Will Americans ever learn?

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A Texas politician at about 3:53  says what another TX politician, Phil Gramm says later. TX really shouldn't export their political product without a warning label. I like Kinky Freidman, and of course George Carlin and Molly Ivans were almost antidotes to the poison. Why Ron Paul is just plain ignored is covered by Jon Stewart. Perry is endorsed by Gramm, and his pro-business platform could also be pro-fraud, as Gramm believes.

Part 5 of "The Year of the Pig" talks of the assassinations of villagers. The cia executed many, Doctors, Teachers, etc. and put notes in their mouths as being the work of Viet Cong, operation mongoose or something like that. The village elders sound similar to the tribal leaders in the current Afghan, Iraq mess. Libya has cia written all over it.

In the Year of the Pig part 6, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WX1I9CjFiM&feature=related Lemay says we will humanely bomb everything in the north, irrigation canals for food, everything. Another Gen says we should have finished it in Korea


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Someone quoted Twain to the

Someone quoted Twain to the effect that "history may not repeat itself, but it rhymes a lot."

The American Century Myth has been recycled by the Right from its crash and burn in Vietnam.  Of course they keep doing the old script, but with variations in both intent and consequence.  Afghanistan is not Vietnam redux, it is far worse.  We have to give up the meth of war, not just these wars.  The whole idea that America brings Peace to the World through Military Power is what Rome believed about itself.  We are the Evil Empire because we are the only one.  Every empire is evil.

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The new American century is

The new American century is on track. Still planning a coup in Vemezuela?  Iran, Indonesia, Somalia, Yemen, Libya.

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Harlan County is another

Harlan County is another documentary, coal barons vs miners.

Duke power, sound familiar? at about 39:23 the bituminous coal operation association says there is no such thing as black lung, and you inhale coal dust with no problems.