Santorum's "Christian" Sharia law

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It is absolutely stunning, to me, that nobody in the Democratic Party has even remarked that the rhetoric that Mr. Santorum is spewing sounds just like the "Sharia law" that the Republican party keeps screaming about in this Country. But, instead of being Islamic Sharia law, it is Christian Sharia law. His religious views would take us back to a time when women had no rights at all. Maybe the Republicans are afraid of women? Just saying.


You are not alone. I feel

You are not alone. I feel the same way, and so do many other people.

I heard the same things being said about Bachmann earlier in the campaign.

Rick Perry also, to a lesser degree.

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I am happy to see that and

I am happy to see that and thank you for the links! It just astounds me that these candidates profess such strict adherence to "Christian values" that are the furthest from what Christianity is about. Nor do they live by any of these things. As Thom so eloquently says, Jesus asked us to care for the least among us, to have compassion, to love (not just each other, but the beauty all around us including our planet and all that is alive!!!), to not be greedy, to SHARE! I just saw David Cobb on the Mendocino Coast in California and it's people like him, Thom, this wonderful Community of concerned people that give me real hope for the future. And, yes, I have signed up to volunteer to help make us a "we" not "me" society! Again, thanks for your post.

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As an ordained representative

As an ordained representative of the "no longer really Christian" Protestants (Presbyterian), and as a student of the pathology, I can assure you that nobody is understating the case or the reason to be concerned.  Our Fundies have always been a match for theirs.  Check out Anti's great thread on the way too revered Billy Graham for some serious stuff.

I think liberal commentators do not appreciate how far out of the box this guy goes.  I wish there were some religious conservatives who were in touch with their tradition and history.  We don't do heresy trials, but boy has this cat earned one!

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It would be down right crazy

It would be down right crazy to bring this stuff up now.  Democrats just need to watch from afar and let the conservatives push the issues on each other.  Once the official candidate is announced then it's time to pull off the gloves.  That's why you aren't hearing much from the democrats.

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New Yorker cover shows Obama

New Yorker cover shows Obama sitting back and enjoying the wrestling match between Romney and Gingrich.  They need a new one featuring Sharia Santorum.  Instead of a cool one, Barak could be doing a doobie at this point, and nobody would care.  When your opponent is commiting suicide by themselves, you don't want to be seen handing them a gun.

Your welcome. I feel these

Your welcome.

I feel these candidates get off too easy. The lamestream media will not challenge these candidates on this extreme religion issue, out of fear of losing access to the candidate and to the advertising dollars. There are those in the independent media not afraid to address the issue. I am one that feels religion and politics should be kept separate.

More on Santorum (sorry about the ad in front of the video) :

"Santorum plays role of ‘Christian crusader’"

Last summer, there was some open discussion in the independent media about Bachmann's extreme religious beliefs. These entries were some of my favorites ...

"Michele Bachmann Was Inspired By My Dad and His Christian Reconstructionist Friends -- Here's Why That's Terrifying"

'Ex-Evangelical Denounces Michele Bachmann & Calls Christian Reconstructionist Politics "Anti-American"'

"MSNBC's Religious Expert Excoriates 'Radical,' 'Theocratic' Christians Who 'Hate' America"

More from Frank Schaeffer :
"Franklin Graham Is Big Time Religion's "Donald Trump"

Michelle Goldberg did a lot of writing and speaking after researching Bachmann ... one or two of the entries also talk about Perry. (Democracy Now interview is really good);_ylt=A0oG7t19AEdPXiMAgzxXNyoA?p='michelle%20goldberg'%20'michele%20bachmann'&fr2=sb-top&fr=sfp 

corporate media is making too

corporate media is making too much hay off circus. Why stop. It just increase the ratings game and more advertising dollar. Why I wouldn't stop it either. I would encourage it so I can make more $$.

Just sayin.


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Gee, ya think?   But, you

Gee, ya think?   But, you have to admit that fans of political satire are also getting their cable money worth in this 'reality show' put on by the Republican zillionaires and their clown characters.  I thought when the Donald went back to his tv show that the decline into bad polititical surrealism was on the way.  We had alread lost Rick Parody as he shot himself in the mouth.  Michelle DeLoon was a fading star.  The Ken Doll of Wall St. was as boring as ever, and then we lost Herman, "Blazing Saddles" Cain with Colbert doing the best he could to keep the Dream alive in S. Carolina. 

Gingrich, a blast from the past, was still hanging around, but hyperbole and bombast mixed with narcissism was never going to replace the original cast.  Palin's show was last year, and Santorum was a funny Google joke.  It was going to be the boring march to inevitability with Romney.  Ron  Paul and his young lovers was not going to be a barrel of laughs.  We were going to have to wait for Obama to sing for quality entertainment.

But who could have expected the Santorum Inquisition?  He was the sidekick's sidekick, the guy who would be there to fill up a suit and stand behind a podium.  How could the guy who lost big in Pennsylvania be more than a loser's loser?  It would be Gingrich on Romney like man on dog with the dog on the roof of Romney's car.  Reruns.  And boy was I wrong!

Here came forced vaginal penetration and the war on contraception.  If you are going for nostalgia and back from the future, how about an all male panel on women's healthcare?  Even bomb, bomb bomb Iran seems tame to the new militancy, and it doesn't even make the lead story.  Going after the Latino voter turned out to be going after them with dogs and guns.  How could the Democrats lose this one.

Well, there is Rahm Emanuel doing gentrification to the Chicago Schools.  Still, he is not in the White House.  Nope, Taliban Rick is surging, and like watching a train wreck, it is a ratings must see tv blow out.  Just watching the Republican Establishment crap its pants is hard to miss.  But what will come out of Rick's mouth is pure Santorum by any definition.  Nobody can write this script. It is proof of the existence of God, but also of a God with a wicked sense of humor and a very dirty mind.  Praise the Lord, and pass the bhong!

This guy just never stops

This guy just never stops 'giving' :
"Santorum says he ‘almost threw up’ after reading JFK speech on separation of church and state"

This work by Sarah Posner in

This work by Sarah Posner in the Washington Post reminded me of one of Marissa Tomei's last lines in "Cousin Vinney" : "Oh, what a f---ing nightmare !"

"What would Rick Santorum’s America look like?" is Posner's take on a speech by President Santorum at the Value Voters Summit in 2016, during his re-election bid (oh, my aching head !  talk about wanting to puke ...).

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It is also interesting how

It is also interesting how well he knows the mind of Satan.  He is a pathologist's delight!

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Quote:This guy just never

This guy just never stops 'giving' :
Saw him on the Sunday talk shows today. Jan Brewer was also on Meet The Press. What a delight! Ricky sounded like a lunatic and Brewer sounded like a complete moron. Please, please, please, let Ricky win the nomination!

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Don’t sell Santorum short

Don’t sell Santorum short when he professes his Christianity and the biblical restrictions that accompany it even if those restrictions are as harsh as Shiria law.  According to a Pew poll in 2010, 41% of Americans believe that Christ will definitely return or probably return by 2050 ( ) most of which will vote for the best Christian candidate. (Add in the 13% that said they didn’t know if Christ will return by 2050 and the number goes to 54%.) While Republicans complain about a socialist turn being taken by our government there are probably more people in this country that would like to see a Christian theocracy than there are people that want a socialist government. Remember when candidate Bush said the historical person he most respected was Jesus and many people wrote him off as too religious.  Don’t write Santorum off as too religious. There is a chance, maybe even a good chance, that any Republican nominee could defeat the President. All it takes is the voter apathy we saw in 2010, a return on the investment Republicans have made with their voter restriction laws, progressives not voting for the President Obama because he is not progressive enough, too many people blaming the President for the economy instead of where the blame should fall, the senate Republicans, or a third party candidate that splits the Democratic and independent vote. That last one is directed at the American Elects 2012 internet campaign that wants to put a popular alternative to President Obama on the ballot in every state – an effort that I think was formed to split the President Obama vote.

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I think that citing pew polls

I think that citing pew polls is not a very reliable method for judging the attitudes of Americans about religion or anything else.  Polls rely on people willing to talk to them and that usually means middle aged or older people with land lines and an ax to grind or a self-righteous attitude.  And, while I share your concern about the election, all the indications that I see suggest that it will be conservatives who are apathetic.  I think that we're seeing it already in the low voter turnout for Republican primaries and their failure to become enraptured with any of their prospects.  Santorum may seem reasonable if you are a right-wing, misogynistic zealot but if and when he has to face off against Obama in the general he's going to look like the narrow minded cretin that he is.  If Romney gets the nomination he will look like such a wind-up doll next to Obama that it will be a blowout because all the "personality" voters (and there are many) will flock to Obama. Let's face it - Romney doesn't have an actual personality, he makes one up to fit each particular occasion. Check out these YouTube vids and you'll get what I mean.

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Santorheas' (that's the

Santorheas' (that's the plural, right?) likely to push ahead once he unveils the specifics of his rite-to-strife campaign.

Imaginary rumors may be in abundance regarding he and his staff's plans to lay out the specifics of legislation for what levels of vaginal discharge one must preserve and present to their living children to observe, hold and pledge love to.

According to staff insiders, "It's likely to be a fluid campaign with virtually no cell left unoccupied."

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Quote:According to a Pew poll

According to a Pew poll in 2010, 41% of Americans believe that Christ will definitely return or probably return by 2050

The only thing holding America back is Americans.

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Mountain View Christian

Mountain View Christian Academy: Cattle prods, pliers,vises.

To follow up on Thom's story of Rick Santorum's belief  that church and state should be merged and the history of torture by the early American Christian groups. This is only one of many incidents where reglious schools often in Conservative southern states torture the children they care for. In this case a stun gun (a cattle prod in effect) is used which is now standard issue by the civilian police so it's not as shocking as before the Conservative Republican Christians gained national power. Notice that the first report leaves out that this was a Christian private school.

Couple Charged With Torturing Adopted Children 

A former Hillsborough County couple accused of torturing their children, including locking them in a closet, starving them and pulling their toenails off with pliers, were arrested in Utah and will be extradited to Citrus County. John Dollar, 58, and his wife, Linda, 51, allegedly forced five of their adopted children - 14-year-old twin boys, two girls ages 12 and 13, and the 16-year-old - to sleep in a closet in the master bedroom so their parents could keep an eye on them.

Name: John Dollar, 58 (right)

John Dollar and his wife, Linda are accused of using [b]cattle prods, pliers, vises and starvation[/b] to torture five of their seven children. DCF officials said the Dollars had been licensed as foster parents in Hillsborough County from March to October 1995. Documents show the family was no longer in Florida's foster care system when they left the state. A warrant charges the Dollars with one count each of aggravated child abuse involving the children, all of whom were adopted. 

Name: Linda Dollar, 51  

Linda Dollar wrote in a 1995 DCF application that she left home at age 16 because of an alcoholic and abusive father. She also wrote that her first marriage ended because of abuse. The Dollars kept a low profile in recent years and lived in relative seclusion, moving in August to Beverly Hills in north Citrus. Their adopted 16-year-old son weighed 59 pounds when hospitalized Jan. 21 in Citrus County, which started an investigation, officials said. Twin boys, 14, subsequently were found to weigh 36 and 38 pounds. Two girls, 13 and 12, also were severely undernourished.

But this first article leaves out the important information that this was a religious private school.

Accused child abuse couple ran private school in Knox Co.

February 4, 2005

KNOX COUNTY (WATE) -- 6 News on Friday found people who knew John and Linda Dollar, a couple wanted on child abuse charges in Florida when they lived in Knox County, where they ran a private school. 

In East Knox County, a home that was formerly Mountain View Christian Academy was owned and run by the Dollars.

According to Paula Spradlin, in 1998 her son went to Mountain View for a semester. She says the seven children taken from the Dollars' custody also attended. 

"They were, you know, adopted and they'd come from different homes and they'd come from abusive homes or neglect and that's why they had adopted them." 

Spradlin says Linda Dollar told her she was a certified teacher. She also says the home where classes were held was well equipped for children, with smoke detectors, fire alarms and a security system to help keep students safe. 

The house had several rooms and Spradlin says the children involved in the case didn't attend class with other students. "There was like five of them that stayed together in a room. She taught them by herself. they didn't mingle in with the rest of the group." 

The Dollars lived with the children in a home in Kodak. They moved to Florida nearly six years ago. 

Spradlin says she never noticed any signs of abuse. "Supposedly, it was happening then too but it was in the fall and winter and they always had long clothes on so I couldn't see anything." 

Spradlin says the Dollars seemed to be very religious and she never suspected they would hurt a child. "Not the way they talked about God and church and their faith." 

Officials say due to privacy regulations, they can't explain why the Dollars have custody of the children.

Representatives from the state Department of Children's Services say the couple was never investigated while they lived in Tennessee. 

Local law enforcement agencies say they continue to keep an eye out for the Dollars.

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When dealing with Rightie

When dealing with Rightie Relgionists who claim to believe in a literal Judgement and Return of Jesus, I always say that I hope they are right and that I will take my chances against theirs.  They seem to think that Jesus will be in favor of their denial of bible content and count them among the saved for quoting his name.  I just say that many who say "Lord, Lord" will be among the damned, and many who have just loved mercy, done justice and walked humbly (with or without a Lord card) will be saved.

I conclude by saying that I will pray for them, but I have very little hope given how stubborn they are.

They are not going to give up their story, but they do have to give up the rewrite of the Book they have made over into their movie.  They have to stick with the original ending.

Don't be bullied by being tolerant of religious warriors.  Hit them with their crosses.  Do it in the name of Jesus.  He will love you for it.

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sharonart95432 wrote: It is

sharonart95432 wrote:

It is absolutely stunning, to me, that nobody in the Democratic Party has even remarked that the rhetoric that Mr. Santorum is spewing sounds just like the "Sharia law" that the Republican party keeps screaming about in this Country. But, instead of being Islamic Sharia law, it is Christian Sharia law. His religious views would take us back to a time when women had no rights at all. Maybe the Republicans are afraid of women? Just saying.

Okay, I'll bite. How exactly will he impose his religious beliefs on others?