David Gregory Is A Lying Slimeball

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Roger Casement
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I can't listen to this crap. They are just a bunch of corporatist slimeballs sitting around a table.

David Gregory repeated the GOP talking point lie about Hillary Rosen being a democratic strategist (implying of course that what she said was part of a Democratic party strategy to 'go negative' against the wife of their frontrunner), as if it was a fact. And by now, he knows better, or he is the dumbest political head in Washington DC.

Then, I'm listening to the corporatist 'democrat' Harold Ford talking about 'manufactured controversies from both sides, like the etch-a-sketch'. It is not manufactured when your guy screws up.

This is what is passing for political discussion? Corporatists sitting around a table looking out for their jobs and swapping favors and manybe money too.

This is very sinister. The corporatists are destroying the people's faith in their own institutions, including the media. When you can't turn on your tv and believe news shows, who can you believe. And this is the main newssource for most people.

And by the way, corporate lies are echoed on news programs in the EU too, whenever they do a piece on US politics. It is like you are caught in a permanent Fox News, Newscorp, corporate media labyrinth.


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We have a fight on our hands.

We have a fight on our hands.  I derive some hope from what Oliver Stone said about Venezuela.  He said every station down there is like Fox news supporting multi-national corporations.  In spite of that, Hugo Chavez was able to be elected by the people

This has been the status quo

This has been the status quo for all the Sunday morning shows for at least 10 years.  I tuned out that long ago.

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Gregory interviewed Michelle

Gregory interviewed Michelle Bachmann this morning who said some really idiotic RW propaganda. She kept speaking over the woman Senator with her nonsense like gas prices and Obamacare are Obama's war on women and the Republicons Health Savings Accounts are so much better than Obamacare. I just found out last week that a HSA compatible plan is TWICE as expensive as one thats not.  

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I was just thinking that

I was just thinking that about Gregory. He kept incredulously asking Geithner if the economy was really better than when Obama took over.  All Republicons are under the same impression that Obama has made the economy worse.

We HAVE to get it out there that when Obama took over   the GDP was MINUS 9% (-9%) with the economy on the verge of total global economic collapse. MUCh worse than in 1929 which started the Great Depression! 

And it is now about 2.5% or so!

That is an increase in GDP of 12%!! The Dow has doubled and we were losing 800,000 jobs a month when Obama took over now ADDING up to 200,000 jobs a month for the past 25 months. 


WHERE do they get these guys?

No, the economy sucks because

No, the economy sucks because Obama hasn't changed ANY policies of the previous administration.

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The thing to do is to do what

The thing to do is to do what was done to Limbaugh for his recent offensive, much-publicized comments and what was done to companies who were but no longer are members of ALEC: flood Meet the Press with complaints about the conservative preference in selecting guests and panelists, even the supposed liberal or Democratic ones, and in the host's lack of objectivity and softball questions to conservatives.  NBC News needs to hear from those who object to how their Sunday morning show is being run.  Meet the Press has its own message feature where you can write to them.

Roger Casement
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Robindell wrote: and softball

Robindell wrote:

and softball questions to conservatives.

And that is another thing. The excuse used to be that they were bending over backwards for the republicans so they could interview members of the government. With them leaving power, they have no such excuse anymore, and yet they still defer to republicans and are impolite and stupid to democrats.