress” of twelve will recommend cuts that will basically go unchallenged. They must make their recommendations by Thanksgiving, then the congress must have up or down votes with no changes. A simple yes or no vote to enact new law with vast implications on the lives of every American. That this group will be appointed and not elected is bad enough, but if their cuts hopefully done with a scalpel are not voted in, there will be a trigger that takes effect and makes even more draconian cuts, most likely with a butcher knife or ax.” – R.W. Sanders, The Huffington Post: “The Super Congress We Did Not Elect.”

The dead body politic in Washington is transforming itself in front of our eyes into a new dictatorial machine that is responsive to the private will of a few international banks and monopolistic corporations, not the will of the American people.

By setting up a parapolitical structure above Congress called the “Super Congress,” the traitors in Washington on both sides of the aisle are taking the invisible mask off of the shadow totalitarian government that they’ve constructed from behind the scenes in the past several decades.

This hidden criminal government in Washington is responsible for the 9/11 attacks along with a similar rogue structure in Israel. The face of this evil tyrannical monster confirms all our original impressions which we gained at a distance, in the darkness of contemporary reality.

Questioning the criminal shadow government’s version of the 9/11 attacks is treated as a mental disease because under a totalitarian system there can be only one version of universal history and global reality. The public memory in a totalitarian society is nothing but a mad, dark and mysterious nightmare.

This new dictatorial and artificial body called the Super Congress is illegal, unwanted, and alien to the American Constitution, like Washington’s shadow militaristic government. It is shaping up to be the attic of the House, haunted and spooky, where dirty secrets and rotten deals will be made and guarded by a gang of crooks.

The designers and backers of this new undemocratic system are betraying the core values and principles of America, and destroying all that she stands for.

The Super Congress’s super powers will be used to get rid of the Second Amendment to totally deny the American people any means to recover their rights, pass unpopular and unconstitutional immigration laws, give more of the American people’s money to the big criminal banks on Wall Street, raise new taxes on the middle class, declare a national emergency, officially suspend the Constitution, and generally make life for the American people a living hell.

There would be no difference if Stalin arose from the grave, and joined together with Mao to conquer America and then set up a super governmental structure in Washington that reports directly to them and does their bidding.

Since America can’t be physically conquered by any foe within the nation or beyond its shores, the banking criminals and political traitors in Washington have used deception, trickery, fraud, false flag terrorism and totalitarian propaganda to accomplish what Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the Japanese empire could never have dreamed of – the conquering of America.

II. The Super Usurpers: The Fellowship of the Ring of Power

The arguments that were given for the creation of a Super Congress, which consists of six Republicans, six Democrats and the President, are all superficial, duplicitous and authoritarian in nature.

The big myth in American politics is that these are the political moderates and grown-ups who will control the extremists on the left and the Tea Party extremists on the right from damaging the financial security of the country. But the biggest political radicals who are destroying America from within and usurping the Constitution are in the so-called center.

Everybody in America hates the rotten and diseased center except the traitorous bankers who are defrauding the American people, the criminal corporatists who are cheating the system, and the imperial mind-benders who did the 9/11 attacks.

The extremists in the center are traitors and state terrorists like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and other loyal party apparatchiks of the totalitarian terrorist state.

They all support 1) the endless, unwinnable, criminal, and insane war on terrorism; 2) the illegal transfer of the American people’s wealth to the big fraudulent banks on Wall Street; 3) the criminal surveillance-security state that generates baseless fear, creates mass propaganda campaigns and commits false flag attacks like 9/11 to justify its power grab; and 4) the transformation of America’s constitutional government into an authoritarian police state much like the Chinese system.

The Super Congress represents another phase in the planned destruction of the American constitution and the covert creation of a global dictatorial government. This super group or a similar artificial organization in Washington will serve the unelected and oligarch-owned global government as representatives of the American block.

If we do not begin an epic, worldwide resistance movement against these traitors, the final destination for America and other Western nations is a global totalitarian government. We will all be dominated from the top like slaves and lab rats if we do not fight and resist.

We will be told to embrace this New World DisOrder by our political leaders and media institutions, but we must tune them out and envision a greater world.

Don’t be fooled. Don’t close your eyes and pretend everything is okay. Know what you are getting into. Either learn to obey the Supermen ruling over you on the global plantation like mind controlled slaves, or resist their quiet takeover of humanity.

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GOA Chief: Super Congress

GOA Chief: Super Congress ‘Will Lead Us Into Dictatorship’

New committee is a “coup d’état” by the ruling class

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gun Owners of America chief Larry Pratt warns that the new “Super Congress” created by the debt deal will lead America into dictatorship, labeling the move a “coup d’état” by the political class aimed at transforming the entire structure of government in the United States.

Comparing the super committee to Plato’s council, Pratt pointed out that it would take just 34 Senate votes to sustain a bill put forward by the group, noting that it has been set up specifically to prevent lawmakers getting in the way of its agenda by necessitating a super majority to overturn anything introduced by the committee.

“The first act of the next Congress hopefully is going to be to repeal this horrible piece of legislation, Pratt told the Alex Jones Show, adding that the committee could be used to target gun owners, property owners, taxpayers and businesses.

“This is a game changer, they’ve decided that we don’t need the House of Representatives to originate revenue bills, we’ll just have the ‘super 12′ do that,” said Pratt, adding that Barack Obama would become the de facto deciding 13th member.

Legislation decided on by the Super Congress would be immune from amendment and lawmakers would only be able to register an up or down vote, eliminating the ability to filibuster.

Pratt warned that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell would appoint “wusses” to the committee, a point emphasized by reports which indicate lawmakers who voted against the debt hike will be barred from selection for the Super Congress. Just two weeks ago McConnell himself argued that the power of the purse, constitutionally ascribed to Congress, should be turned over wholesale to Barack Obama.

“They’re going to put ‘reasonable people’ on there – and these reasonable people will be the ones that continue to lead us into dictatorship,” said the Gun Owners chief, adding that the move represented a coup d’état by the ruling political class, who are now busy characterizing those who oppose their agenda as “terrorists”.

Pratt noted how the debt bill was passed on the back of similar threats made before the 2008 bailout vote that warned of an economic apocalypse if an agreement was not reached.

“They had us all breathless that the country, if we didn’t have something happening today, was going to default. That was a lie and they continued to use it even after members of Congress explained many times, no we don’t default….they stampeded a lot of members of Congress into this,” said Pratt, adding that lawmakers figuratively had a gun put to their head.

Republican David Vitter shares Pratt’s concern over the intentions of the so-called Super Congress. He has introduced a bill that will “require the real time disclosure of campaign contributions to members” of the committee. The bill requires members of the Super Congress to report campaign contributions over $1000 dollars within 48 hours.

The legislation is aimed at discovering “what special interests are trying to influence the committee,” according to Vitter.

“We’re talking trillions in cuts, and there are already threats to increase taxes on many job creators. We need to see full transparency and accountability because these committee members will be making huge decisions with a lot on the line,” he added.

The whole partisan theater behind the debt debate appears to have been largely “manufactured,” as President Obama himself labeled it, as a smokescreen behind which to implement the unconstitutional Super Congress. The so-called “cuts” enshrined in the debt deal aren’t even cuts.

Talking points based around the notion that the “Tea Party won the debt battle” are a complete misnomer. All the bill does is put spending caps on already planned expenditures towards the end of a ten year period. The “spending cuts” are virtually non-existent, yet a further crippling $9.5 trillion will be added in debt over the next decade.

Watch the interview with Larry Pratt below.

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The great thing about

The great thing about hyperbole is that there are no limits to it.

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Americans won't allow this

Americans won't allow this "Super-Congress" plan to go through.

They ( the Globalists ) will have to declare martial law to get 'er done.