Karl Rove and Money from Iran

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I know that this started as a bit of an exercise but frankly I am going with it. Mr Rove never relies on facts and my assesment of the 10 million dollar anonymous donation is as good as any. 

Al Jazeera did a whole article on how Iran planned on using money for political gain inside the US. Mr Rove  can live with our assumption that this money came from Iran or he can open up the books. At which time I will apologize for getting it wrong.

Who Knows, it could be from anyone.


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Maybe if Iran sends him

Maybe if Iran sends him enough money, he won't be fanning the fires of going to war with Iran.  I will trade money from Iran for the money from Saudi that got us into Iraq, even though Iran loved that one too. 

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R.Paul wants a war with Iran?

R.Paul wants a war with Iran? His stance against war used to be his one strong point.