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Positive energy is sent to you, Louise, for a speedy recovery. We wish you and Thom courage and patience as you face this challenge. The world is a better place because of both of you!

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Sending prayers and wishes

Sending prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery.  Be well soon, Louise!

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Sending healing prayers you

Sending healing prayers you way. 



Hi Thom and Louise, I just

Hi Thom and Louise,

I just heard about your surgery for BC, Louise. I went through that last Fall, and so far, so good. I'm sending good thoughts and prayers your way. I'm going to mention some books that were good resources for me: "The Definitive Guide to Cancer" by Lise Alschuler et al; "Outsmart Your Cancer" by Tanya Harter Pierce; and "How To Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine" by Dr. Michael Murray.I have found the integrative approach (traditional and natural) works well for me. Best of luck and warm hugs to you!