Pakistan is telling the United States to please stop with the drones strikes

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On Thursday – Pakistan’s parliament unanimously approved a series of measures related to the United States’ military involvement in the area – including demanding an end to drone strikes in their country.  Late last year – am errant U.S. drone strike in Pakistan killed 24 Pakistani soldiers – and soured diplomatic relations with a so-called ally in the so-called war on terror. 

That strike prompted the Pakistani government to close U.S. supply routes into Afghanistan.  Just when you thought the never-ending war on terror couldn’t get any messier – it just did.  Time to bring our troops home and end this senseless fear-driven crusade against terrorism around the world.


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  It wasn't a drone strike

  It wasn't a drone strike that killed those Pakistani soldiers, but a strike involving Helicopter Gunships. Apparently, some Nato personnel were fired upon from across the border and they responded, hitting the wrong targets. The ticker on FOX news keeps telling everyone that those soldiers were killed in a Drone Strike as well.

  Anyway, there has already been at least one Drone Strike in Pakistan since the Pakistani parliament made this statement about the Drones. There has been a reduction in these strikes in Pakistan since Obama ramped them up massively in 2010. However, US Drone strikes in Yemen are are the increase, as an Al Qaeda supported rebellion grows strong. Peace Prize or no, Obama isn't going to watch a rebellion of this type take over a nation that straddles the Suez trade route.

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However the strike occurred,

However the strike occurred, it makes you wonder if it even was an accident or a misjudgement or a retaliation. It could have been a message, such as when the U.S. sent a cruise missile into the Chinese embassy when Nato was intent on destroying Yugoslavia for daring to try to be a free nation. What is given out to the public by the propaganda branch of the evil empire is rarely the true situation as it is perceived by that militarist scum who have brought the world society to the brink of ruin solely so they can continue to posture with their outdated formula for societal domination. Though it may take considerable deaths of their kind for society to finally be rid of that imperialistic trash, I'm sure history will breath a huge sigh of relief when their kind is finally, and for all time, removed from their undeserved role as masters of the world.

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  It isn't that America is

  It isn't that America is all that evil, it's that we're nieve about how the attacks we launch with our superior technology is percieved in the world. Poor people who don't have access to these capabilites look at a drone as sinister and evil, even if we are just hitting four or five terrorists at a time. The Zetas cartel in Mexico is far more evil in their actions than the USA, but no one considers them a real threat because they don't have any cutting edge Sci-Fi stuff that captures people's imagination. Iranian media is also working hard to spread the rumor around the world that far more drone attacks are taking place than actually are.

  Many people have called me nuts for saying this, but Obama will be remembered for the Drone.

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Obama is a drone. He faked

Obama is a drone. He faked out the world by pretending to be something sleek and new but he was just the same old death dealer in stealth mode. Nobody thinks that everyone in the U.S. is evil. Far from it. The reason that half of eligible voters don't vote in the U.S. elections anymore is because they make a moral choice not to participate in a process that they see as crooked. Then there is a large proportion who do vote who know the system is crooked but yet they persist with trying to change it from within because they see no other alternative and to them doing something is better than doing nothing. The criminal class in the U.S. and other criminal capitalist societies is really a small percentage of the total population, but they are still a sizeable number that must be removed so that society can move forward into a moral history.

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  America is headed for great

  America is headed for great turmoil. I don't know if it's to be marked by collapse or a Dictator. I do know from history though, that the kind of lies and corruption that cripples America can only be cured by one of those two. America won't tolerate a dictator, so my bet is collapse; but to be honest I believe in a looming global collapse, not just an American one. The world won't be able to feed 7 billion for much longer, especially with Bio Fuels becoming viable.

  I might regard myself as a conservative, but I sure as hell don't think Obama is the problem. I kind of like Obama in a lot of ways. Socialism might be defined by a redistribution of wealth, but that's not what Obama is doing. Obama wants to raise taxes on the rich. The kind of wealth redistribution Marx was talking about didn't involve the rich getting to stay rich.

  As far as the drones, Obama isn't responsible for them, but he has escalated their use dramatically. There have been nearly 50 drone stikes in Yemen since 911, and 1 of them was ordered by Bush. Even when they aren't firing missiles, they are flying around all over the place and alarming people. We got them in Mexico helping the government there with the cartels, even though they aren't armed. Make no mistake though, the drones are freaking out millions of people.


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If I say that "Obama is not

If I say that "Obama is not responsible" because the disloyal opposition is so dogmatic about the empire and will trash Dems with their familiar "weak on defense" memes, I give him a pass when he is the President.  If I make my disappointment with Obama the point, I give the warmongers a pass when they are the more responsible parties.  There is nothing to be gained in all of this imperial violence, and our Navy is not "a force for good around the world." 

When I get to the last point, I ask my fellow Americans why we are not screaming and in the streets to stop these wars instead of acting as if being critics at the play were being morally responsible. 

Ajax, I do not understand what you mean about being a "conservative."  I wish there had been a conservative anti-war movement or some real street actions against Corporate, but there has been none.  Instead, we get Tea Party faux populist anger and nostalgia about the loss of White Christian America.  I admire what you said, but this desire to be a "conservative" has had me puzzled for a long time.  It is why I say that the only fiscal conservatives have been the Progressives.

There has not been a Leveller Party in America of any consequence.  Capitalism requires the redistribution of wealth back into productive investment.  Maybe it is time for Liberals and Progressives to claim the name "conservative" and expose its misuse and abuse by Empire and Corporatism.  Would that work for you?

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I have seen "drones" over my

I have seen "drones" over my neighborhood.



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  I'm more of a traditional

  I'm more of a traditional conservative. If we do go to war, it should be thought out. Anyway, I respect the opinion that America is a very militarily agressive country, but not that the Republicans are mainly responsible for our wars. I have seen no lasting evidence that the Democratic party is less agressive than the Republicans. Vietnam was a war that Democrats led us into. Clinton bombed Iraq because of WMD's too, he merely didn't invade.

  I disagree that Obama is winding down conflicts. He is just a little more progressive on how he fights our wars. He's ramped up the Drone Strikes, helped a rebellion in Libya where NATO did a lot more than enforce a no-fly zone. He's also how helping the new president of Yemen fight the rebels there. Some of our strikes in Yemen have taken place immediately after the rebels lauched an attack against the government. There's also a hint that he's helping Kenyan and Ethiopian troops fight the radicals in Somalia. Of course it didn't help that Al Shabab recently aligned themselves with Al Qaeda.

  Obama is less inclined to just send in US ground troops, except for in Afghanistan when he surged our troop levels. His style is to work with Nato and the forces of other nations and overtly or covertly support them. He's also not afraid to send in the commandos.