As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end

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When I stand amongest you and see
A life of pain and misery
Thinking to myself

"O Father this was not how you meant it to be"

Where is the Love and compassion for my sister and brother?
Who dwell here with me on this Earth?
Our provider and our Mother

"O Father this was not how you meant it to be"

We take from her our Mother
Stripping her bare
leaving her barren, without a care

"O Father this was not how you ment it to be"

Instead of living in Harmony
Some of my brothers and sisters
Live by Greed, War and Hypocrisy

"O Father this was not how you meant it to be"

Some believe there is nothing we can do
We shouldn't think like this
Instead Have faith and trust in you

"O Father this is how you meant it to be"

Love and compassion for each other is a start
Knowing we are not separate,
Different or apart

"O Father this is how you meant it to be"

When asked what is it we want you to do? Help us and show us we say
there must be something else
Surly another way?

"O Father you know how it's meant to be"

So you sent to us your Son jesus, Great Prophets and Saints
To teach usand show us the way
To learn something of Love and compassion every day

"O Father this was how you meant to be"

Their words were with love and still remain true
How to live in Harmony, given in accordance with you

"O Father back to the way it was meant to be"

Some turned on Jesus
Lied about Him, beat Him and hung Him from a cross
This was Earths Greatest pain and Humanities Greatest Loss

"O Father we creid how was this meant to be?"

Jesus did suffer,
was beaten and in pain
He died only to take away our sins
So that He could rise up
And Return Again

"O Father you knew this was something that had to be"

And now after 2000 years things are no better
We follow Revelations to the letter
Pestilence, Famine, War and Greed
This is what man has created His only Desire, His one False need.

"O Father how long must we wait?
Before someone cries out, Jesus has returned, our Saviour is at the gate"

I look at my Mother Earth
And I am saddened by her plight
Raped and plundered by day and by night
Floods of tears from Her pain, which we look upon as rain
How long before Her seas rise and cover the land Again

"O Father pleas tell me what it is I can do, kneeling here praying before you?"

There are billions just like me
Offering ourselves to help Mother Earths plight
Some in the open, some out of sight
Doing what's Good, doing what's Right.

"O Father I aske that you give them your Blessing,
Courage, strenght and when tired, Your house to rest in"

Now that the End times draw near
Listen carefully, make sure you hear.
Time grows short and there is still much to be done.
You must prepare your selves for the second coming of Gods Son
Because Mother Earth is going to Assend,
Whether you go with her on you that will depend?

"O Father if this is how it's going to be
Have we not learnt anything from History?"

In the words of a Great man " Tag your it"

Apr. 12, 2012 10:58 pm

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