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Thank you so much Thom for broadcasting from Iceland and your upcoming visits outside the U.S.

It is so very important for Americans to see how others govern and live overseas so that we are not blind to other ways of life. Americans have always believed that their life here is superior to others and your reporting form other countries proves that America has greatly slipped ground  on other developed countries.

Please kep up the good work, I listen daily.

Rick in South Florida


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Sometimes I wonder is this

Sometimes I wonder is this whole "security theater" crap is to frighten people from wanting to travel abroad and seeing how the other half live.  How you going to keep them down on the farm after they've seen Stockholm?




harry ashburn
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Hardy Har Har! thomĀ  was

Hardy Har Har! thom  was crowing today about how  much Higgins missed them,following him around complaining.  He wasnt crabbing about  missing Thom, he was asking: "Did you bring me anything??   goldfish?   mice?   gerbils?   I like gerbils best, they last the longest!...   did you bring me anything?  did you bring me anything?  did you bring me anything?  any moths in your luggage?  hum? .."

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keep it up buddy

keep it up buddy