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So let me ask you folks something?  

How would you feel if Thom Hartman and today's guest host Karl Frisch referred to one your life's biggest accomplishments as "worthless,"  or as Thom put it back on 2/6/12, "useless." 

NOT cool eh?   That's how I felt AGAIN today when I listened to Karl and his guest Tina DuPuy referring to the private school where I got my business degree as a "diploma mill."  And even someone as smart as Thom Hartmann did the same thing back on 2/6/12 in his interview with Daniel J. Flynn.  

I am a life-long Progressive.  So don't start calling me a Republican spy.  The point is, I am SICK AND TIRED of hearing talk show host make comments that basically say that if you don't have an IVEY LEAGE degree, then you wasted your money on your education.  Talk about "Snobs!"  And I have heard similar remarks from Rachel Maddow, and The Young Turks.  Again, love you guys, but this is NOT cool! While I completely respect your extensive and vast knowledge with all your life experience, you have no right to make judgment on mine.   

I have degrees from both public and private schools so I am well aware of the difference between the two. The one way to determine if the school you plan to attend is going to give you a "worthwhile" education is if they have state accredidation.  The University of Phoenix, DeVry, University of Redlands, Pepperdine, Keller, and most adult schools do have state accredidation.   I attended the #1 private business school in the country.  My night school teachers were required to work in the field they taught.  Many also taught at a "big name" school here in town during the day.  My statistics teacher worked in the aerospace industry.  My Finance teacher was the VP of a bank.  (At the time this was an honorable profession).  I am now an editor of a major publication, and I believe that my "private school" English teacher was more instrumental in helping me to write than any of my public school teachers.  In addition, my math teacher made me actually enjoy doing math.  

I worked very hard for my degree and I graduated with a 3.8 GPA in a double major.  Many in my class couldn't cut the cirriculum and dropped out.  And while some of us may be very intelligent, maybe we didn't have the money to attend Harvard, Oxford, Cornell, Stanford, etc. Maybe there are some people in the world who actually have to pay for their own education.  Maybe some of us did not have the luxury of a trust fund and are working day jobs so we can support our families as we try to better ourselves.  In today's fast paced world, working people do not have the option to attend a one-hour class at a traditional university every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1-2 pm from September to June only! 

Spare me your lectures about "you're missing the point, they were talking about predatory lenders."  I get that.  But where does someone else get off determining the value of my education?!?!?  Did you graduate from any of these schools that you're slandering?  Ok... THEN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!!!!  Why do you find it necessary to discredit and degrade someone else's education to make your point?  

I realize this was probably not your intention and you were only trying to point out that some people have been taken advantage of by private schools.  But did you ever think about the students of these schools you are trying to discredit?  Not all of these schools are all "diploma mills" just because you and your guest say they are.  I graduated in 1993 BEFORE people were learning online, so I do NOT have an "online degree."  And besides, any school not using the Internet in this day and age to teach their students is way BEHIND the times. Maybe some people have had different experiences with private schools, but personally I believe that I received a top-notch education which I am very proud of.  

My previous request to rectify this situation was ignored.  So again, I would appreciate it if you, Karl, Tina, and Daniel would please ISSUE A PUBLIC RETRACTION AND AN APOLOGY to this comment as this was a very insulting and unwise thing to say.  I encourage you to go after the predatory lenders, but don't discredit the work of the actual students.  Those of us who graduate are proud of this accomplishment and the only thing minimizing the value of our educations are talk show hosts who try to discredit them.  It would be appreciated if you share these thoughts amongst the Progressive Talk show hosts to prevent this unfortunate misunderstanding from occuring again in the future. 

I enjoy your show, so please do the right thing and correct this situation so I don't have to find another progressive talk show to keep me informed.  And please note, that if this request goes ignored again, my fellow students and I will make every effort to clarify you slandering our educations.  Wouldn't you?  


"Smarter Than You Think" 


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stricko: While I admit I


While I admit I didn't hear Tina DePuy's comments, what I did hear by the time I got in my car was a few callers and Frisch's commenting about the for profits.  Those comments and the calls taken about those comments are not something I think you should internalize too much.  The main message I got from Frisch's comments were that, while ocasionally degrees from these schools do open doors, they are not economical.  They open far fewer doors than is worth the money put into them by individuals, and by government through financial aid and loans.  I never heard Frisch, or any of the callers say that nobody has ever gotten a decent education and open doors from the for profit schools...only that the majority of people attending them do not.  They also said the recruiting by these schools has gotten out of hand, and that is something that is very true. 

In short, stricko, they were talking about the industry at large, and not about you, or anyone else, personally.  And, because they were talking about the industry at large, their points were right on target.  As someone who recently got a paralegal certificate from a 2 year, Jr. college, I can attest that even nonprofit schools go overboard in trying to recruit students for particular programs.  The difference is the amount of tuition.  At junior colleges, people tend not to acquire tens of thousands of dollars in debt chasing after a degree, certification, training in a field which is over-saturated...and sometimes even worse, such as when degrees or certifications are not recognized by anybody, as in the criminal justice example.  The junior college where I obtained my certificate is American Bar Association Approved, but, not matter.  Paralegal jobs are still far fewer than the number of paralegals and attorneys willing to take paralegal jobs in order to have any income.  You should be proud of your education, but at the same also need to realize that your experience was the exception, not the rule.  Therefore, I do not think you are owed any apology.

Dan P

So let me ge this straight. 

So let me ge this straight.  You got your degree before online degrees and using your experience which has NO bearing on what currently happens at this particular institution, and thus no relation to their comments at all, and are trying to use that to discredit their statement?

I am going to guess you are talking about University of Pheonix because you don't really specify in your post.  Have YOU done any research into their current practice and degree conferrals, etc?  Honestly, if you haven't then your experience from 10 years ago means absolutely ZERO in this particular conversation.  I am currently in a graduate school and I can tell you that the institutions that are conferring online degrees at the rate that they seem to be are precisely what they have called them - diploma mills.  They have little care or regard for the quality of their graduates and merely use the online degrees as a profit source from tuition.  Think about it.  This is the modern day lecture hall.  Back in the day, you had to build a 400-500 seat lecture hall and pack the students in.  Now, you build a room the size of a closet with a camera and internet connection and you can have thousands of people taking your class.

Anyway, the bottomline here is.  Your degree is fine but your experience is irrelevant to the discussion about current practice.  Sorry.  Do YOUR homework before you start demanding apologies.

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Stricko, while I don't think

Stricko, while I don't think you're a "Republican spy" (although the fact that you felt compelled to make the statement makes me suspicious) I am convinced that you're an internet troll working damage control as a stooge for the "for profit" university industry.  This particular phrase you used -- "It would be appreciated if you share these thoughts amongst the Progressive Talk show hosts to prevent this unfortunate misunderstanding from occuring again in the future." -- lends credence to my conclusion.  As Thom often repeats on the show (and you will know if you are indeed a fan and not an interloper) the show is an opinion show, not a news show.  So, squawk all you want to, you have no right to insist upon and you are not entitled to an apology for having your sensitive feelings hurt.   

Fletcher Christian
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WHO YOU KNOW. "Back in my


"Back in my day..." (sounding like an old timer), Back in my day... we would have "RICH" farmer's kids... that's right!  I said "RICH" and "FARMER'S KIDS" in the same sentence.  Because where I grew up, the only "rich" kids were farmers.  They were the ONLY ones who drove new, "5.0" cars.  The rest of us drove hand me down cars with "home made" exhaust systems.  We actually had a local family business that would bend pipes to fit your exhaust.  The "Terpin's" and the "Yonkman's" would provide this service for your clunker for about $75 bucks.


These "rich" kids would waste their parents hard earned money to go get themselves a college education so that they could... work on the farm.

That's right.  Stay at home and work on the family farm.  They'd hang out at all of the old hang outs and creepily provide young, under age girls with alcohol.  EXACTLY like Mathew McConaughey's character in "Dazed And Confused".

Everyone subconsciously knows about this practice.

Here in Gary, IN... the Mayor is "touted" as having a "Harvard" degree.  Yet, that very same "Harvard" degree meant absolutely ZERO when she was running against the incumbent, Mr. Rudy Clay.  (If you folks don't know anything about Rudy Clay... look him up and b prepared to be ashamed to be a Democrat!)  Rudy Clay would win against anybody... it didn't matter WHAT you had accomplished or what education farm you attended.

All college degrees are worth in todays working environment is for fodder on your resume.  As I've stated before... "Ted Peterson" would be hired before "Barack Obama" on 99 out of 100 work resumes based SOLELY upon name based, race relations in America.

The college institution of higher learning has been debunked a long, long time ago.  It's all "who you know".  That's it.

I remember BRAD PITT describing what his "good looks" meant in the "Hollywood Machine".  He said that his "good looks" opened MANY doors... but his "talent" kept him in the room.

It's no different in the REAL world.


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Dan P - You say you didn't

Dan P - You say you didn't hear Karl and Tina's comment because you were not in the car?  Well I DID!  I have a Sirus/XM system that allowed me to replay it 3-4 times.  I put Karl's description of "worthless" in quotes above because that's exactly what he said.  And again, as noted, on 2/6 Thom used the word "useless" during one of his programs.  This is what got my blood boiling and prompted my response.

 As you said, "In short… they were talking about the industry at large, and not about you, or anyone else, personally."


 THEN SAY THAT!  They never did!  Karl specifically mentioned my school by name and said that the degrees they gave out were "worthless."  I believe we Progressives refer to that as a "Stereotype."

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Ah2 - Yes… University of

Ah2 - Yes… University of Phoenix and DAMN PROUD OF IT!   And UOP business school programs still have their accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and  the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-International (AACSB) so that's all that matters regardless of how many years have passed. 


Why don't you do YOUR homework before commenting?    If there's a problem with this school and they're still accredited, then maybe there's a problem with the Higher Learning Commission giving them accreditation?


If a talk show host is going to start slandering someone's education, THEN QUALIFY THE STATEMENT!  They need to say "not all degrees from all schools are worthless."  But instead they're calling all private schools "diploma mills" and falsely slandering schools with accreditation as if they are not accredited. 

Per your statement "Anyway, the bottomline here is.  Your degree is fine but your experience is irrelevant to the discussion about current practice.  Sorry.  Do YOUR homework before you start demanding apologies.

I don't really give a damn if I have the approval of you or any other readers. I know what I learned in school and no fill-in talk show host or blogger can take that away from me regardless of what diploma I have on the wall! 


 I still believe an apology from all of these talk show hosts is in order and my goal is that they are sensitive to alumni students with accredited degrees before they make such comments in the future.  And if they don't then so be it.  They'll have to contend with my persistence.  Either defend your position or change it!   I'm defending my education, and it appears their false information campaign has worked on some you.  I would expect more from Progressives so I'm calling you all out on this one! 

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Fletcher - At least there's

Fletcher - At least there's someone in this thread I can agree with.   Yes… at this point it is irrelevant because my education got me my first job, and that experience brought me to where I am now.  But one of the things my father was most proud of was the fact that I graduated from an "accredited" college.  And my dad was one of the highest tenured teachers in the state!   

So anyone who tries to discredit that today, yesterday, or any time in the future can kiss my backside! 

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mdHess - Sorry to disappoint

mdHess - Sorry to disappoint you.  But I'm not a Troll for the Private Education industry and DEFINITELY not a Republican.  Just an alumni that is offended by someone who has no clue what they're talking about.  

Relax, dude.  A B.S. in

Relax, dude.  A B.S. in Business from Harvard is just as worthless as one from UOP. 

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Fletcher Christian wrote: WHO

Fletcher Christian wrote:



The college institution of higher learning has been debunked a long, long time ago.  It's all "who you know".  That's it.

Cool.  Someone please hook a buddy up and get me hired into one of those medical specialist jobs.  I could get some stuff done with that kind of $$$ :)

I'm a quick learner and I always have the Google in my pocket and know how to use it for quick answers.  If you don't want to share your good connections I could temporarily do the pharmacist thing ...not as nice of pay but I have a great barcode app to sort out all of those pills and junk so I would be great at that, but it is my not first choice.  Please don't make me go through 8 years of school and incur impossible debt while you hook your homies up.

I owe my firstborn and a body part or 2 I would prefer to keep to a diploma mill who convinced me that underwater basketweaving was a failsafe future.  Nobody, and I mean NOBODY gives up their connections in that field.  Cut-throat buggers!  Don't fall for that one.




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College is still a good idea,

College is still a good idea, overall.  But, you gotta be smart because it is really rough out there, once you graduate...regardless of whether you are graduating from a non-profit, or even an Ivy League school.  Get what you can done at jr. colleges.  They are far more affordable.  If you have any chance at employer reimbursement...JUMP ON THAT, QUICK!  And, research to find out if your employer allows you to do any reimbursement program.   


Just my thoughts...good luck, all

Dan P

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Given where the economy is

Given where the economy is headed you could have a Doctorate but if you don't have Globalist connections you will be working at McDonalds.

They'll insource all industry jobs right to the prisons so as to undermine unions in America.

America is being turned into Prison-Nation, and only prison-nation type jobs will be available.