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The queen of all the birthers – Orly Taitz - announced she is running for Senate in California to unseat Senator Dianne Feinstein next year.  She said she likes her chances because she is the, “best known of the candidates who have announced that they are running.”  Of course she is known strictly for being a birther, before being birther was even cool.  On a side note – she is running on a platform against so-called Free Trade, which she says is destroying American jobs – so she does have that going for her.  

But I doubt she can stay on message – especially if she picks fellow BIRTHER Donald Trump as her running mate for a BIRTHER-BIRTHER ticket – and gives a nod to another BIRTHER Sheriff Joe Arpaio to be the new BIRTHER Attorney General. 

Look out for all the noun, verb, BIRTHER campaign slogans next year.  


The President could make this

The President could make this all go away if he would allow his academic records released and if he would tackle the birth certificate issue head on. More than one expert has called the birth certificate released by the White House an altered document. My sister, a graphics design artist, said that it was not even a good Adobe fake. I don't get it. If I could ask him questions, they would be:
1. As an expert in Constitutional law, how do you define natural born citizen? (I was taught that the Founders did not want a President with allegiance to any other country, so both parents had to be U.S. citizens.)
2. What is your reason for sealing your Harvard and Columbia academic records?
There are others, but I would love to get those answers. We don't know who he is. It is like he has no past other than what he has written. It is not hard to understand why many American citizens don't trust him. Very basic questions go unasked by the media-even though their job is to find the truth. People make up their own stories - it is no wonder there are conspiracy theories!

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I think you miss the ultimate

I think you miss the ultimate irony here, and that is that Orly Taitz was not born in the United States. In fact, she was born in (gasp!) the Soviet Union! The USSR! Hide your children! And she wants to be a US Senator!? Where's the birth certificate Orly?

No, SaltoftheEarth, Obama cannot make this go away. It is a conspiracy theory, and a conspiracy theory by definition cannot go away. A conspiracy theory is something in which any proof to the contrary is simply made to reinforce the original conspiracy. The birth certificate conspiracy is just that - the short form is not the long form; the long form is a fake; the governor of Hawaii is paid off/black mailed/threatened; etc, etc, etc.

Look up Andrew Jackson and argue natural born with that. Or for that matter let's start the Thomas Jefferson conspiracy - a founder and the third president whose mother was born in a country that we went to war with twice during TJ's lifetime, once during his presidency, - England! O my gods! We were founded on treachery! Quick, someone elect the Soviet woman to the Senate so that out country can heal!

Planetxan, A Representative

A Representative must be a citizen for 7 years. A Senator must be a citizen for 9 years. A President must be a natural born citizen or a citizen of the United States when the Constitution was adopted. Orly Taitz should provide documentation that she is eligible to become a Senator. I agree with you. I also know that there have been Presidential citizenship controversies in the past. Natural born citizen must be defined. Does it mean that two parents here illegally will have children who are natural born if born in the United States? According to Congress, two citizens of the United States bestow U.S. Citizenship on their children even if born in another country. In the President's case, his mother was a U.S. Citizen and his father was not. Which country/parent trumps, or does the child have dual citizenship? Even though we call people who pose that question racist or fringe birthers, I think they have a point. There should be civil discourse and a court ruling. I don't think Jindall is eligible to be President if natural born means having two parents who were U.S. citizens at the time of the child's birth. Marco Rubio would fall under the same eligibility questions. I don't understand the anger. It's the Constitution.

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Against free trade...I'm

Against free trade...I'm game.

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There has been civil

There has been civil discourse. Look, the guy got a passport when he was a kid, so the State Department didn't have any problem with him. There was no such thing as 'being here legally' when the constitution was written. People got on a boat and came. There were no papers or border guards. You are a US citizen if one of your parents is a US citizen. Period. You are born in the US if you are born the US. Period. You are a moron if you were born in the Soviet Union and continue to scream about the President not being a citizen even when there is zero credible evidence he was born somewhere else and the proof that he was born here is all over the damn place. Why can't people let this go? Civil discourse was had. It went like this: Is Barack Obama a citizen? Yes, his mother is American. Was he born in the US? Yes, he was born in Hawaii. End of civil discussion. Anything after this is idiocy.

Planetxan, I am not angry,

I am not angry, and I really have no interest in arguing. Nor will I call you a moron or an idiot because you disagree with me. I am not a "follower" of Orly Taitz. I am trying to mesh what I was taught in American government classes with the current reality. I was taught that, to be a natural born citizen, both parents had to be American citizens at the time of your birth-with some compromises in the 18th century when our country was founded. I was taught that the reason for this is because they did not want the President to have allegiance to any other country. Let's say someone has a mother who is a U.S. citizen and a father who is a citizen of Iran. Our relationship with Iran is strained. Would that person be eligible to be President? I guess it would be up to the voters to decide, and I bet that person would be subject to detailed scrutiny - as it should be for any candidate. what if the candidate temporarily suspends citizenship and then regains it? Does that matter?
Would you agree that President Obama had dual citizenship when he was born? His father never intended to become a U.S. citizen. Does his father have no rights in citizenship? I think Congress passed a resolution saying that McCain was eligible to be President even though he was born in Panama because his parents were citizens. Why didn't they say that Obama was eligible to be President even though his father was a British citizen? And, is Congress the body that determines who is eligible?
All I am saying is that it is really not that easy to answer the question, and the so-called birthers raise some questions that have not been answered. I am hopeful that the informed people on this website can enlighten me.

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Good grief. Whatever you

Good grief. Whatever you learned in school was wrong or misremembered. You are a US citizen if one parent is a US citizen, even if you are not born in the States. Natural born has always been interpreted as born in one of the States of the United States. They were states long before there was a constitution.

Congress passed a resolution for McCain to clarify his eligibility because he was born in Panama but on a US military base, which is considered US territory, like an embassy, except the law was never clear about it, so Congress made it clear. As I mentioned in my first post. Thomas Jefferson's mother was English, who at the time was even worse than Iran from an American point of view. They burned down the White House! If it was an issue, surely it would have come up then. He wrote the Declaration of Independence! Both of Andrew Jackson's parents were Irish! And the Irish were like the Kenyans of the 18th century!

Congress didn't have to say anything about Obama. He was clearly qualified. Obama did not have dual citizenship. He was, always was, is, and always will be American. What part of that do you not get? And are we at war with Kenya? (No seriously, it's hard to keep track.) So, it is shockingly easy to answer the question: He is American. He was born in America. Easy.

For the record I called Orly Taitz a moron (she is) and anything that goes beyond Obama is an American born in Hawaii idiocy.(It is.) I did not call you anything, but if you want to step in it....


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Salty, " Let's say someone

Salty, " Let's say someone has a mother who is a U.S. citizen and a father who is a citizen of Iran. Our relationship with Iran is strained. Would that person be eligible to be President?"

Of Iran, maybe.

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If a person is an atheist, is

If a person is an atheist, is he/eligible for the presidency?  He might be eligible, but many state constitutions prohibit it. So he might not be on those state's ballots. Then, how does he swear in? You have to put your hand on a book and swear, [solemnly, of course]. Does a book you don't believe in make it an unsolemn oath?  That separation of church thing is nullified all the time, by practices that won't change.

    Maybe natural born is just not by C-section.