Refining gasoline is related to natural gas

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I heard a bit about refining gasoline right at the end of the show. From my understanding, one reason we have become a refining powerhouse is because we have such cheap natural gas, which is used in the heating during the refining process. So Tom, yes it is a direct correlation between the 2. This something that needs to be made public. They could not be making all the $ refining gas if not for cheap natural gas.


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America is not a 'refining

America is not a 'refining powerhouse'.

We refine as little as possible. This keeps the price high.

You're deeply misinformed.

Then why is gasoline our #1

Then why is gasoline our #1 export, seems you do not understand my friend.

Gasoline is our #1 export

Gasoline is our #1 export because they want to reduce the available domestic supply in order to "justify" raising prices due to the tight supply in some regions of the country. Simple math. Create a shortage of your product, drive up the price, reap the rewards of your evil deeds. Legal, yes ... ethical, hell no !

Another factor that affects the cost is the type of refining and additives required by different environmental regulations state by state, with California being the toughest, and the highest price for gas. Refineries have also been shut down, which decreases the supply and drives up the price even more ... I heard this week that two have been shut down in the Philadelphia area. 

There ought to be laws restricting the export of gasoline if the domestic average price gets beyond a certain level.

Also, the chances are that the "natural gas" used to power the refinery is coming from "fracking", if the refinery is located in the great lakes states or near the mid-atlantic states. Fracking gas is also being used to power the tar-sands extraction and processing in Alberta, which compounds the bad environmental score of that crap even further.

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I once lived where there was

I once lived where there was an oil well on the adjacent property. I heated the house with a by-product of the pumping. Natural gas.

Most oil wells in the area simply burned it .

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Hey folks! I think the filthy

Hey folks!
I think the filthy pack of barons are working a shadow agenda.
Pardon me while I adjust my foil hat here, ah; That's better.
About many regions, and particularly, up State New York, a fracking "accident" could poison a water supply.
Then, who, or what, would have the ways or means to supply such a deprived community as, say, New York City? Hmmm, would that be, oh, I don't know- maybe, HALIBURTON?! (All due respect, Dana Carvey)

The commercials played on tv

The commercials played on tv and radio for the "fracking" industry talk about how there is enough natural gas to last for 100 years ... what they don't tell you is, how long will the water polluted by the extraction process stay polluted ? .... or, how long will the earthquakes caused by the waste injection wells occur ? .

"Mommy, why does our well water burn ?" ... "Why do our animals die when they drink the water in the stream ?"