OH MY! A Great New Nickname for Mitt Romney!

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I can't take credit for it, but here it is!


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Let's hope he doesn't live up

Let's hope he doesn't live up to that nickname!

Fletcher Christian
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Mittler isn't bad.  I am

Mittler isn't bad.  I am surprised that "Mitt The Ripper" didn't take off.  Or, "Retch-A-Sketch"!

Meet the "Ripper"



God Bless Stephen Colbert!

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I think he's a Mittler

I think he's a Mittler wannabe, or a MINO, MINOs get eaten by their own, too. 

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Republicans should keep their

Republicans should keep their Greedy Mitt out of our Presidency.

A lapdog that takes anything Wall St. pitches, he's a Catchers Mitt.

Has his hands in Big Gloverment, He's a Mitten.

Nit Wits 4 Mitt

We Submit, Mitt's Unfit. A Mitt Whit.

Hypocrite Mitt Shits Counterfeit Bits.

CoMitt, O'Mitt, TansMitt, E'Mitt, PerMitt, ReMitt

Mitt Spit Grits, Admit It, Quit Mitt, Split Mitt,git!