Where Is The Highest Quality Of Urban Life In The World?

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This is a  link to a list of the world's top cities rated for quality of urban life.


 Notice that all the top 29 are ALL in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.....one cannot ignore the progressive connection

 I have traveled to most of these cities...You really cannot notice the propaganda of  American-style corporate despotism  until you travel abroad where you can actually see how they just do...Urban...way better...

 In American arrogance, we fail to follow clearly successful models in these countries....thinking that we can do it better...really?

 Yeah, how has that worked out.   For every 1 murder per capita in Norway there is over 5.2 (mass murder) here.

 It's sad that we call ...a murder a day...in some of our large, blighted cities..."normal"



I would be careful about

I would be careful about drawing international comparisons like this.  Most European countries and even countries in Asia do not geographically organize like we do in relation to socio-economic status.  In many many other coutries throughout Europe and Asia, the urban areas are where the wealthy live and the outlying areas (what we consider suburbs) are usually slums or working class neighborhoods.  Then you have a rural areas which are largely poor independent farmers, whereas in the US, rural conditions vary drastically depending on the state and what crop you happen to grow (IE: whether it is subsisdized by the government).

It will be interesting how this ranking shifts as we see across the US the regentrification of the inner city.  It is happening in parts of New York and definitely throughout Chicago and Detroit.

 I was interested to see "the Greenest cities" list though.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Minneapolis ranked 6.  I lived near there for a time and that was one of the cleanest big cities I have ever seen.

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Thanks for the added

Thanks for the added insight.

Definitely, there isn't an identical mirror image of the societies that I contrasted. I am using the top 25 as a standard to aim for. Sadly, I have seen very little proof or action that any significant plans or policies have been introduced to correct these social and environmental injustices. All we have heard are campaign rhetoric and promises that were broken or watered down.

Someone was actually talking on Thom's show recently about a detailed study of Great Britain, I believe it was, where there was significant correlation between Conservative rule and increased suicide and less with Liberal rule. Also, sensitive people, like myself and others I have talked with who have traveled to these places...not textbook theory....can intuitively grasp what I am feeling.

Just visit Detroit someday, pretend that you are a journalist, and scientifically as possible, assess what you experience and put it down in your own words....you could almost be offended by the propaganda of corporate America...there actually is a newer Caddillac TV ad that has the audacity to use Detroit as inspirational as you drive through it....really?

Unfortunately, the corporate media puts out too much of the false images of a prosperous nation....  

 For example ...Would we ever  see a  Sanford and Son TV show  or  Good Times nowadays, which actually showed reality.....  average black people barely making it in urban America....or the huge ghettos of Detroit?

The very gas guzzling hummers and phony upper middle class sitcoms and commercials they are pushing today, reinforce the unreality that everything's OK...

Somebody's got to shout "fire"...as Rome is burning......if you catch my drift...

While I take your point about

While I take your point about the hidden psychological consequences of living in nations ruled by conservative/libertarian/objectivist mindsets,  I think that it is dangerous to think that what is best for you should (as opposed to could) be best for me.  What some people look for in a place to live might not necessarily be the same as yours.

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You obviously ...read things

You obviously ...read things into my post that are not there....I am really geting bored here.....

I simply document the vast differences between the two continents .....and... I'm glad that 300,000,000 people aren't  on their way here fleeing the disgusting mess left over from the ravages of corporate despotism.....

We are crowded enough...thank you 

peace out 

Sorry,  if I read things into

Sorry,  if I read things into your post.  I will try not to do that.

Here is a case where I was

Here is a case where I was reading "between the lines."  Please ignore it.