Back Room Deals? Release Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade proposals!Petition to sign!

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We need your help to prevent another back-room free trade deal that benefits big corporations at the expense of the environment.

Please add your name to our petition demanding that U.S. officials move negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement into the light of day.

The Trans-Pacific trade pact is a massive new trade deal involving at least nine Pacific countries, from the U.S. to Australia to Vietnam.

From past experience, we know what free trade deals brokered by and for corporations look like: they give sweeping rights to private investors while undermining protections for people and the environment. They allow corporations to run roughshod over governments' ability to regulate mining and oil drilling, to stop deforestation by big agribusiness, to promote clean energy, to preserve biodiversity, and more.

Despite the far-reaching nature of the Trans-Pacific free trade agreement, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk has refused to release the negotiating proposals for public scrutiny.

While you, I and the majority of Americans are barred from knowing what's taking place in negotiations, approximately 600 corporate lobbyists have been named "cleared advisors," giving them regular access. One corporate trade attorney with decades of experience in international trade negotiations recently gloated that, "This is the least transparent trade negotiation I have ever seen."

This secrecy isn't right -- and it prevents meaningful public debate about the consequences this trade pact would have on people and the environment. Sign the petition to U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk today to demand transparency and the public release of the Trans-Pacific free trade agreement negotiating proposals.

Trans-Pacific Partnership talks resume May 8 through May 18 in Dallas, Texas. I'll be in Dallas working with allies from the labor, faith, consumer and public health movements to deliver the petition with your signatures to U.S. officials.

By adding your name, you'll help expose back-door attacks on jobs, the environment and human rights -- and build momentum from every corner of the country to stop another unjust trade agreement drafted to the specifications of Wall Street and multinational corporations.

Please sign our online petition by May 4 to urge U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk to publicly release the negotiating proposals for the Trans-Pacific free trade agreement.

You have the right to know what negotiators and lobbyists are trading away in your name. Please take action now.

Bill Waren
Trade Policy Analyst, Friends of the Earth

MrsBJLee's picture
Feb. 17, 2012 9:45 am

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