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Well maybe, but I enjoyed Bob Goldthwait's dark comedy "God Bless America" last night.  It isn't in theaters yet but it is available streaming from a number of services as a "theatrical per-release."  I dare Thom to go watch it but it probably expresses what a lot of us would like to do the right wing.  Since it isn't in theaters until next month and probably limited release then since it would be considered an "art house" film the right wing doesn't seem to know about it yet.  Just wait for their howls. :D

The trailer:




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Considering that I am

Considering that I am currently suffering from being poisoned and infected by that right-wing trash, I can relate. But since I don't have any guns I'll just have to satisfy myself with using my mind, and in a way that is much more satisfying since I can think up all kind of novel way to dispose of the evil in society that is not restricted to being in situ, such as sending a tornado to the front door of the half-wit trash that is so stupid as to torture someone who they know not who they are going to be in the future. Or maybe I just need a connection to an agent or a publisher for my debut novel which is just entering it's final draft, although I imagine I would have a hard time selling it since it's already 700 page and the way it's going I expect to add a couple hundred more.

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Hey jmac, you could post a

Hey jmac, you could post a few pages on here.  I would love to read your work.

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I wouldn't be opposed to such

I wouldn't be opposed to such a posting of a chapter or two in a week or two, but you would have to get permission from Thom since my understanding is that posting costs money for the host of the site. And, besides, I write about telepathy, astronomy and physics in my novel so it hardly would be in conformity with a progressive site.

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Thanks Capt, for the heads-up

Thanks Capt, for the heads-up info.   

There's no way it's better

There's no way it's better than Shakes The Clown.

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Good luck on therapy writing

Good luck on therapy writing to purge the poison, but don't forget to love being free of it and to laugh deeply and not just snidely.  Go Bobcat!