As the ice cap melts, the war for the North Pole is heating up

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The oil barons of the world – and the militaries that rely on that oil – are seeing new opportunities in the North Pole as global climate change kicks into high gear. Warming weather is leading to the Northern ice cap melting – uncovering a treasure trove of oil and natural gas reserves. Scientists believe that the Arctic is storing 13% of the world’s untapped oil – and nearly a third of the world’s undiscovered natural gas.

As the ice melts – access to these resources becomes easier and shipping lanes open – so now Northern nations are scrambling to stake out their chunk of Arctic resources as well as running military operating in the area should they have to fight for these resources in the not too distant future. Two months ago – military leaders from the United States, Canada, Russia, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland met to discuss security issues around the Arctic.

But Greenpeace sees what’s happening in the Arctic as a tragedy for the planet. As the organization reported last year, “The terrible irony of it is that instead of seeing the melting of the Arctic ice cap as a spur to action on climate change, the leaders of the Arctic nations are instead investing in military hardware to fight for the oil beneath it. They’re preparing to fight to extract the very fossil fuels that caused the melting in the first place. It’s like putting out fire with petrol."

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Thom Hartmann A...
Dec. 29, 2009 10:59 am


This is horrible news! Instead of doing the right thing and understanding that this melting is due to global warming they just see it as a new frontier for exploiting natural resources. We are doomed!

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Feb. 17, 2012 9:45 am

The "ICE CAPS" on MARS are melting as well.

As far as I know... "NEWT" hasn't colonized MARS... and their isn't man made global warming taking place there.

It's funny... "MrsBJLee", you mustn't have gotten the memo... it's "CLIMATE CHANGE" not, "global warming."

See, "global warming" has proven to be a hoax. I'm sorry to break that to you.

You are a nice person. You have been a good steward to your planet. You are a person that I would want to know better because you are truly kind. I would want you as a friend and neighbor.

You are what the power elite call a "use full idiot". I DO NOT CALL YOU THAT. That is a term used by the globalist.

"Behind The Green Mask" is a term that you should familiarize yourself with.

Agenda 21 is real. It's as real as the air you breathe.

Chemtrails are another term that you should investigate on YOUR OWN! Do not let ME or anyone ELSE dictate your thought on the subject. Investigate it... look in the sky, and see it for yourself.

I like you. Unlike "Sacramento Dave",... I do not like him. He's a fox in the hen house.

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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

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