More anti-austerity rallies in Europe

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On Sunday – tens of thousands of Spaniards took to the streets in over 50 cities across Spain to protest against their new government’s trickle-down austerity measures.  Spain has been especially hit hard by austerity – with an unemployment rate now at 24.4% - the highest in the Eurozone – more than half of all Spaniards under 25-years-old are unemployed – and the economy is officially in another recession. 

Spanish labor organizations are calling for a second day of mass demonstrations around Spain for Tuesday – International Workers Day.  As technocrats and banksters continue to cut budgets to the bone – creating larger deficits, massive unemployment, and soaring suicide rates – working people are fed up. 

The backlash against austerity is just getting underway – stay tuned.


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When will the Euro be

When will the Euro be officially 'collapsed' ?

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I wonder why they called it

I wonder why they called it "austerity"?   Are they just that stupid?  Obviously people are going to protest austerity being imposed.  What if they called it "frugality" instead? That suggests being "wise" about spending and how you live your life and not necessarily doing without.  But like I say, they were too dumb to think of that.


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Starving, suffering and dying

Starving, suffering and dying people don't care what you call it— they KNOW that it's imposed, humiliating, undeserved cruelty. They FEEL it in their minds and bodies. Their families and friends are also stressed, anxious and even suicidal—while banksters and the oligarchs and frontmen are protecting their own fortunes ... and demanding human blood and human life.