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I truly think that it is time that the American people begin to focus like a laser beam on making elections publically funded and disallowing/criminalizing any funding of parties, issues or candidates by private individuals, corporations, action committees or by any other means. Will you PLEASE begin to discuss a realistic game plan that will achieve this goal within a period of a few years at the most. It seems obvious to me that our politicians will never make this change through legislation. Nothing else that is discussed in relation to 'fixing' our current economic issues will ever be achieved until money is no longer able to purchase public policy.


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If we can fix this,

If we can fix this, everything else will fall into place.  The representatives in our representative democracy need to represent us and not the lobbyists.

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Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC could

Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC could not have said it any more passionately or any clearer: check it out.