CISPA could be worse than SOPA

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Microsoft is now rethinking its support for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act – better known as CISPA – which passed out of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives last week.  CISPA allows for the sharing of information between the government and private online companies to stop possible cyber security threats.  But since the bill is overly-broad on what exactly is a “cyber security threat” – there’s real concern that the bill could lead to egregious violations of online privacy. 

In fact – some critics of the bill say that the consequences of CISPA could be worse than SOPA.  Microsoft – which originally supported CISPA – is backing off now until lawmakers pass additional safeguards to protect online privacy.  President Obama raised the same concerns over the bill when he threatened to veto it last week.  The irony here is shocking.  When Progressives proposed net neutrality to prevent major Internet corporations from carving up the Internet and screwing over consumers - Republicans lined up against it calling it a government takeover of the Internet.    But when it comes to giving those same corporations the power to share your personal information with the government – Republicans line up in support.  Yes, Conservatives side with big corporations over working people even in cyber space.


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Why do they keep trying to

Why do they keep trying to fix something that ain't broke?

Talk about government waste....

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Because they hate us for our

Because they hate us for our freedom (on the Internet)?


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Because secrecy is, and

Because secrecy is, and always has been, their primary shield. The internet has the potential to expose all of their past and present crimes and, as those in the know know, the criminal capitalist's past and present actions are in every way comparable to the insane and criminal activities of Hitler and his Nazi regime. One way or another, imperialism is finished as a control mechanism and the U.S. is literally the last empire that history will allow. The criminal capitalists are now also aware of that, especially since they failed so abysmally with their attempt to impose a NWO. So don't be fooled by their juvenile warnings of terrorists being able to attack them through the internet, because if they had worries they could keep the susceptible portions offline and segregated. But once it becomes common knowledge of what kind of obscene criminals they really are, well, that could throw a giant monkey-wrench into their works and it is that fear that they could lose everything which is what they fear most.

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Quote:the criminal

the criminal capitalist's past and present actions are in every way comparable to the insane and criminal activities of Hitler and his Nazi regime.

No surprise because they backed Hitler and his regime.  They just keep on tryin'. ;-)