Fractional reserve banking and the Fed

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Hello to All

Mr. Hartman and friends,I have an idea for a program episode.Could you please explain to your audience

as many have in many ways, how the fractional reserve banking works concerning wages of soldiers cops

is the point in terms that might help to educate the general public how crooked the system is,as Rt does so well.

Here goes 1 bankster of the FED has the wages of one government worker in the vault. using the ratio 1:9 he writes loan checks to pay the wages of 9 ie.soldiers or cops. government then pays back the loan at end of year.10:90 the following year 90 cops wages,then the year after 900.fourth year 9000 ie. soldiers/cops wages.fifth year 90000 yearly the end of 5 years the BANKSTER is now worth more then 90000 cops ect.They the police work the 5 years while the Bankster just had to write checks.TRUE!?

Why I chose Cops was because they blindly deal so harshly with Occupy ect..Rt might use pictures of cops and money to make point.

Keiser report is always amusing,and informative yearly salary to 9,90,900,9000 in 4 years.Your show also said Occupy needs a new slogan. How about 9,90,900,9000.Alyona and friends could start a chant and elaborate after it just might catch on.All the best hope this help the cause!Thank you for your time.

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Apr. 12, 2012 3:38 pm


Also think 1:9 ratio is applied to most everything 1 aircraft carrier 9x loan cheques for bankster. America most countries.(Central Banksters)1 Fed banker can now loan out 9x (think whole Military)x9 every year. So many lost their homes.livelihood very sad, definitely a system flaw.Ron Paul, Thom hartmann,Bill Still and so many a so right.

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Apr. 12, 2012 3:38 pm

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