Tennessee Tea Party Wants to Change History

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According to Stephanie Miller, members of the Tennessee Tea Party have made the demand that all references to slavery be removed from school textbooks.  Will society allow uneducated bigots to make professional pedagogical decisions regarding classroom materials?  What's next, a return to leeches as the primary treatment mode allowed for doctors to use?  I haven't researched the story, but they probably also object to depictions of how the U.S. treated native Americans through battles and through the setting up of Indian reservations. 


True, but with one exception.

True, but with one exception. There is now a growing movement of doctors using leeches for limited purposes concerned trapped blood in tissues damaged by injuries or surgery.

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Society is going backward in

Society is going backward in terms of both human righs and scientific understanding, not just conservative, but regressive.   To me, education has too many people who fall through the cracks.  If unqualified polticians interfer with what teachers are presenting, that to me seems like a violation of state teacher qualification and licensing laws.  I have to wonder if social studies teachers teach much of anything when it comes to the whole area of social inequality, including social status, social stratification, and understanding trends in income inequality.  If students go on to college, they probably will have to met a social studies requirement, or may want to take sociology as an elective.  Social stratification is one of the basic areas of sociology, but students may not have been prepared to understand much about it academically.  Also, what about those students who never to go college and never will take a sociology course?   One of the purposes of education is to prepare people to live and participate in a democratic system.  Knowing what the issues and understanding social problems and trends pertains to voting and in advising politicians.