Poor children in America are royally screwed

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The Center for American Progress is out with a new study on just how detrimental the Republican budget cuts to food assistance programs will be to millions of low-income Americans including children.  Earlier this month – the House Agricultural Committee passed legislation to cut 33 billion from food assistance. 

Those cuts will lead to 1.8 million Americans a year getting kick off food assistance – and nearly 300,000 children losing access to the free school lunch program.  And here’s the kicker – Republicans aren’t using the savings from these cuts to lower the deficit or stimulate the economy – they’re putting the extra money toward 3 trillion in tax cuts for the Romney-super rich in America. 

The Republicans-slash-Libertarian vision for the future of this nation is one in which the oligarchs ride to work in their stretch limousines as millions of working poor Americans beg for food on the streets. 


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People will lose patience

People will lose patience with such greed, avarice and inequity. There will be consequences. The rich will be paying a substantial portion of their wealth just for personal protection. They will have to build the walls in their gated communities higher and looking over their shoulders.

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I wonder what the big

I wonder what the big corporate grocery stores think about all of this.  That's 33 billion dollars taken out of their piece of the pie.  That's a lot of groceries left on the shelf.  Many of these corporations contribute millions in support of the very legislation that will take billions out of their pockets.  Double Whammy.