Allergic to POLICE BATONS? Use MINIPROTESTING to avoid them

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After a peaceful protest was stormed by campus and local cops in Boston, we need a tactic that sidesteps the need for permits and thus avoids police intrusion. This is what miniprotesting was conceived to do back in 2005.

If you're ALLERGIC TO POLICE BATONS why not Occupy Commute Routes instead using MINIPROTESTING techniques that don't require permits because the individual groups are too small. Spread a dozen people out in groups of four along three consecutive street corners. In the center of each group someone holds a main 30" x 40" sign at waist level, and the three main signs make a running message like the old Berma Shave rural roadside ads. This way you can present stats to back up your facts, and use the Socratic method to set up your slogans. With 60 people you can do five separate miniprotests in different parts of town. And with groups this small, no permits are needed so there can be NO POLICE INTERVENTION. See how miniprotesting can work for your cause at

Besides the risk of police brutality, large groups show support but only offer a convoluted message. With miniprotests you get the most message from the fewest people. Whatever you're passionate about in the Occupy fight, connect with individuals directly in their evening commute along streets leading to bridge or highway onramps. This captive audience will see everything you want them to. Since there's more power to convince with miniprotesting's concise messaging, you'll do what an amorphous mob can't do. And each protest string will connect with at least 100 motorists per hour.

It's one thing to show support, and another to be efficient with your message. Here's a sample main sign inscription set for a possible protest string:

Corner #1: GOP Defends Banking Foreclosure Practices. More Families Devalued
Corner #2: GOP War on Unions Cutting ALL Wages. More Families Devalued
Corner #3: Why Don’t GOP “Family Values” Apply to Actual Families?

The other folks in each group can hold signs overhead that reflect the theme.

Miniprotests can be up in an hour if you've got a dozen folks at the ready. Just type up your signs in Arial, email them to the local FedEx Kinko's and have them printed out on their 36"-wide roll paper. You can get the 30" x 40" 1/4-inch thick poster board in packs of three at Staples. Totally reusable.

It's curbside activism you can do anywhere, so this is also a great option for those that want to join the Occupy movement but don't have the means or opportunity to get to a major action. Instead let's make millions of little actions. Let's Occupy Commute Routes and give Donny Dittohead the truth that Rush never will. He'll be pissed when he finds out just how much he's been used.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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