Ayn Rand Rum Balls? What recipes would you suggest?

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Crazy Alert!  Cooking with the Pauls.  The Ron Paul campaign announced it has a hot new item in the campaign store…a cookbook!  Ron Paul’s wife – Carol Paul – just published “The Ron Paul Family Cookbook” and it’s retailing for just 8 bucks plus shipping and handling. According to the book description – there are, “28 pages of tasty recipes form the Paul family and friends.”  Unclear if Herman Cain – who will likely be returning to his day job fairly soon – offered any pizza recipes for it.  But for cooking enthusiasts – and Libertarians – this is one heck of a great book. 

Be sure to check out the recipes for the “Ayn Rand Rum Balls” – filled with enough liquor to turn you psychopathic.  And the “End the Fed Funnel Cake” made with 7.7 trillion cups of sugar.

What recipes would you suggest?


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"Me Society Sliders": yields

"Me Society Sliders": yields one serving

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How about serving some "Mrs.

How about serving some "Mrs. Paul's fiscal pie" at your next holiday party. Be advised, that 99% of the guests won't get any of it.

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Pagan Pot Brownies - the Rand

Pagan Pot Brownies - the Rand kids favorite Winter Solstice treat...

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Dick Morris's Stir Fried

Dick Morris's Stir Fried Toe-fu 

You asked for it. Four ounces

You asked for it. Four ounces of Methamphetamine, grind between the cheeks of one of her muscle boys, mix with 1/8 ounce Seconal . Moisten with bodily fluids, roll into meatball size spheres and coat with Raw Opium.
Dump the Rum on the homeless and light a match.

Do some research and then shut up liberacetarians.

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I heartily recommend a second

I heartily recommend a second version of Paul brownies, entitled "Disappearing New Deal Brownies."  

Right now the recipe comes in three flavors—Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Many more flavors can be added at any time!