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I don't know if this is ALSO the case on DISH....but on DirecTV...when I set my DVR to record the show in its new time slot...I had to set it 3 times (once for each hour). For some reason, each hour is showing up (at least it was this morning 10 AM MST) as a separate show. If that is always going to be the case...& this isn't simply an oversight of some sort....Thom may want to mention it, in each hour segment of his show.Just in case it was unintentional...I did leave a voice-mail at FSTV telling them what was happening on DirecTV.

Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm


This has always been the case and was the same when it was earlier too. The trick I use is to use a manual timer to schedule a non-stop recording between 11:59 AM - 3:01 PM. Now it won't be named "Thom Hartmann Show and will be named the show before it, but you won't miss the first minute or so with the extra minute before and after. But then you have one continuous show, that makes it better for archiving later too if you want to keep it. And you can set just one timer to record M-F too and not have to make 5 entries too for each day of the week.

Ironically here in Thom's old Portland, today on the first day of his new time slot, we had some power blackouts today on his first day around noon that lasted for an hour or so so I missed the first hour and 15 minutes of his show being recorded, which I wouldn't have lost if he was still in the earlier time slot.

But Thom, at least perhaps you can get a direct flight from Washington DC to Portland on Alaska air lines soon. I just read in the news that this is being lobbied for now. Might be easier to visit your kids out here on weekends soon.

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

Until Feb 7 I was on Dish net in the Baltimore area, and had the same problem. I found it easier to handle if I just gave the manual timer a recording start time of 12:00 PM eastern Mon-Fri and end time of 3:01 PM (under the old schedule; now, it would be 3:00 PM eastern to 6:00 PM eastern). That way, the recording would be listed under the first hour of Thom's show name Mon-Th (if Dish listed it correctly, and often, they did not), and under "Brunch With Bernie" on Fridays. Since the first hour leads with the news segment, and the news segment is repeated every 30 minutes, you do not need to start 1 minute early and mess up the program name. Give the manual timer a priority in the range of 1-5 so it will be on the first page in your priority listing; it will be called "Manual Timer", but should carry the 12:00 PM show name in the daily recording schedule.

Since I'm now on Verizon FIOS near Baltimore, I have no Free Speech TV channel, or LINK TV ... it only hurts when I think about it !! The new desktop computer and internet cable were installed in my dining room so I can catch Thom, Amy Goodman, the NHK Newsline, and other FSTV shows via live stream or recording on the web during meal and snack times (and now tea time). I heard that you can turn a pc into a DVR, but have not researched it yet.

I have not yet found out who at Verizon to address my "add channel" requests to. I also need to figure out which local radio stations in my area to send the "add channel" requests to.

I feel your pain ! Mine started 5 weeks earlier.

Jul. 7, 2011 11:13 am

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