Hawaiian native discusses damage from Chemtrail/geoengineering

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Michael Murphy talks to Maui native about damage on his land from Chemtrail/geoengineering programs. A Maui public official performed 30 rain tests and found what many are calling the chemtrail/geoenginering footprint of aluminum, barium and strontium.

YouTube Video

Coming Fall 2012: "Why in the World are They Spraying? Produced by the Originator and Co-Producer of "What in the World are They Spraying?" Michael J. Murphy Co-Produced by Barry Kolsky is an investigative documentary into one of the many agendas associated with chemtrail/geoengineering programs, "weather control"

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Official Trailer


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Thank you for this posting. I

Thank you for this posting. I will check out the video.

I find it really offensive

I find it really offensive that Mr. Hartmann dismisses a caller who basically relayed the above information. His categorizing chemtrails as just another 'conspiracy theory' shows a real lack of awareness. The idea that aluminum found by researchers "comes from aluminum jet engines" is absurd. Tens of thousands of people all over the western world have been observing chemtrails for over 12 years, and I guess Thom has not taken the time to watch the sky for even 4 hours in a day in one of many cities, but is willing to think all the witnesses are some kind of kooks. Any normal sane person can distinguish between a contrail, which dissapates within minutes, and a chemtrail which spreads out and becomes a cloud for many many hours. I have flown through chemtrails and they show an oily, metallic sheen, whereas this is not the case with vapor trails. Politicians posing questions have been told to drop the subject, and there is no official acknowledgement of their existence. The planes have no markings. There is a mountain of evidence that something of secret geoengineering is going on, and has been for 12 years now.

I respect Thom Hartmann for all the work he has done and is doing, but if one is a true progressive and looking out for the public and the environment, you would do some serious investigation before dismissing so many out of hand.



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. About one tonne/day,

. About one tonne/day, combined, of various metals, such as lead, copper, gold, silver, zinc, bismuth,  and mercury are emitted by [Hawiian volcano]Kilauea. There are many more components present in trace amounts - in fact, it's probably easier to name elements that are not present in Kilauea emissions than to list all the ones that are.


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Here is a conference and

Here is a conference and fundraiser that will be held in Los Angeles (and webcast) on August 17-19 for "kooks" like me: Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Speakers at the event will include "kooks" such as: Michael J. Murphy, Clifford Carnicom, William Thomas, Sofia Smallstorm, Allan Buckman, Frances Mangels, Deborah J. Whitman, Scott Stevens, Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, Lauren Moret, Kerry Cassidy, Laura Eisenhower, Dr. Wil Spencer and “Dr Dream” Mark Peebler. Net proceeds for the event will go benefit Morgellons research (a non-existent, imagined disease).

P.S. The real "kooks" are those people who cannot discern a fake cloud from a genuine cloud; a chemtrail from a contrail. To begin to do so would puncture holes in their living dreamwalking states. I'd bet that if Central Casting placed plastic trees along the street in place of the real ones, they wouldn't be able to tell the difference either.


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ABCee wrote:P.S. The real

ABCee wrote:
P.S. The real "kooks" are those people who cannot discern a fake cloud from a genuine cloud; a chemtrail from a contrail. To begin to do so would puncture holes in their living dreamwalking states. I'd bet that if Central Casting placed plastic trees along the street in place of the real ones, they wouldn't be able to tell the difference either.
True that. 

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I have just returned from a

I have just returned from a little vacation... been gone for a few days.

I drove down I-57 highway and MY GOD IN HEAVEN!!!... I saw chemtrails from Champagne-Urbana to Marion, ILL that encompassed THE ENTIRE SKY!!!  (This was on MON, April 16)

I have grown up in an extremely religious household, and I know when I am being blasphemous or not. I am NOT being blasphemous!  I am actually calling out to my GOD that I am having a hard time with this earthly situation.

Chemtrails have been going on in my neck of the woods for about 2-3 months (that I've noticed).  This was entirely different.  This was HUGE!  This was on a MASSIVE SCALE.  Every foot of the sky was covered in "mist".  It was so large that it boggled my mind.

(The weather report indicated that the night time was going to be incredibly CLEAR.  So if you're into watching the night sky... this is the night.  Those thick "clouds" have passed on towards the EAST and are now in OHIO.)  Hmmm... "THICK" clouds and yet ZERO chance of rain that day... makes you want to think... It was SO cloudy that you couldn't see the sun... but ZERO chance of rain... C'Mon!  What is it?  Are clouds full of moisture or not?  If they ARE... then it might rain.  If not... then THEY ARE NOT REAL CLOUDS, ARE THEY?  Jerky!!!

Everything that you've read about, every description of "MASS SCALE" proportions were on display over the skies of Central Illinois on last Monday.

The ENTIRE sky was full of chemtrails.  I've read of a "metallic" looking skyline... and there it was.

I am convinced... CONVINCED!  That this is the ONE thing that EVERYONE can get behind and put an end to it!  ANYONE who looks into the sky and sees a "contrail" that doesn't dissipate... or hangs in the air for an hour and dissipates into "misty/aerosol" looking cloud patterns... ANYONE that can find 30 minutes out of their day... ANYONE can see what's going on.

All you have to do is pay attention.  Is it "that" hard to do?  Look in the sky... the SKY IS BEAUTIFUL anyways... look in the sky and start noticing whether or not "contrails" disappear or turn into chemtrails.

I too was PROFOUNDLY disappointed that Mr. Hartmann quickly dismissed the caller and synthesized chemtrails down to "pollution".

This is NOT pollution!  This is on a WHOLE another level.

If it were exhaust coming from those jets... no one would be able to see an airport because of all the smog-like pollution the exhaust would produce.  This is an aerosol spray being put into our skies.  They "start" and "stop" with precision.  A regular "contrail" doesn't have the intelligent design of a chemtrail.  There's a PILOT who is controlling those patterns in the sky... not nature.

When I reached my destination... it took about 30 minutes to convince 10 people that the sky wasn't what it "used" to be.  It was easy to do.  I pointed out, "See that jet... that's not water and exhaust that's laying down that trail.  That's an aerosol spray.  Here's why..."

ANYONE can tell the difference.  Just look in the sky the next time you take your dog out for a poop.  That's how I noticed what was going on in my neighborhood.

This is as REAL as it gets, folks...

"FINGER OF SHAME" to Mr. Hartmann for dismissing his caller in the manner he did.



Fletcher Christian
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Phaedrus76... you are the one

Phaedrus76... you are the one who is lost.

It's SO obvious that you seek authorities "pat on the head".  It's pathetic!

Be a MAN!

Have an opinion that's your own!

You "wimper" at the feet of your masters... I'd rather die than to live that way.

I'm serious.  It's one thing to be caught off guard and not realize the entire situation that you've found yourself in... but you are "supposed" to be somewhat intelligent.

I guess anyone who thinks that black military soldiers were given syphilis are also, "Cuckooo!"?  Or anyone who thinks that PNAC is real.  Or anyone who thinks operation NORTHWOODS is real.  Or anyone who thinks that HAARP is real.  Or anyone that thinks JFK was murdered by someone OTHER that Oswald is "Cuckooo!" as well, right?

I'm starting to realize that there are egos here that can't stand for anyone to have an independent thought.

If chemtrails were "real"... you would've known about them BEFORE anyone else because of your superior intellect, right?

WRONG, Jack!

You are in denial.  Work on that, buddy!  Go to counseling if you have too.

All you have to do is "LOOK" in the sky and "NOTICE" what's going on.  It's not hard to do.  So therefore... you are "choosing" not to do it.

There's also an "OWL" on the upper right hand corner of your $1 dollar bill.  Look real close.  Or just look it up on the internet.  It's got a name too... it's "MOLOCH".  Look that up, while your at it.  You might as well know what the name of their mascot is.  Maybe you should join them and burn off your "dull care" in the California woods this July... I'm guessing you'd have a good time!

Just because you CHOOSE not to believe in it... doesn't mean that it doesn't exist!  BOZO!

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"FINGER OF CUCKOO" pointed at

"FINGER OF CUCKOO" pointed at Fletch!!!

Let's assume for a moment that ABCee and Fletch are onto something ....... what is the end game anyway?  Are THEY controlling the weather?  Are THEY covering up something in our environment?  Are THEY purposefully influencing our environment?  Who are THEY anyway and why are THEY doing such a dastardly deed on such a grand a scale while keeping it so secret?

Why would THEY waste their time on some idiotic science project of impossible proportions that render it insignificant at face value when THEY can screw us right here in broad daylight under cover of the laws of our country?  Perhaps there are some covert good guys out there spreading their chemtrail pixie dust to counteract global warming .... yeah, that's the ticket.

Cuckoo is not a strong enough word.  BATSHIT CRAZY is more appropriate.

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Phaedrus wrote:Cuckooo! The

Phaedrus wrote:

The Sage speaks...All previous conversations are hereby invalidated!

Laborisgood wrote:
Perhaps there are some covert good guys out there spreading their chemtrail pixie dust to counteract global warming .... yeah, that's the ticket

Yeah, that's the ticket!

Ticket #2

Bonus Video from Massachusetts School of Law

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Anecdote does not equal

Anecdote does not equal evidence.

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Take off the tinfoil hat!

Take off the tinfoil hat!

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Yes, take off your tin foil

Yes, take off your tin foil hats!

Fletcher Christian
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The "Tin Foil Hat" that you

The "Tin Foil Hat" that you are referring too is a "crown".  That is the BASIS for your criticism.

Do you know "WHY" kings and queens wear "crowns"?

Look that up... then tell me that I should wear a "tin foil hat".

It's sad.  It's pathetic.  You do not want to be awaken from your slumber.  Are you not seekers of truth?  Do ou not want to know what is going on around you?

I TRY not to speak about topics that I do not know a whole lot about.  That is why I do not often contribute to the "ECONOMIC" thread on this site.  I read them... but rarely do I comment on them.  I am currently studying economics and to what degree/effect they have on our everyday life.  (It blew my BRAIN out of my left ear when I learned that our "Federal Reserve" wasn't "federal", at all.  It's actually a PRIVATE BANK and that it's 100 year anniversary is next year.)

I also haven't commented much about H.A.A.R.P. either.  I have been "blasted" on this site for not knowing about it's involvement as well.  All I can say is that I am currently studying it so that I can sufficiently comment on it with some degree of knowledge.  I don't want to blather about something that I in reality, no little about.  OTHERS HAVE NO PROBLEM DOING THAT HERE!  I do have a problem with that... so I don't talk about it.  If I do talk about it... it's about my lack of knowledge on the subject.  I've noticed that people don't like that.  TOO F'N BAD!  I won't "pretend" to know about something that I don't know about.

I NOW that chemtrails exists.  I know this as sure as my consciousness.  I watch them form over my neighborhood at least twice a week.  I have a good idea why they are there.  I have a good idea "where" they are emminating from (in my neighborhood).

My local airport has received $48 Million Dollars in FEDERAL MONEY.  $48,000.000.00.  That's a lot of FEDERAL MONEY spent into a degenerate money pit called, Gary, Indiana.

Here's the wikipedia site of the Gary/Chicago International Airport 


Now notice that at NO TIME do they mention that there is a NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY at this airport.  NOTICE at no time do they mention the desolation of the natural environment that has taken place at the site.  Notice at NO TIME do they mention the CURRENT occupiers at the Gary/Chicago that take residence there.  The 2 MAJOR airlines are "HELLAS" and "LUFTHANSA".

Look up "HELLAS AIRLINES" on your computer.  Tell me then that there isn't something odd going on there.

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR... DRIVE out to the GARY/CHICAGO airport and look at it from route 12/20... see it with you OWN eyes.

Then tell me that I am "bat shit crazy"!


I LOVE the term, "Bat Shit Crazy!"  It was particularly harmful to see it directly aimed at me.  This is why I have decided to divulge a little of the information that I have accrued over time.  I am planning on more.  I plan on litigating these sick bastards and making a lot of money off of them in the process.  I know their dirty little secrets.  They know mine.  Theirs are bigger.



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Hey, let's keep this post

Hey, let's keep this post alive!

YouTube Video

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Until there is proof it's

Until there is proof it's either real or "cuckoo".  The problem I have with the chemtrail scenario is that the weather and the air we breath is not discriminate.  If I had the power to poison the skies I would not do it because that would affect me and my family.  Now if you want to talk about altered vaccines for the poor then I would give it a hard look.  Theories about altering our air or water supplies are just too hard to believe based on common sense.  Until I start seeing the uber rich walking the streets in their 3 piece suits and full face resperators I can't give this any idea any creedence.

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Bush_Wacker wrote:Theories

Bush_Wacker wrote:
Theories about altering our air or water supplies are just too hard to believe based on common sense.

Fair enough...so you wouldn't want to bother watching this YouTube Video then.

Fletcher Christian
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I just watched the video.

I just watched the video.  It's very interesting.

This is all new to me.

I saw my first chemtrail earlier this year.  I was walking my dog, and when I started up my driveway I noticed behind my house and in the skyline a "burst" appear to go into a contrail and seemingly heard towards the ground.

I was so alarmed by this that I thought maybe a jet had crashed.  I took a photo.  I called out to my wife for her to see it and then turned on my radio.  When I heard nothing about it... I thought to myself, "That was certainly an odd thing I saw, how did no one else see it?"

Because it left such a strong impression on me, I started "watching the skies".

I then noticed that on certain days, the sky would be "tic tac toe'd" with these jet lined contrails and on other days, nothing.

I then noticed that certain jets wouldn't leave any trails, some would leave trails that vanished and others would leave trails that expanded into clouds.

That's when my curious nature forced me to look it up on the internet.  I couldn't wrap my brain around it.  I'm still having difficulty wrapping my brain around the HAARP project.

When I went on vacation last week, I couldn't believe what I was seeing over the skies on I-57.  It was SO much more than what is going on over the skies in my neighborhood.  The ENTIRE skyline was filled with chemtrails for over 200 miles.  When I watched the local weatherman say that the clouds were going to dissipate and that it was a great night for "star gazing" it dawned on me that this guy knows the difference between NATURAL clouds and FAKE ones.

"Bush_Whacker" - I think the problem you're having with this is the SAME one that I was having.  Because you're a nice guy and you live by a moral code... the do unto others as you would have them do unto you... it's hard to imagine that the people we have put our trust into don't actually like us.

If you expand on this FACT that our representatives don't actually represent us, then it puts a lot of other things into a logical order.

When you look up the list of Bohemian Grove members and you see that Walter Cronkite is on that list... it's hard to accept.  But it is true.  So many of the "religious right" of our elected officials masquerade as Christians but once a year they gather in the woods of California and worship at the foot of a 40 foot tall pagan idol.  They then take part in a ritual that destroys (what THEY call) "dull care."

See, they have to practice at being disgusting human beings.  This doesn't come natural.  They practice destroying "dull care" through a ritual and then they physically do it in the real world through things like chemtrails, wars, torture, deception, and corporate prisons.

YOU are a good guy.  You're recreation may be having a BBQ, watching baseball, or playing guitar.  They get naked in the woods and order in male prostitutes and worship pagan gods and think of new and cruel ways to kill us off.

It's that simple.

You're natural reaction is to immediately say, "NO WAY!"  But keep this in mind, YOU may not believe in voodoo ritual crap, but THEY do!

"Chemtrails" are just one of many ways they discard of "dull care."  I can't do it.  I love you, my neighbors, my dog, everybody.  This knowledge has deeply affected me.

I just hope that I don't turn into that old lady on the video!  Don't get me wrong... I love the idea that an ordinary citizen has put in that much time and effort to awaken me out of my slumber.  I don't won't to become obsessed with it... I just want it to stop.  You know what I mean.

Fletcher Christian
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I just came in from mowing

I just came in from mowing the grass and there are chemtrails in the sky. 7PM CST.

The video ABCee linked answered a couple of my questions.

One was why chemtrail "tic tac toe" grids are on a much higher level than the regular travel lanes that the other jets travel on.  Since the chemtrail jets are military controlled... other jets are not allowed to be in their lanes.  (I live outside of O'hare/Midway, and Gary/Chicago airports.  There are a lot of jets in my neck of the woods.)

The other was why it's so hard to litigate.  If you can't fly in a private plane to get close to the spraying jets, it makes your case next to impossible.  (I am still going to try.)

Watch the video.  What can it hurt?  You might learn something.

Fletcher Christian
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Why this isn't a UNITING

Why this isn't a UNITING force that we all can get behind, is beyond me.

Let's say that it's "just" pollution like Mr. Hartmann said the other day on the show.  Let's say that certain jets are "polluting" the air to such a degree that the "exhaust" stays in the air and forms into fake clouds.  Let's say that for the sake of debate that's all it is... just "pollution".

I KNOW there are environmentalists that LOVE this site.  I KNOW their are libertarians that LOVE to debate here.  I KNOW that all are in agreement that NO ONE should have the right to poison you.  If I were to go to a fast food joint and put these ingredients into your drink, I'd be arrested within 5 minutes.  But... if the government poisons you... it's somehow OK.

So what is it?  Is it because I am the one talking about it?  Am I the bad guy because I accidentally noticed what was going on?

It's in the sky.  Anyone can tell the difference between a fake cloud and a real one.  Anyone with half a brain cell left can tell you that it's a bad thing to fool with "Mother Nature".

Anyone that learns that this does change weather patterns then can logically see that this opens up governors of states towards all sorts of blackmail.  If you don't go along with certain votes... then your constituents will be faced with a drought.  If the mayor doesn't go along with the program... how about a killer heat wave?  Talk bad about somebody... we'll remove our military base out of your airport and there goes all of your funding with it!  Do you like tornadoes?  No?  Then your state had better turn RED/BLUE.

This situation is deadly serious.  It's also the EASIEST to get on board with.  All you have to do is "look UP".

"Hey!  What's that in the sky?  I don't like it... do you?  No?  Let's say something about it."

If we can't do this... we can't do JACK!  Forget about social justice!  If we can't stop this OBVIOUS injustice... then how are we ever going to get together to stop a philosophical idealism that's bad for our nation?  This is PHYSICAL.  It's easy to see.  ANYONE can see it.  A child can spot it in the sky.

Is it because I am NOT an environmentalist?  I don't believe in fighting natural climate change.  Well... I believe in "climate change".  It's that our government can actually "change" the climate!  I don't like it!  Do you?

This isn't a conspiracy theory... it's conspiracy FACT.

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Fletcher Christian wrote:This

Fletcher Christian wrote:
This isn't a conspiracy theory... it's conspiracy FACT.

Bravo Fletch!

Years ago, (W.J. Clinton was

Years ago, (W.J. Clinton was the POTUS) the Chemtrails where all over the AM air-waves. I was a commercial (CDL-A) driver, passing through various radio markets and changing channels, as one faded away to some, whatever was strong, where ever it was that I would be driving into. Then I'd get home and get the Yahoo on and try to find out what the folks where talking about. Of course matters of these natures draw there own peculiar sort of whack-a-doodles. However, I found others who where admirably serious. First, one sees what they see with their own eyes, and what they see stirs the, Whisky Tango Foxtrot question. As anecdotal observations accumulated, folks got together, compared observations, and stories, and put together a sort of way to try to separate the sh*t from the shine-o-la. Scheduled commercial flights where made note of, as well as the standard air traffic fly ways, for comparison. The laying out of a chemtrail is so far removed from a high altitude cruising jet, & its con-trail. Multiple aircraft working together, laying out a lattice of trails have been observed. To deny the chemtrail phenomenon is wrongheaded. It is what it is. The question is, what is it & why?

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Yammerman wrote:To deny the

Yammerman wrote:
To deny the chemtrail phenomenon is wrongheaded. It is what it is. The question is, what is it & why?

This video asks what? What In The World Are They Spraying?

This upcoming video asks why? Why In The World Are They Spraying? (trailer)

This upcoming video takes another cut: The Great Culling (trailer)

Fletcher Christian
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"Despite all my rage.  I'm

"Despite all my rage.  I'm still just a rat in a cage."

We are the guinea pigs for mad scientists.

It amazes me that so many people HATE experimentations on animals, but are perfectly FINE with experimentations on humans.

In Eisenhower's famous farewell speech he wrote:

"Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite."

Yeah... that goofy Eisenhower was such a paranoid conspiracy loon!

Here's the entire text of his farewell speech.


Here's the video.


Now do you know WHY they want to censor the internet?

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596 hits and counting!  Let's

596 hits and counting!  Let's keep this thread NUMBER ONE!

What's going on at the creative College Campus? How about MIT? Let's start out with an AEROSOL EXPERT. She says that the aerosols we are CURRENTLY emitting are protecting us from global warming to a certain extent! How sweet! It's nice to know that the EXPERTS know what they are talking about! When an ordinary shmoe as myself might be repulsed, disturbed and angered by chemtrails, chemclouds and HAARP clouds, the scientific elite would surely get pleasure, self-satisfaction and warm fuzzies!!! SURELY THEY KNOW MUCH MORE THAN I DO

Using Aerosol Injections for Geoengineering

Now let's hear from a real COOL guy, David Keith.

The Case for Geoengineering Reasearch

There are some more great videos there for your perusal.

Let's all keep getting sprayed, and liking it!

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So, is there a big chemtrail

So, is there a big chemtrail dispenser on the jet aero planes, or does teh chemtrail manifest from some kind of small govmint, free market aspirator?

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Phaedrus76 wrote:So, is there

Phaedrus76 wrote:
So, is there a big chemtrail dispenser on the jet aero planes, or does teh chemtrail manifest from some kind of small govmint, free market aspirator?

The Shadow knows...

YouTube Video

Fletcher Christian
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Phaedrus76 or Dwight D.

Phaedrus76 or Dwight D. Eisenhower... boy, that's a tough one!

"Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite."

I'm sure Phaedrus76 will find something in that statement so he can misdirect from the truth and call somebody a racist.

I think I found it!  The word, "captive"...

I'll now do my Phaedrus76 impersonation... "So, Eisenhower wants us to be captives, huh... like blacks in slavery or the Chinese and the railroads!"

ahemm... Wow!  That was pretty much spot on!

Phaedrus76 = paid off, controlled opposition, shill.  He's the guy in on the 3 card monty con game.  You know, the guy right before the crowd shows up, who "wins".  He's the "beard" and the dealer is the "mechanic".

Pure political grifter.

All you have to do is look "up".  One day you'll see a long chemtrail that slowly disperses, the next day it disappears after a few seconds.  It's that simple.



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U.N. urged to freeze climate

U.N. urged to freeze climate geo-engineering projects

(Reuters) - The United Nations should impose a moratorium on "geo-engineering" projects such as artificial volcanoes and vast cloud-seeding schemes to fight climate change, green groups say, fearing they could harm nature and mankind.

Cloud seeding schemes? How about global widespread extreme pumping the atmosphere with barium, aluminum oxide, strontium, nanofibers, and God knows what else for over a decade now? So this article talks about proposed goengineering schemes.

They're all on the drawing board at this time, right? Article