Internet tracking of private jets now blocked again. Koch brothers win again!

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A bit of background here. The FAA set up an internet "feed" of aircraft activity around 2002. Immediately some aircraft owners (Rush Limbaugh for instance) requested to be removed from internet tracking. The CIA wasn't that smart, which is how the rendition flights were discovered. Under the Obama administratior, Ray Lahood decided to remove this restriction. I believe it was removed in August. Well the fat cats (Koch Brothers) want to fly in secret. Hey, how can they fly politicians to fancy retreats if everyone knows where they are going! So the private aircraft owners lobbied and guess what: they won. As of December 4th, any person (Rush Limbaugh for instance) can now block their flights.

Who in congress do we blame?

According to this article, the turncoats are Senator Patty Murray, Representative Tom Latham, Senator Susan Collins, and Representative John Oliver. Yes, even Democrats can do disgusting things.

You can get more details here.

Speaking of Rush Limbaugh, his plane is N1EB. I think the EB stands for extremely boring. Limbaugh, once again smarter than the three letter intelligence agencies, has been hiding his flights by using a Flight ID rather than a tail number. Limbaugh has set up aircraft maintenance with Gamma Aviation, and uses one of their Flight IDs. Too bad for Rush I know the number.

You can see the plane is based out of Palm Beech. And if you have any sort of memory, the CEO of Gamma was in the first link. Ain't that a coincidence.




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If the government had a

If the government had a website that tracked everywhere your car went, I'd think I would have a problem with it too.

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  I think what the government

  I think what the government may be doing in secret with such information may be a concern. But when we allow the neccesity of transparent information regarding the elites to be quashed by an unknown possible scenario then we have allowed an obvious necessity to be superseded by a potential concern. The point is that we need more transparency whether it pertains to corporate elites or the government

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Calperson, your concern for

Calperson, your concern for the protection of the uber-rich is touching.

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DRC wrote: Calperson, your

DRC wrote:

Calperson, your concern for the protection of the uber-rich is touching.

Here I would have thought privacy rights would be a noble venture.  Seems only the uber-rich should have thier Rights striped.   Very noble of you. 

I can go to the airport and

I can go to the airport and request flight logs. Of course that is time consuming, but my point is the data is still available, but much harder to obtain.

Air travel, especially under instrument flight rules, is heavily subsidized. Very much so for general aviation. less so for commercial travel. The passenger jets, used by the 99%-ers, pay the freight for the hobby and corporate flights.

The BARR rules themselves were laughable. You didn't have to prove the threat was real, you just had to claim you needed restriction for your safety. It was the honor system. Mind you, the honor system used by Limbaugh, the Koch brothers, etc. You can imagine the amount of false filing that went on. To avoid being seen filing false paperwork with the government, the BARR system let the owner file with the internet companies directly in a business to business fashion, so the FAA wouldn't have a paper trail. In additon, the FAA only kept one months worth of BARR requests, making it difficult to prove anything shady going on in the past. The current month of BARR flights is probably still available via FOIA. The FAA mails a CD of the data. I have one and determined that most operators are directly blocking their flights at the internet site.

The Wall Street Journal (yes even under control of you know who) did an investigation into blocked flights It is still on line, along with the database. Interesting to note that free flights on corporate jets only have to be reported if the value exceeds $25k. Oh that SEC is soooo tough!

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 I thought the one percent

 I thought the one percent were in line with the'you have nothing to fear from government intrusion if you have nothing to hide routine