The EPA is taking on the frackers

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Today – the agency unveiled – for the first time – new air pollution standards to curb millions of tons of pollution leaking out of hydraulic fracking wells.  The dangers of fracking – from the earthquakes to the entire towns that have been poisoned by fracking chemicals – are now well known in America. 

EPA standards on pollution might be a positive first step – but what we really need to do is ban fracking altogether like France did because it’s far too dangerous.


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It's a step in the right

It's a step in the right direction but what about the chemicals that they are ramming into the ground that is polluting the ground water? I read the EPA release. I felt like they were tip toeing instead of stomping their foot down if you know what i mean. The "green" technology exists and is currently used in less than 1/2 of the current wells, so why don't they insist it is used on ALL WELLS from NOW ON if it will help to keep the air cleaner. Fracking is bad, should be banned and green washing it won't make it any better.

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Ted is polishing up a release

Ted is polishing up a release of Cat Frack Fever.

  Reuters, today:


Reuters, today: “Human-made earthquakes reported in central US” ( Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas and New Mexico)


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I am not suprised that they

I am not suprised that they are finding that fracking is causing earthquakes. What I am suprised about and didn't know is that they have been sending their waste water back into the earth! I thought they were creating toxic trailing ponds all over the place and now I read that sometimes they just deposit it back into the earth! These people have no conscience! NO SOUL! Only DIRTY MONEY. Thanks for the link.

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OK....I had to laugh at that!

OK....I had to laugh at that! Cute! "Cat Frack Fever" LOL...