Countdown and Keith Olbermann are again looking for a new home ... I hope they find one with a lower price for freedom

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Keith Olbermann was sacked partly because the management of Current TV does not want people to call a spade a spade ... in other words, Keith has a history of giving the news as is, as it should be given, without sugar ... news served more often with a little spice. Mr. Gore and Mr. Hyatt are putting on a more gentle face on their networks talk shows ... less edgy (but also informative) shows such as Jennifer Granholm, Cenk Uygur, and the recent additions of Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, and Eliot Spitzer. Good shows, but formats more concerned with preserving "access" than in turning up the heat when the heat needs to be turned up.

The latest indication this was happening to Keith again came when he was pushed into dropping his popular "Worst person in the world" satirical segment after the Limbaugh controversy with Sandra Fluke, much as he was pushed into dropping the segment on MSNBC after the shootings in Tucson last year.

I find it kind of ironic that I sent an email to Keith's show last year after both Cenk and Eliot were dropped from their previous networks ... jokingly addressed the email to "Dear Mr. Gore", made it look like it was from Keith to Al ... mentioning that Keith had two friends named Cenk and Eliot that were out of work, that they might be good additions to the network's lineup. Little did I know that Cenk would actually be added later, and that Eliot would take Keith's time slot ! Just as I still have trouble turning on MSNBC at 8:00 PM eastern without Keith (sorry, Lawrence O'Donnell originally, and now Ed Schulz), it will probably be a while before I can tune in to Eliot's show in that time slot.

I remember Keith from the old Sportscenter days, but I did not stay up very often to see him with Dan Patrick on their late night shows ... when I did, I was watching the show more for them and less for the sports. I did not see him much after that in his other sports jobs. My Dad is also a Countdown fan, and I saw the show a few times when I visited him, but it did not get under my skin until I started watching Countdown late in 2007 when the presidential race started getting interesting.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann was the only political talk show that was programmed on my DVR to be recorded every day. I hated to delete a show that I had not had time to watch yet, but somehow I found the strength to do it when I was too busy to watch the show and the DVR was filling up. Little did I know that when on Friday March 30th I deleted the show from March 29th, I was deleting Keith's last show on Current. I have not gone out to youtube to hunt for the March 29th Countdown yet ... kind of like I still have not watched my recording of the last Cheers, or the last Larry Sanders show, or the last episode of The West Wing yet ... I'm saving them, for a time not yet determined.

I think Keith would be better off with a weekly show on HBO, something like "Realtime With Bill Maher".

Good luck in finding a new home, my good friend.



As of tonight, I still have

As of tonight, I still have not watched any full hours of the evening political talk shows since Keith got canned. Tonight, while listening to music from youtube using links saved from the chat room on earlier nights, I ran across the link below. I watched it at a moment when I needed a mood change. I had already watched this once or twice since the end of Countdown, but this time, my thought was to post it here to share it with others. This four minute clip is Keith in one of his finest moments ... classic Keith ... watch, and see if you agree with me. As soon as I'm finished updating this item, I'm watching it again ... for the 3rd time this evening. I miss this guy !

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It's anguishing watching the

It's anguishing watching the news. They just don't get to the root of the problems. It's as if they are satisfied that there is an issue so they have a reason for debating the issue ad naseum. It's a job you never want to complete. The mainstream keeps trotting the same CFR approved speakers out and the moderators are cowards. How many guests are asked to divulge their financial interests in the cause or corporation their advocating for or what their career ties or aspirations are in regards to a topic being discussed.

It's mainly for show just as the two party system is.

I recently discovered that

I recently discovered that the above link to Keith's classic "Dr. Strangelove" bit had become a casualty of the Countdown / Current tv divorce. After an initial few seconds of disgust, followed by sheer PANIC when I realized I had not downloaded the clip to my PC ( Serenity Now ! ), I fired up the old google machine to search for a replacement for my badly needed K.O. fix. After a couple of minutes of searching (would have been faster, but have you ever tried typing on the keyboard with your fingers crossed ... on both hands ?) ...

"It's Alive !"

I just ran across this piece

I just ran across this piece about Current tv firing Keith Olbermann, written by Stu Kreisman for the Huffington Post and dated 4/1/12, and thought this would be a good place to link to it for others who may have missed it.

Keith Olbermann and Current 

Also on the Huffington Post web site was this summary of Keith's appearance with David Letterman shortly after the firing, written by Jack Mirkinson, posted on 4/4/12. One of the video clips from the article is missing, but as of this writing, a second clip with part of the interview remains available.

Keith Olbermann To Letterman: 'I Screwed Up Really Big' With Current TV

For those of us who miss

For those of us who miss Keith, the best way to keep in contact with him these days is through Twitter. Keith is a big baseball fan, and many of his tweets are about baseball. Most of the tweets that are not about baseball are about political subjects, and other things from the daily news.

One a recent Friday night while in the chat room, I hopped in to Twitter to catch up on things. All of a sudden, there was a tweet from Keith with a picture attached ... he was on his way home, and was on the subway. A few more pictures like that followed. Well, maybe you had to be there to appreciate it ... Terrazza sure did :

The 7 line - and Manhattan ahead of us - as seen from the front window of the front car  

A tad closer on the 7  


Inside the East River Tunnel on the 7 


And the tunnel held for another trip. Into the bowels of Grand Central 



Keith's profile page on Twitter : 


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I have to disagree with the

I have to disagree with the author's assertion that The Young Turks is an example of a show with "a more gentle face on their networks talk shows ... less edgy".  Are you kidding me?  I've been watching The Young Turks for about 6 years and they're at least as informative and edgy as Countdown.

You should give it a try.

from 10/25/12 -  Keith

from 10/25/12 - 

Keith Olbermann Eyeing Return To TV: Report

Keith Olbermann Casts A Wide Net In Job Search

from 11/29/12 -  Keith

from 11/29/12 - 

So I've been off the grid for a bit. POTUS had Romney for lunch? Thought that had happened on Election Day.