Why Would You NOT Find Aluminum in Rain Water?

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Jay Reynolds

Some people believe that one should not ever find aluminum in rainwater.
The question they should be asking is why would you NOT find aluminum in rainwater?
Aluminum is older than our solar system, it is found in meteorites over 4.5 billion years old.
Aluminum is one of the most abundant elements in earth's crust.
Aluminum and silica combine to create the most common mineral on earth, Feldspar.
Worldwide, the largest source of airborne mineral dust is the Sahara Desert,
which produces up to 200 million tons of mineral dust per year.
The second largest source is the Gobi Desert of China, .
These mineral dusts are composed mainly of silicon and aluminum oxides.
In 1967 and 1973, scientists measured aluminum in rain and snow and found levels comparable to those found today.

Why would you NOT find aluminum in rain water?


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Jay Reynolds wrote: Some

Jay Reynolds wrote:

Some people believe that one should not ever find aluminum in rainwater.

Just wondering, who believes this and why? What threat does aluminum in rainwater pose?

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What are you selling Jay?

What are you selling Jay?  Are you a Chemtrail Believer?


Jay Reynolds
The chemtrail conspiracy

The chemtrail conspiracy theory purports that when contrails are seen to persist for longer than a few minutes, they are evidence of an worldwide program of geoengineering by thousands of unmarked New World Order jet aircraft iengaged in an effort to stave off global warming by cooling the planet through the use of spraying aluminum oxide. I am not making this up, that is what the "chemtrails people claim. 
The only evidence ever offered in support for this claim have been a series of rain water lab analyses which purportedly show abnormal amounts of aluminum. The claims are baseless, because repeated tests over the past 40 years have shown the same or even higher levels of aluminum, consistent with that which is found in aeolian dust of crustal origin.
details: http://metabunk.org/threads/135-Chemical-Composition-of-rain-and-snow

I find the conspiracy theory false and enjoy confronting those who promote it.
Everybody has to have a hobby, and my wife says, "At least it keeps him out of bars at night."

Happy 'Trails...

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He works for BP and gets his

He works for BP and gets his scientific facts from Readers Digest.

Jay Reynolds
No, I work as a Chief

No, I work as a Chief Engineer on vessels in the Gulf of Mexico.
Here is a bio from ten years ago:

So, Leigh, you're a ballerina, which company do you dance for?

Fletcher Christian
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I do not know what they are

I do not know what they are spraying in the air.  I don't why they are spraying the air.  I don't know what HAARP is.  I don't know what it's purpose is.  I don't understand a military agenda that sets a goal for controlling weather patterns by 2025.

Here's the official documents name:  "Weather as a Force Multiplier:  Owning the Weather in 2025".

I don't know... A military document called,  OWNING THE WEATHER IN 2025 sounds interesting to me.  I'm flat out curious.  I would like to know more.

This is a CLASSIC "conspiracy theory".  There are just a butt load of questions.  Also if your mind isn't whirling with imagination about this subject, then check your pulse... you might be dead.

There a videos of jumbo jets (WITH SPRAYERS) spraying chemtrails into the atmosphere.  Why are they spraying? I don't know.  Where are they spraying?  I don't know.  When were they spraying?  I don't know.

I do know that they are spraying.

The "regular" contrails appear to disappear after about 10 - 15 jet lengths from the jet.  It's merely water vapor that has started to freeze... so after a minute... they naturally being to thaw out and the water vapor trail is no longer there.

"Chemtrals" start and stop in distinct patterns, and they do not disappear.  A jet will approach another "chemtrail" and then they turn on the sprayers and form partial "tic tac toe" formations.  These chemtrails then slowly spread together and they start to "mirror" the other existing cloud patterns.  Like I said, I have taken photos.

I have a dilapidated airport within minutes of my house.  A year or so ago they received 50 MILLION dollars from the U.S. government for up grades.  One of those "up grades" was a permanent National Guard station.

Since that time, there have been 3 jumbo jets that sit on the runways... almost constantly.  I drive past this airport 2 times a day going back and forth from work.  One of the airliners is a Greek jumbo jet named, "HELLAS".  The other 2 are "LUFTHANSA".  There are no american jumbo jets.

I looked up the "HELLAS" company on the net and they state that the company went bankrupt.  I also looked at some of their company mottos and statements.  The one that I found interesting was, "Anonymous Travel".  Meaning that this was the company to hire if you wish to travel anonymously around the world.

About 3 weeks ago, I started noticing the classic "chemtrail" patterns emerging over my neighborhood.  I did take pictures.  Over the last 2 weeks, chemtrail patterns have only appeared on Mondays and Tuesdays.

I hope all of this is just a coincidence.  I want to know if any of those 3 jumbo jets have installed sprayers on the outside of their hulls.

1. - Here is what gets my noggin' thinking...  We KNOW that all kinds of nuclear tests have been conducted during the 50's by people who were reckless and out of the minds!  Annie Jacobsen wrote a book titled, "Area 51:  An Uncensored History of Americas Top Secret Base" that came out in May 2011.  She was interviewed by PBS and by Democracy Now!  The unclassified details of just how insane and dangerous these tests were are hard to wrap your head around.  Look it up.

2. - We know that our government has participated in some gruesome experiments.  Hillary Clinton apologized to the country of Guatemala for paying their corrupt government off to have access to the mentally ill and the prisoners of their country.  Once we handed over the money, Guatemala allowed us to infect HUNDREDS of their population with STD's to study them and to see what happens next.

3. - Bill Clinton apologized to United States soldiers after their OWN government gave them syphilis to see what it would do.  Look up the "Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment".  SYPHILIS!  There is no higher honor given to those who died serving their country than to give them lethal doses of "The Clap"!  Maybe that's why "Slick Willy Bubba" Clinton was America's 1st black president!

4. - Our own tax dollars were hard at work on this whopper... "Project MKULTRA".  That was the experiment that slipped illegal and dangerous hallucinogens into everyday, working people in public and then recorded what they did next.  

I could go on and on...  So are "chemtrails" that big of a stretch of the imagination?  Does anyone think that our government couldn't do something along those lines of another experiment going terribly wrong?

In about a week or two, I am going right to their door and ask them straight out.  I'll probably get a black bag thrown over my head and taken to an underground bunker somewhere up in Wisconsin!  (I'm sure that'll make some of you war mongering peaceniks happy.)


I promise that I'll have my wife teach me how to up load photos and links in the next few days.


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None of your business,

None of your business,

Fletcher Christian
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So, Jay Reynolds... has your

So, Jay Reynolds... has your hobby ran across any of the "experiments" that I mentioned above?

Or have you decided to take "the blue pill"?

"You take the BLUE pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.  You take the RED pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." - Morpheus Christian

Fletcher Christian
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Jay Reynolds does NOT live in

Jay Reynolds does NOT live in NW Indiana.  For if he did, he could look out his window... RIGHT NOW and see chemtrails.

It's TUE 6PM CST and the sky is littered with chemtrails.

Jay Reynolds... where are you?

Fletcher Christian
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I am still waiting for a

I am still waiting for a response from Jay "Agenda 21" Reynolds.

Jay Reynolds wrote: No, I

Jay Reynolds wrote:

No, I work as a Chief Engineer on vessels in the Gulf of Mexico.
Here is a bio from ten years ago:

So, Leigh, you're a ballerina, which company do you dance for?

Actually, Jay, thanks for noticing: We women are all ballerinas. at least in our heads. All that twirling makes us so so dizzy...

Hey Leigh, since you're a professional naturalist, how about a few blogs from you incorporating your knowledge of such? Or did I miss them?

Fletcher Christian
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Right on cue... TUE ,11AM CST

Right on cue... TUE ,11AM CST on the nose!... the 1st chemtrail is over my neighborhood.  I didn't see any yesterday. I've been watching for a couple months now, they seem to be implemented on MON & TUE in NW Indiana.

Real contrails disappear.  Chemtrails disperse into fake clouds.  Just "look up" and notice.  It takes about 30 minutes for them to disperse into cloud-like formations.

You're not that busy... "The White Haired Wizard" Anderson Cooper show is a rerun!  Janet Jackson is smoking hot, though.  wow...

Fletcher Christian
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"Tic Tac Toe" formations are

"Tic Tac Toe" formations are directly overhead in NW Indiana.  Real contrails thaw out and disappear, these spread out and form fake clouds.  Also, not all of the jets leave these contrails.  They should if the atmosphere is the same one that they are flying through are the same ones who leave the chemtrails behind are.

Look up.

Fletcher Christian
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The last time I reported that

The last time I reported that there were chemtrails in the sky was 2 days ago.  They were the most that I had ever seen.  They continued all the way throughout the night.  The moon was very bright and you could still see them being laid out over the sky and dispersing.

Why would JAY REYNOLDS start a thread, and then disappear like a real contrail?  Talking about chemtrails must have not been the reason for writing it in the first place.

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Because you kicked his ass :)

Because you kicked his ass :)

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Yeah and you haven't posted

Yeah and you haven't posted anything here in a long time (that I've seen), Fletch.

Hope all goes well for you.

As for the topic, one wouldn't expect to find it in rainwater because Aluminum doesn't occur naturally in the atmosphere on this planet.  And that's where rain forms and precipitates through.

This is true for all the materials they classify as metals here and will remain the fact regardless of what the current Texas grade school text books happen to say.

That is the "natural" order that was established here a long time ago.  Check the Old books, no mention of harmful metallic precipitates in the air.  It didn't start until well after man created airplanes.


Not to worry. Monsanto is

Not to worry. Monsanto is creating aluminum resistant plants. If they do it quick enough, our forested mountain sides won't become dead zones of barren rock....and we'll still have edible plants to feed ourselves and our livestock..

Aluminum toxicity in plants:


Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"

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Quote:Aluminum doesn't occur

Aluminum doesn't occur naturally in the atmosphere on this planet.

Aluminum is the most abundant metal and the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust, 


comprising about 8.8% by weight (88 g/kg).

Background concentrations of aluminum in rural air typically range from 0.005 to 0.18 Ig/m3 (Hoffman 

et al. 1969; Pötzl 1970; Sorenson et al. 1974), whereas concentrations in urban and industrial areas can be 

considerably higher, ranging from 0.4 to 8.0 Ig/m3 (Cooper et al. 1979; Dzubay 1980; Kowalczyk et al. 

1982; Lewis and Macias 1980; Moyers et al. 1977; Ondov et al. 1982; Pillay and Thomas 1971; Sorenson 

et al. 1974; Stevens et al. 1978). Concentrations of aluminum are highly variable in drinking water, 

ranging from <0.001 to 1.029 mg/L (Schenk et al. 1989). The use of alum (aluminum sulfate) as a 

flocculent in water treatment facilities typically leads to high aluminum concentrations in finished waters 

(DOI 1970; Letterman and Driscoll 1988; Miller et al. 1984a). In a survey of 186 community water 

systems, the median aluminum concentration in finished water receiving coagulation treatment using 

alum was 0.112 mg/L, compared to 0.043 mg/L in finished water that received no coagulation treatment 

(Miller et al. 1984a). Dissolved aluminum concentrations in surface and groundwater vary with pH and 

the humic acid content of the water. High aluminum concentrations in natural water occur only when the 

pH is <5; therefore, concentrations in most surface water are very low. 

Since aluminum is ubiquitous in the environment, the general population will be exposed to aluminum by 

the inhalation of ambient air and the ingestion of food and water. The consumption of foods containing 

aluminum-containing food additives are a major sources of aluminum in the diet (Saiyed and Yokel 2005; 

Soni et al. 2001). The use of other consumer items such as antiperspirants, cosmetics, internal analgesics 

(buffered aspirins), anti-ulcerative medications, antidiarrheals, and antacids that also contain aluminum 

compounds will result in exposure to aluminum. The intake of aluminum from food and drinking water is 

low, especially compared with that consumed by people taking aluminum-containing medicinal 

preparations. Daily intakes of aluminum from food range from 3.4 to 9 mg/day (Biego et al. 1998; MAFF 

1999; Pennington and Schoen 1995), whereas aluminum-containing medications contain much higher 

levels of aluminum, for example 104–208 mg of aluminum per tablet/capsule/5 mL dose for many 

antacids (Zhou and Yokel 2005). While aluminum is naturally present in food and water, the greatest 

contribution to aluminum in food and water by far is the aluminum-containing additives used in water 

treatment and processing certain types of food such as grain-based products and processed cheese.



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Rodger97321 wrote: Yeah and

Rodger97321 wrote:

Yeah and you haven't posted anything here in a long time (that I've seen), Fletch.

Hope all goes well for you.

Fletch kinda disappeared after his 50 State Chemtrail Telethon got derailed. I was gonna start posting musical replies relative to each state when he got the ax. He really got obsessed with them chemtrails.

I miss Fletch. He never had too many kind words for me, but I liked him anyhow. He could spew out a large volume of some interesting stuff. I think he had ADHD.

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Laborisgood wrote:I miss

Laborisgood wrote:
I miss Fletch.
Me too.  He was funny!

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The Government is the most

The Government is the most likely perpetrator of the Chemtrail crap so you thought quoting from a carefully worded Government report would be the way to go?

Rainwater and drinking water (after it's been run through the treatment plant and pipes to get to your faucet) are not the same thing.

"Background" (of anything) is a man-made term coined to facillitate lying.  They didn't start measuring "background" until long after man had begun polluting the environment - it's not the same as naturally occurring - which is what they make it sound like.

So-called background radiation is a moving target because we keep putting more of the crap in our environment.  First with tests, then bombs, then more tests, then accidents, then munitions, then more munitions, then more accidents.

Same is true for metals, like aluminum.  It doesn't even occur in nature in it's pure form.  Man has to refine it to get it that way and then perform a manufacturing process to create the (all of the sudden) so prevalent pure aluminum oxide.

The latest measurement of background levels shows craniums buried in silicon granules still rising.


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Thank you both for the info. 

Thank you both for the info.  I must have been on one of my own self-imposed TH time-outs at the time.

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Rainwater=Rain out of the sky

Rainwater=Rain out of the sky not having touched anything but some (hopefully) neutral container used to capture it

Groundwater=Rainwater that has hit the Earth or its features

Why would there be aluminum in the sky carried down in rainwater?

Why would there be refined aluminum in the sky carried down in rainwater?

Why would there be aluminum in rainwater NOW when there wasn't in the past?

Might it have something to do with the Weather Modification Industry that has grown and increased in the last three decades?

Or might it have something to do with the USA government programs (and other nation's activities as well) that have been going on for decades, mostly framed as a "national security" issue?