Just heard the Obama audio clip on ABC news.com ..

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Obama chatting with Medvedev(sp) while cameras are snapping, saying something like, "after my election I will have more flexibility" regarding missile defense in Europe.   wow....talk about a gaffe...that will come up again.  Guarantee it.


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They will say and do anything

They will say and do anything to get elected. The dishonesty.That is the primary reason I do not trust government.  His plans for the future will not see the light of day until after the election.

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Put your trust in big,

Put your trust in big, bloated, profit driven corporations instead of big, bloated not-for-profit government.  Are the GOP candidates any more honest about their plans for after the election than Obama?  Their commitment to big, bloated profit driven corporations over government is fairly clear.  I'd like to say that I'm likely voting for Obama because I fear big corporations more than big government, but there is so little daylight between corporations and government these days that pissing away a vote on the Green Party or some other foolish political statement is beginning to sound like a reasonable option.

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About 15 years ago the Green

About 15 years ago the Green Party gained a majority of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. This resulted in a more than relatively honest city government for about a decade - essentially until the Greens got term limited out.

City Supervisor to Congress - 5 or 10 years. To the Senate - less than 20. Managed correctly the Greens are not a waste of votes. (and progressive Democrats would be on the short end of those time estimates)

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Laborisgood wrote: Put your

Laborisgood wrote:

Put your trust in big, bloated, profit driven corporations instead of big, bloated not-for-profit government.

And why the hell would I do that? We would I limit my options? What corporation should I put my trust in? Apple? I own a few Apple products but they don't try to run my life. Does it really matter if I "trust" them or not? Their business is their business. If I don't like it I can shop elsewhere. I can't shop elsewhere for a government. 

Not for profit government? Really? I have a tough question for you. Not every congressman is rich when he goes to congress but when was the last time one left congress not rich. Not for profit my arse.

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The people should be

The people should be profiting from the services provided through the work of the public servants and not the public servants profiting from the bribes provided by the corporations in the form of campaign contributions and lobbying expenditures.