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While I was attending a Chinese university in August 1990, major Chinese newspapers reported that Roscoe White, who worked for the Dallas Police Department, was involved in the assassination of JFK. Recently, I have been motivated to investigate this claim more closely and discovered that Roscoe White served in the Marines with Oswald, was married to an employee of Jack Ruby, was hired by the DPD in October 1963 and that his son had evidence that Roscoe White was a CIA hitman, subsequently killed JD Tipppit and 28 people who knew details of the Mafia/CIA plot to kill JFK, and was murdered in a fire in 1971. Have you investigated this and, if so, what is your opinion of this?

Paul Stanford, dpaulstanford@gmail.com





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The story was released August

The story was released August 1990 all around the U.S. and disclaimed by the CIA as "ludicrous." It was out of character for the CIA to deny whether someone had ever been in their employ, but they did deny employing Roscoe White. 

There are some other facts and entities which have not been woven into the assassination tapestry:

In 1971 Nixon had James Hoffa's sentence officially commuted 12/31/1971, the year when Roscoe White was killed in the fire. 

In 1971 began the Carlyle Group national office and bank building realty holding plan using pyramided insurance funds as securities to build towers.

Meanwhile, Hoffa had been working both the custodians of the Teamster funds (i.e. "Central States" was owned by Lincoln National, which was building transportation franchises with laundered and maybe Teamster money) and the contributors, the Teamsters. Hoffa had developed the Teamster fund to 1.4 billion which exceeded the worth of the supposedly individual trucking industries who were denying a uniform contract for truckers.

Incorporated in 1971:

(a Carlyle Group enterprise- connects bloody Tampa, FL to Seattle transactions)  SAFECO OF FLORIDA, INC. Document Number 380529 Filed 04/16/1971 State FL Status INACTIVE ISSOLVED 05/23/1973 Principal Address 109 HAMILLER AVE TAMPA FLA 33612

4/16/1971 Ohio CARLYLE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 409516 Corporation For Profit Apr 16 1971; Carl B Rubin 2411 Carew Tower Cincinnati Ohio 45202 16-APR-71

12/30/1971 Seattle-First National Declaration/NOP LLC (National Office Partners-SAFECO Plaza owned by Carlyle)

12/31/1971 Hoffa sentence commuted.

Relations in Seafirst Bank were essential to General Dynamics ultimately controlling Boeing, while the JFK assassination ended a federal investigation into GD's seemingly unfair securing of a government contract for which Boeing had offered a superior, less expensive product.

In 1963 The Texas School Book Depository consolidated in the 411 Elm St property, owned by securities traders Allyn & Bacon.

On 9/12/1963

9/12/1963 George H. W. Bush, president of Zapata Oil Co., announced he would oppose Democrat Sen Ralph Yarborough in the next race for Senator

9/12/1963 MACHUS RED FOX, INC. ID Num: 139927 Agent: ROBERT J. MACHUS Registered Office Address: 725 S. HUNTER BOULEVARD BIRMINGHAM MI 48009 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3022 BIRMINGHAM MI 48012 Formed Under Act Number(s): 327-1931 Incorporation/Qualification Date: 9-12-1963 Jurisdiction of Origin: MICHIGA MERGER Date: 4-15-1997

Hoffa's car was found abandoned at the Red Fox in July 1975, two months following the suicide of Daniel Shevell, president of Eastern Freight Ways.

9/23/1963 (Shevell Associated Transport, Eastern Freight Ways, Hoffa and the Central States Teamsters Pension Fund owned by Lincoln National Life Insurance)  CENTRAL STATES UNDERWRITERS:  Creation Date: 9/23/1963 Inactive Date: 1/1/1970

(10/7/1963) Roscoe White joined Dallas police force

10/7/1963 was founded the United Charitable Foundation of Allen County; Greater Fort Wayne Charitable Foundation- became the scandalous United Way 

10/7/1963 BIG B SUGAR CORPORATION P.O. BOX 1210 BELLE GLADE FL 33430 Filed 10/07/1963 State FL Status ACTIVE Officer/Director GARDINER, WILLIAM J THREE RIVERWAY, SUITE 1600 HOUSTON TX 77056

11/2/1963 President Diem overthrown and executed with his brother by (Army? CIA?) without knowledge or order of President Kennedy.

11/9/1963 "November 9 Explosion at Mikawa coal mine, Fukuoka, kills 458" Mitsui POW Mine at Omuta #17- Now Carlyle Group "Omuta Rex" Shopping Center

The assassination also ended another important and related transportation federal investigation of The Florida East Coast Ry whose securities have been pyramided on the 1909 charter of Central States Insurance. The FEC Ry obligations were due 1959 (Oswald discharged from marines; Bush moved Zapata Oil offshore) and 2009 (The Solyndra 553 million ).

The Last Executive Order: On November 9, 1963 This EO was signed: Executive Order 11127
Creating an emergency board to investigate a dispute between the Florida East Coast Railway Company and certain of its employees
Signed: November 9, 1963
Federal Register page and date: 28 FR 12079; November 13, 1963
Revoked by: EO 12553, February 25, 1986 BY President Ronald Reagan

"On November 9, 1963, East Germany issued the above 10 pfennig stamp to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Crystal Night, that night of terror when Nazis roamed the cities of Germany and Austria killing Jews and burning synagogues. The stamp depicts a burning synagogue and, in the foreground, the yellow badge which all Jews were required to wear under Nazi rule."

(North American Van Lines Headquarter land purchase, Fort Wayne) Navpac. Inc. U S HIGHWAY 30 FARMS INC : 11/21/1963 Inactive : 1/1/1978

11/22/1963 Assassination

11/22/1963 National City Lines. Inc., holding co, acquired 75% of the outstanding stock of Fort Wayne Leasing, Inc. (rolling stock and towers)

11/23/1963 "November 23 Satellite news transmission begins between Japan and the US. On the first day, the first news relays Kennedy’s assassination "

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Since posting this, I have

Since posting this, I have found an article written by David Perry that debunks the Roscoe White accusation made by his son, Ricky Don White, which I outlined above, as a hoax.


I don't know. I, like many, am looking for answers concerning this tragedy. leighmf's chronology above is interesting.

Several years ago, I saw a BBC documentary on the History Channel that enhanced photos of the grassy knoll and showed 2 police with rifles aimed toward Dealy's Plaza, behind a young man in a dress military uniform. This documentary also implicated railroad security officers.

My interest was piqued by the possibility of a family connection raised by these facts.

That said, the only book by Mr. Hartmann I have read is "Screwed ...," and I appreciated the insights he authored and facts presented therein. I will  read Hartmann's books on the Kennedy assassination.

I also enjoy his radio show on occassion, and think his insights are insightful and accurate.

I hope more light is shed on these ciorcumstances that clarifies these disturbing questions.

harry ashburn
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I feel the verdict on Roscoe

I feel the verdict on Roscoe white is still open.  As they say, 13 of the 3 shooters have been POSITIVELY identified. ... I would read Jim Douglass' "JFK and the Unspeakable"  (or "unthinkable")..     seminal work on the assassination, tho dont know if he names names.  I have to finish a LBJ book before reading Douglass.  If I were to guess who the shooter were, i would guess roscoe white, charles harrellson and malcolm ("Mac") wallace.

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Thanks for your comment

Thanks for your comment Harry. Today I purchased James W. Douglass' book (printed version for shipment by Amazon) and purchased and downloaded the Waldron/Hartmann book, "Legacy of Secrecy." I bought both Waldron/Hartmann books in their printed versions too. When I finish 'Legacy,' I will read Douglass' next.

I am compelled to investigate the Kennedy assassination further. I was in Dallas that day, 48 years ago, though I was only 3 years old. I have recently visited there for the first time in decades and took my whole family to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy's Plaza. I have been researching my geneology and found some evidence that motivated me to investigate my stepfather's possible connection to this sordid event. I just recently found that my stepfather is listed in the House Select Committee on Assassinations' 1979 report. He married my mother on Nov. 21, 1963 and died in an explosion in a closed baber shop at 2 AM in 1970.





harry ashburn
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cool!  My dad's 1st cousin

cool!  My dad's 1st cousin was a secret service agent at the time.  After the assassination, he never drew another sober breath.  really sad.  I was 13 yrs old in Austin at the time.  LBJ owned the place, but it was still obvious from the get-go there was a cover up.

harry ashburn
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was that barber shop in

was that barber shop in Cleburn?

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This is exciting, because my

This is exciting, because my grandfather was a cryptologist through WW1-1966. I have some data on Cleburne already in my notes concerning the Church of Christ building bond ponzis.

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph 9/15/1968 "22 Churches Are Swindled, Say Bond Probers ABILENE, Tex. (AP) Grand jurors Indicted two churchmen, a former state securities executive, a former state representative and nine other persons Thursday on federal charges of swindling 22 churches in 12 states of about $5 million. Those of the 13 who could be reached denied any wrongdoing. Some expressed surprise at the indictments. They were accused of mail fraud, conspiracy, fraud in the sale of church bonds and interstate transportation of fraudulently, obtained bonds. Asst. U.S. Atty. Robert Travis said .the churches issued the bonds to obtain money for construction for which they received only about $180,000 in construction work tor securities with face value of $5,154,900, which were issued in 1965. Purchasers of the bonds now are demanding payment from the churches, Travis said. The system is routine among churches, with some security dealers specializing in sales of the bonds and acting as collection agents for the purchasers. Those indicted are John B. Walling, Lyal W. McKnight and the Revs. Homer G. and Omer H. Ritchie, all of Fort Worth, Tex.; Carl R. Duncan of Dallas, Tex.; Glenn V. Paden Sr. of Cleburne, Tex.; T.H. Ruth of Dentoo...

...Fourteen of the churches were Churches of Christ, three Baptist, three Christian Scientist and one Assembly of God. Travis said Paden Construction Co. of Cleburne, owned by Glen Paden, was to do the construction. That company, however, and a firm owned by Walling-World Oil & Gas Corp., are in federal receivership.

Walling, a state representative from Wichita Falls, Tex., in 1951-59, said, "I deny any and all of the allegations." The Rev. Homer Ritchie and his brother Omer are co-pastors Fort Worth's First Baptist Church, one of the largest..."

(George H.W Bush: "In 1951 at Midland he formed Bush-Overbey Oil Development, Inc., a small company trading in oil royalties and leases.

1959 Zapata Oil, Calgary

"Bush moved headquarters of Zapata Off-Shore to Houston"

9/10/1959 Lee Harvey Oswald issued passport

9/11/1959 Lee Harvey Oswald discharged from Marine Corps

Big Spring Daily Herald TX 2/9/1966 The churches' petilion alleges that Walling and World Oil & Gas misappropriated alt or part of the proceeds from $200,000 in bonds sold at 10 per cent discount. STOCK INTEREST Homestead fire Insurance received $750,000 in bonds, the suit further states, and deposited $425,000 in bonds with United Benefit Insurance Co. of Omaha Neb., thus acquiring a slock interest. A subsequent refusal by the Nebraska commissioner of insurance to approve the transaction has frozen such bonds it Arkansas, Nebraska and Texas the churches claim.

The proceedings list the churches as parlies to the suit..uit are Walton Avc. Church of Christ in Canton, Ohio; McGreg or Boulevard Church of Chris in Fort Myers, Fla.; Vaughan Hill Church of Christ in Wood River, 111.; West Park Church ofi Christ in Sterling, 111.; South; Haven (Mich.) Church.of Christ.! Ecorsc (Mich.) Church of Christ, j Holland (Mich.) Church of Christ, Soddy (Tcnn.) Church of Christi, Parham Hills Christian Church in Richmond, Va.; Everman (Tex.) Church of Christ, Soulhwidc Church of Christ in Dallas, Reynolds Street Church of Christ in Rochester, N.Y.; Laurel Street Church of Christ in San Antonio, Tex., and West Ench Church of Christ in St. Louis. The remaining nine are West1 Side Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tenn.; Church of Christ in Rochester, N. Y.; Capital City Christian Church in Tallahassee, Fla.; West End Church of Christ in ..Spencer, Qmla.; Saginaw Valley Church of Christ at Saginaw Mich; First Christian Church at Bainbridgc, Gn.; East Side Church of Christ at Cleburne, Tex,; First Assembly of God in Corsicnna, Tex., and Mid City Baptist Church In New Orleans.

"World Oil" was later embroiled in the price hiking Fort Wayne Daisy Chain which hiked fuel prices through shell entities to Commmonwealth Edison, 1973-1974.


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Harry, the barber shop that

Harry, the barber shop that my stepfather died in an explosion at 2 AM was in Fort Worth.

lieghmf, your chronology is full of interesting information.

I have read the first 20 chapters of Legacy of Secrecy, and am continuing.


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I would still love to get

I would still love to get Hartmann and Waldron's insight about Roscoe White and the story his son told.

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I finished Legacy of Secrecy.

I finished Legacy of Secrecy. It is full of incredible details. Its detailed reference to a numerous cast of characters reminds me of Bernstein & Woodward's books on Watergate, which share many of their numerous characters with Legacy.


The nutshell version is that JFK was shot by people who worked for the mafia and the CIA, and the CIA's ties to organized crime since its inception are reprehensible and tarnish our nation. The New Orleans/Tampa/Chicago/ LA mobsters (Marcello/Trafficante/Roselli), working with CIA operatives involved in Cuba (Barker/Ruby/Ferre/Morales/Phillips/Hunt/Milteer/Mertz/QJWIN), had JFK, RFK and MLK Jr. all killed in assassinations in the 60s. The same team gave us Watergate too.


Another tangential connection I made is from Legacy's Chapter 30, page 382, regarding Mary Meyer, wife of Cord Meyer (a CIA agent), who had a relationship with JFK and was murdered shortly after JFK was. Timothy Leary, in his autobiography, Flashbacks, (which I read 25 years ago) talks about Kennedy and Mary Meyer. Leary suggests that JFK had tried cannabis and LSD with Mary Meyer and had an epiphany. Since JFK had Addison's disease & fibromyalgia, cannabis would have provided medicinal benefits for the autoimmune condition and helped his back pain.

Thanks and kudos to the authors for their exhaustive research.

I still have a suspicion that my stepfather was involved somehow, and will continue my own research and urge the full release of the remaining files and documents by the government.


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Paul...I have read several

Paul...I have read several references to Roscoe White, as well. I would love to see this issue investigated. Do you know if the 70s House Select Committee had any references to White ?



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The Number Of People Who Was

The Number Of People Who Was involved in The Murder Of JFK Does Grow And Even After Almost 49 Years There Still is Doubt About What Happened And i Hope The Truth Will Surface So Finally There Will Be Closure Which All Of America Deserve!