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First the backdrop. Whenever I walk down the edge of a road I see trash and garbage littering the side of the road and in the drainage ditches that was tossed out of a car.

My question: When you see a pile of McDonalds trash on the side of the road do you think the person who threw that out of their car is more likely to vote for a conservative candidate or a liberal candidate? It's my social perception experiment so please avoid a not vote at all answer. Pick one or the other or don't play. Please give your answer and then give your reason for that answer.

For this I wish the TH site had poll capabilities.



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Conservatives / They

Conservatives / They generally treat the world as one big toxic dump anyhow.

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Conservatives.  "It's a free

Conservatives.  "It's a free country and I can do what I want, if that means throwing trash out the window then so be it".  Most of the liberals I know care too much about the environment to pitch trash.

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Liberal cause they eat at

Liberal cause they eat at mcdonalds.and figure the government will pay for there heart issues as well as have union street sweepers to get the trash

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Both,  Because the world is

Both,  Because the world is just full of assholes.  

Good style points.  Expresses

Good style points.  Expresses class contempt with a jab at diet and unions, and fits nicely in a soundbite.  And, because this question begs humor in its response, "bossman" wins some points for rhetoric even if the union reference was a strained reach.

Much as I dislike the food served at Mickey D's, a lot of it is sold.  I suspect the sales are the most bipartisan thing around.  Democrats or Republican?  Probably not a lot of the 1%, but what's a Big Mac here or a McRib now and then?  The relationship between money and good taste certainly does not preclude the arches from serving the elite.  Still, we are looking at a strongly suburban demographic of young parents and the children raised to think Big Macs are great.  It is convenience, relative cost and the epitome of marketing.  

Rather than play at which side leaves more fast food wrappers outside the bins, we could address the costs of "fast food" and what economic policies a real food 'system' would require.  Ecological despoilation is solidly "conservative" today.  McDonalds is what Corporate is all about.  But, it was fun to get the witty retort from bossman.

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Capital wrote: Both,  Because

Capital wrote:

Both,  Because the world is just full of assholes.  

LMFAO.  That is why I wish this site had a "like" button.  Well done Capital!

I will say this.  I am a

I will say this.  I am a liberal and I don't throw shit out of my window and never have.

Well, since the emphasis of

Well, since the emphasis of conservative ideology and social morality centers around freedom from coercion and force, throwing trash into the roads like that would be o.k. if someone is in the backseat with a gun, threatening to blow your brains out if you don't throw the trash.

The main emphasis of liberal ideology is truth and social responsibility, throwing out trash like that is o.k. if the driver has been deceived into thinking that the road with its side roads is a public trashbin.

I must say here that I do not hate everything "conservative" and that I do not love everything "liberal." I do value the thought of living within a minimal amount of coercion and force, but I view this virtue as one out of many virtues, and not the only one of importance. I view coercion as being always noxious, but sometimes necessary.

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I really love this topic.

I really love this topic.  Too cute for words. I don't know, but from everything I gather from  attitudes expressed in these dialogues, I would guess that Conservatives are most likely the culprits. However, I fully believe that there are plenty of litterers who vote Liberal. I don't really think it means anything. 

Semi permeable ...
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 . Liberals are clearly more

 . Liberals are clearly more likely to pick up and throw away because of their goody doer mentality. Often i see the same smug attitudes with them when they drive their hybrid cars


Busn Wacker was on the right track

Conservatives have their decisive market mentallity at play in all circumstances,and there is no leverage to be had in cleaning up after yourself. Plus I am going to generalize that many conservatives have an active fantasy life in how to make life difficult for minorities and the poor and they feel leaving their trash is a small, yet beggining step, in a of campaign of retribution against the slovenly. A kind of trash warfare if you will

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Conservative. The


The "conservatives" in the media aren't "conservatives" at all.  I'm voting conservative out of a testament to the power of the boob tube has on our culture.  The properties of propaganda lean towards being selfish.  That's what people want to hear.  So that's what people do.

How one can call themselves a "conservative" and then do little to nothing to conserve the environment... I do not know.  One would "think" that a conservative would be the last one that would endorse the death penalty.  One would think that a conservative would be the last one to privatize the commons.

Conservatives are blatantly rude.  Liberals are rude on the sly.

A conservative would throw trash on the side of the road, instead of disposing of it in a garbage can.

A liberal would own a dog and be more likely to mistreat it than a conservative.  Liberals like the "idea" of being kind to living creatures, but they don't actually like putting those ideas into practice.

Hey Choco - It looks like we

Hey Choco - It looks like we haven't followed the rules for your study. This topic reminds me of the study released recently -

"New research suggests that the upper classes are more likely to behave dishonorably than those lower on the economic spectrum. The rich are more likely to cheat, steal, and even disobey traffic laws than those with less money and power (abstract). Curiously, in one experiment, Prius drivers also behaved badly, regardless of their wealth."

Art wrote:

I don't know, but from everything I gather from  attitudes expressed in these dialogues, I would guess that Conservatives are most likely the culprits. However, I fully believe that there are plenty of litterers who vote Liberal. I don't really think it means anything. 

Based on my own personal experiences I believe Art said it best here. Litterers come in all political leanings. Based on the research of our upper class - I believe more of the conservatives do the dirty deed. Just like those big corporations who pollute and litter the earth - ON A MUCH LARGER SCALE - destroying it through tar sand removal, fracking, coal mining, diamond mining, etc, etc, etc.

Undeniably, as mentioned by Semi permeable, liberals & conservatives are entirely smug with their Prius's,


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According to the social

According to the social science research presented in this article, conservatives understand leftist values better than leftists understand conservative values - Conservatives are better able to place themselves in the others' shoes. Conservatives in general understand opposing points of view.

Those results kind of go hand in hand with the fact that conservatives in general are just far more tolerant people than leftists. 


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If true, it's because

If true, it's because "conservative values" is an oxymoron.

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See, what you've just said is

See, what you've just said is a perfect example of how leftists in general are more intolerant than conservatives and less able to understand other people's points of view. Brilliant!


Just deny the other side's humanity, and wallowing in one's own self-pride becomes easier! Yay!

Go to the monkey cage at the

Go to the monkey cage at the zoo and "predict" where the feces will be thrown.

Recovering cons...
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And Conservatives are

And Conservatives are againist Gay Marriage why? If they are more Tolerant? They want to make it more difficult for poor and minorities to vote why? if they are more Tolerant?

In the world actions speak louder than words, if you want to claim more tolerance, you have to take the actions to demostrate it.

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Conservatives do not want to

Conservatives do not want to make it more difficult for the poor and minorities to vote. That's another perfect example of how conservatives understand leftist points of view much better than leftists understand conservative points of view.

Way to show a lack of understanding of diverse points of view! 

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Ok, so if we change it from

Ok, so if we change it from people throwing trash from their car, to two business owners deciding whether or not to pollute, how would that work? Let me see, which party is actively trying to undo laws against polluting?

& if conservatives don't want to make it more difficult for the poor and brown people to vote, why do they keep passing laws that do that?

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 Growingtrees- Hate to say it

 Growingtrees- Hate to say it but you seem to be another in a long list of characters who come here with some greened up screen name and proceed with what seems like the latest whipped up conservative think tank mumble jumble I think your tactic is to simply reach past the world of regular Orwellian double speak and to now somehow transcend  the old school interchangeable opposites that we were all just beggining to get comfortable with .

 Conservatives are empathetic shoe exchangers. Good! I am all for it. Whoever is on the side of empathy and compassion, I am with them. Maybe i got Ayn Rand and the rest all wrong, but is not the libertarian mantra enlightened self interest?

 So are you a conservative Mr Greentrees? if you are all please tell me where i belong. Perhaps you could also tell us briefly what the difference between the left and right "actually" are

 P.S I am just embarrased for Michael Shermer every time he opens his mouth. i guess it is because of his pompous title as the editor of 'Reason" magazine and the Skeptic Society. Septic Society would be a lot more fitting. He, and his outfit, are simple regurgitators of the status quo and not much else.

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Um, they don't keep passing

Um, they don't keep passing laws that do that. If a poor person doesn't have a Driver's License, s/he can get other forms of government-issued ID. What, do you think there're wealth or minority restrictions on getting those other forms of ID? Oh yeah, there aren't. Voter ID laws do not make it more difficult for the poor or minorities to vote. It in fact is easier to obtain those other forms of ID than it is to obtain a Driver's License. This is such common knowledge that it's on the Voter ID Laws Wikipedia page. So, for example, "Pennsylvania's voter ID law allows many forms of photo identification to be used. These include driver's licenses, government employee IDs, student IDs, and IDs of people living in elder-care institutions among other forms. Additionally, free identification cards [emphasis added] can be obtained by anyone who doesn't already possess an acceptable photo ID." Did you bother to look at Wikipedia before making such uninformed remarks? Frankly, if you're not willing to obtain a free voter ID in a process that does not discriminate on the basis of wealth or ethnicity or anything else, then you probably shouldn't be voting. 

actively trying to undo laws against polluting

I disagree with relaxing many environmental standards; however, we need a strong democratic system before that democratic system can be trusted to fairly enforce pollution laws. So, I consider Voter ID laws to be more important.

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Quote:if you are all please

if you are all please tell me where i belong

Um, the only thing I know about your political beliefs is that you enjoy demonizing people like Mr. Shermer. Do you describe yourself as a progressive or liberal? If so, you'd fit the general pattern of so-called liberals, who in general are much less tolerant than self-described conservatives.

Regardless of political labels, with your demonizing you clearly are not very tolerant, and that's what really matters. 

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Chilldog said Go to the

Chilldog said

Go to the monkey cage at the zoo and "predict" where the feces will be thrown.

 Now that is an interesting question.The monkeys might prefer law of the jungle conservatives and perhaps see lefties as patronizing little creeps who support their captivity by disproportionatetly frequenting such establishments

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        Um, the only thing I





Um, the only thing I know about your political beliefs is that you enjoy demonizing people like Mr. Shermer

No I told you I suppoted empathy and compassion. I have never used the word tolerant to describe myself or my political principles Nor do I believe the word applies to many on the left. So I told you something clearly and you have choosen to assign me the characteristic you prefer. Is distractability and delusion part your politcal profiling system?


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Um, so in your world using

Um, so in your world using toilet language to describe people you disagree with is an example of empathy and compassion?

Semi permeable ...
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 Toilet language? Example?

 Toilet language? Example?

Fletcher Christian
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Growing trees - is that a

Growing trees - is that a reference towards growing marijuana?  In the midwest, a lot of people call weed, trees.

"Conservatives" are committing massive voter fraud in their OWN primary!  See, Ron Paul for the example.

If I were a monkey... I'd throw poop at you!

If I were a chimp... I'd be George W. Bush!  ... and then I'd throw poop at you!


humanitys team
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Wouldn't  it be great if we

Wouldn't  it be great if we all lived in a world that paid the highest wages to the people that did the work that brought the most VALUE ,i;e teaching ,people that picked up the trash,nurses ,carers, now this is what  life would be like in a highly evolved planet ,everything is reverse on this world people who do the least value jobs make the most money,ball players get millions for poor efforts ,bankers make millions for hood winking everyone.

What does this tell us about the way we think of money ,if you do good things the lower paid you shall be do things of no value the higher the pay.This is the exact opposite of a humane society and one that is functions to the max perhaps we could all put in place some new agreements based on some higher understandings.

Money is a good thing, its what you do with it that counts its only an energy ,a modem of exchange not something to be hidden or gathered stashed away in a vault somewhere to gather interest and accumulate more, this is non functional in any sense.

I am digressing from the question but most Humans have an idea that everything is in short supply and that there is not enough to go around and that you have to force people to pick up the rubbish from the street as humans are naturally bad ,this is so not the truth we are remarkable and oneness is the only path that can create the brightest future a world that we all say we want to live in all for one and one for all,this is called responsibility and people who choose this way will live in a new world.

People who take responsibility for the interests of the planet and the inhabitants will create  an amazing planet earth so different from what we have now.

Ours is not a better way ours is another way.

The way is honesty,responsibility and awareness the triangular code to  raising the collective consciousness ,and this is exactly what we can teach in our schools,for in our schools the next generations will be ready to build a new world with new ideas and a greater understanding of what it means to human beings .


Just look at how much we have fallen into duality with this post conservative verses a  liberal world view, you are dividing yourselves into a right and wrong paradigm  politics is our spirituality demonstrated in the future we will naturally do what works for the highest good of all and be in agreement on how to get there,we can only get there on an understanding that we are spiritual beings with physical bodies ,but we really are all on the same TEAM.

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 Sorry but Growingtrees

 Sorry but Growingtrees sounds alot like rigel1. Did he "disappear" from here recently?

So you want the trash man to

So you want the trash man to get paid what Derek Jeter gets paid and vice-versa?

I needed to find out who

I needed to find out who Derek was before I could respond. You didn't give the name of the trash man so I couldn't check on him.

Hmm....the anonymous trash man. Kind of sums up the issue right there, eh?

Perhaps if we had some sort of reasonable balance around the economics of wages for men then the superstars at the top of every eco-food chain wouldn't be gluttonously gobbling down ALL the goodies. Why can't a living wage be possible for everyone who works? Maybe when we achieve some reasonable parity for men then you guys will allow the same for women.    ?

Right now the trash men pays more in local & state taxes to support the stadiums for players like Derek to play in. The Overlord of Derek receives many tax benefits - like the stadiums their players pay in - paid for by the local tax players. The media moguls get to rape off more profit for the rights they get to give the visuals to the paying public.

Who provides more value to the running of our society? I bet if the trash were to pile up every where even baseball fans would be upset.. The air foul with flies and stinky - how could they concentrate on the game?

Oops forgot, Guys immersed in sports are so immeresed - they can ignore the reality of REAL life going on around them. Stink? What stink?

chilidog wrote:

So you want the trash man to get paid what Derek Jeter gets paid and vice-versa?

Semi permeable ...
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 On another tact, I am a

 On another tact, I am a reformed sports fan. Not so much from any disillusionment with sports, but rather there were things that i wanterd to accoplish in life that were just not getting done while spending time with sports. I still do not have a good feel for the morality or mentality created with those who spectate. Chomsky equates sports with a kind of jingoist warlike mentality of us against them and, there is obvious truth in that. But at the same, in team sports at least, there is that sense of being part of a group that is not just aimed at beating the opponent, but in also working for the good of the group whether it be the team or the town they play for. There is also just the kind of pure drama which seems so absent in much of our culture. Dave Zirin is a great sociological sports analyst



Sports are great for playing

Sports are great for playing and learning to play with others competitively. I competed in sports all through out my childhood. I competed on teams of softball, basketball, and track in high school - so I believe I can speak to this issue. I even got a partial scholarship for college for my athletic abilities - unusual for a female in 1971.

Being a rabble rousing loud mouth couch potato cheering through the slugs of beer is not in any way comparable to playing a sport. Nor does the wanting to watch sports - while indulging as a rabble rousing loud mouth couch potato cheering through the slugs of beer - justify our tax dollars used to build the stadiums as further monuments to the decline of our civilization. Or to further the gluttonous  profitability to the off shore bank accounts of the sports moguls while our own bank accounts decline for their benefit.

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I know this is a little off

I know this is a little off the subject, but where do I sign up for the deal these sports teams get?  All I have to do is threaten to move and the state and local governments come begging to me with all kinds of money for a new stadium.  Money that they do not have.

Am I missing something here?

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Liberals are usually too

Liberals are usually too environmentally conscious to throw trash out of the car.  But then I know conservatives who wouldn't do it either.  The problem is you didn't want to have us say "neither".  I think most people who litter are irresponsible jerks who probably don't vote at all or could be all over the map if they do vote.  So this becomes an invalid survey.


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mauiman58 wrote: I know this

mauiman58 wrote:

I know this is a little off the subject, but where do I sign up for the deal these sports teams get?  All I have to do is threaten to move and the state and local governments come begging to me with all kinds of money for a new stadium.  Money that they do not have.

Am I missing something here?

Simple.  Start your own corporation that the community relies on.  Football teams are privately owned corporations that get the taxpayers to help fund their existence for their own good.  Wal-mart is another good example.  Just because the "details" don't get as much public scrutiny as a sports team doesn't mean it's not there. 

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Conservatudes trash

Conservatudes trash everything in Nature and exploit everything living.

Liberals know the health risks involved in pollution.

Conservatudes just think about money and religion.

Liberals clean the environment while conservatudes destroy it.

Liberals know Micky D is factory farm chemicals and wouldn't eat there in the first place.

Conservatudes force their kids to back alleys for abortions over facing their parents, pregnant. Not wanting to ruin the quarterback boyfriends career or get the wrath of the church. Afterall he'll get the pat on the back, she'll be deemed a slut. Logically they can't go to Planned Parenthood without alerting some OpRsQ alarm system. So if they would sacrifice their own children to harm I see no reason for them to care about anything except their profits. Tossing trash is just a reflection of their souls. At least they haven't in the past, spreading agent orange, napalm or depleted uranium throughout Iraq for kids and our kid soldiers to play in. Same as they did to the cities of the US before the hippies started speaking out. I remember the Gray skies of Pittsburgh and Lake Erie catching on fire. I think its childish tantrums out of fear of hobgoblins corporotists tell them. Why fear hippies is beyond me.

During the 60's I was a hunter and from 12 to 16 before the ecology movement. It was the hunters and farmers concerned about leaving the place as good or better than when you arrived. The Indians before that. Only when money came into the picture did pollution become a problem for conservatudes. I was taught by Pittsburgh cops to pick up the trash I found in the woods even if it wasn't mine, and never throw something out that might harm the game or their habitat. Then the Pa governor, maybe Shafer... decided to make extra tax money opening up out of state licenses. These rednecks were spending a lot of cash for a week of trashing, midnight shootings and not going home empty handed. By supplementing the local rednecks wallets for $350 a buck killed from jeeps at night. That was the last time I hunted, Gave my guns to my father and decided toking a joint listening to a band in concert was much safer than a pint of Seagrams stashed in a hunting vest carrying a loaded 30.06 to shoot some dumb animal it was no longer necessary to do with super markets springing up. Since Nixon rednecks think they're getting even with liberals by chopping down 2000 year old redwoods that produced air for their jesus. So kill it? How do you reason with these volunteer slaves and hateful mean people with no regards for America, Americans or themselves apparently. What do you even call a person who would shit in their own wells?

Conservatudes worship their guns and shoot every road sign on every back road throughout the south. Destroying public property isn't a problem for them. Their cattle do it all the time. They clear-cut forests to make bird cage liners. Mountaintop removal trashing the drinking water and devastating the forests for coal that will make em sick down the road. Loonies. Dump dioxins into the river, Whine about more off shore oil wells while BP was doing damage control screwing the Gulf residents. Not even after the tragedy, during. Same with raping Alaska for oil we don't need. Liberals push alternatives to the dirty cancer ridden fossil fools. Conservatudes get the cancer an only means more Big Pharma profits selling chemo. Pitifools.

Rednecks have been making fun of cleaning up the pollution since the first earth day. Same as they whine about auto safety and have hissy fits if you ask them to filter their hazardous waste. Most of the time they are drunk so I doubt if they even know what it is they are doing. Texas is legal to drink and drive so it wouldn't be a surprise to see the deadbrain idoits toss trash from the pick up. Teabogs are gossip queens for Wall St even though they will never see the tax paid subsidies or the huge profit on misery. But they like sucking up to the rich like maybe someday... maybe they'll win the lottery and not commit suicide after they blow it in a few years. Doubtfful.

So most definitely conservatudes trash the planet and neighborhoods. Mean and ugly, what else would they do? You ever see a redneck clean up anything? Especially their junk cars on blocks.

The New American Century by Arundhati Roy
(January 22, 2004 (February 9, 2004 issue)
In the great cities of Europe and America, where a few years ago these things would only have been whispered, now people are openly talking about the good side of imperialism and the need for a strong empire to police an unruly world. The new missionaries want order at the cost of justice. Discipline at the cost of dignity. And ascendancy at any price. Occasionally some of us are invited to "debate" the issue on "neutral" platforms provided by the corporate media. Debating imperialism is a bit like debating the pros and cons of rape. What can we say? That we really miss it?
☀Signatories to its statement of principles included future Bush administration officials Elliott Abrams, Dick Cheney, Paula Dobriansky, I. Lewis Libby, Peter Rodman, Donald Rumsfeld, Zalmay Khalilzad, and Paul Wolfowitz. Other signatories included Gary Bauer, William Bennett, Jeb Bush, Midge Decter, Frank Gaffney, Norman Podhoretz, Steve Forbes, Eliot Cohen, Fred Ikle, and Dan Quayle.

Teabaggers to be Subverted into the System; Resistance is Futile

Profound Hatred for Democracy
☀"No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back."
☀Neocon Teabogs Really Are "Bloodlusting Terrorists"

Cheney's Legacy of Fracking America to Death, does anyone actually for a half a second believe if the conservatudes, Neocons would poison drinking water, poison the dirt with pesticides and the air with dioxins and sulfur emissions. That they might even think for one second about the trash they're tossing from their pick ups? That's naive and that's why they get away with it. Like spoiled kids who's parents let them believe they're better than certain others. Their god gave everthing on earth to them to be good stewards and apparently in conservatude christian that means kill and then sell the cadavors. Trees to cows, humans they profit caging or treating them. Drunks produce more innocent victims from car crashes and to the conservatudes that means more money selling white powders and plastic iv bags, steel beds and gadgets galore. A trillion tax dollars wasted on lies leading to Iraq isn't wasted laying in a conservatude bank after receiving the no bid contract profits. The present cold war perpetuating profits treating people who use drugs that aren't white powder Big Pharma. In rehabilitation asylums, invading their bodies stealing bodily fluids. Conservatudes will stand there and watch a little kid pee in a cup to assure they don't cheat and then protest any talk of safe sex in the classroom.

Giving away Liberty as soon as they're told if its the right cause that fits into their little closed world. Home invasions, secret searches, no knock entry, bastardizing the Higher Education Act that Clinton signed, along with the Patriot Ax and NAFTA/GATT. Along with arresting more for simple possession than nexxon, rayguns and boosh combined. Balancing the budget for junior to pillage. Everytime Monika would surface , he bombed somebody in Kosovo. Starving Iraqi's out after the Gulf scam saving Kuwait oil as the prince demanded gold leaf wallpaper before the people got food. Holding hands with the Saudi OPEC Barons closed door deals. Congressional oversight had to sue to get info and I'm not sure if they ever did. Probably conveniently filed in Bldg7. What part of a free market or America are conservatudes from? You want the right to gun down unarmed kids but are concerned about their health if they would smoke a joint? Pro Life Pro Death Penalty, war and for profit police action cold wars. Looks like junior Obambi is following suit, pre pardoning the traitors before they've even been investigated?  I've been seeing the runaround, lies and totally Un-American way they conduct the Ganjawar the past 40 years. 95% of the Censored MSM media is owned by 5 corporations with similar agendas to maintain dysfunction.

Something conservatudes are down right proud of. They'll have no education for their young men. That's fer sissies, not Okies from Muskogee or a way down yonder in the land of cotton, with its 90 million pounds of poisons aborting babies in the bible belt, can I get an amen!!!. Its them teachers telling the kids that Science stuff liberls think up all high on that whacky teebacci. Protected by the Union goons who force human corporations (conservatudes like to claim) to pay minimum wages. Like global warming just so al gore can sell solar panels. Don't they realize if the earth was round it would dag gum roll right off the universe. Sheesh... EEvOlushun crap when the dang bible already tells em how it happened. Incest! A touchy subject for conservatudes who permit marriage at 14 to first cousins. As long as they're not you know, black.

The democrats since klintoon have been more conservative than boosh junior expanding the size of government and removing Liberty by enacting what Clinton wrote but never used. Di Fistein is step by step alongside of Oral Hatch censoring the internet or selling some other protection driving up cigarette prices and growing a new billion dollar underground market. Still not dealing with the poisons added to tobacco that does the harm, mostly to the poor buying the cheaper, more chemical  floor sweeping generic brands. No harm done for thousands of years of using organic tobacco by hundreds of cultures. Just Ronnie Rayguns selling cigarettes for your smoking pleasure. Not that anyone would think sucking flame retardants into the lungs might cause harm. Ganja has no chemical additions and yet no one winces when its compared to chemical cigarettes. Geterdone. Scapegoat the tobacco farmers while the chemical poison Big Ag and Pharma aren't mentioned. Like Boosh and Iran Contra Rayguns slept through. Thinking there might be some far distant hope for conservatude neocons is gullible, and their ends justify their means so foargetaboutit. Denialists can justify anything their told. Fear drives them to seek big brothers protection while hypocritically pretending to be for Liberty and the Constitutional rights of Americans. Or at least half of the 2nd as they skip the first completely. States rights for Jim Crow but not cannabis users? Release the Ganja growers and fill the Koch cages with conservatude polluters. They have no compassion for their own families health and well being, I have no hope they will ever care about Americans in general. Off with their heads!

Protein: Mad Cows v Hempseed

Omega 3: Mercury Fish v Hempseed Oil

McDonald's and Animal Rights google
McDonald's is the world's largest user of beef, and of all companies,
McDonald's environmental destruction, animal cruelty, employee exploitation,
Paul McCartney: Boycott McDonald's

Help Stop McDonald's Cruelty Now!

McCruelty: i'm hatin' it | peta2.com
Make sure that everyone you know gets the point that they should boycott McDonald's until the company stops supporting cruelty to animals.

Boycott McDonalds chicken - McDonalds kills a lot of chickens

Play 'PETA's New Super Chick Sisters' | McCruelty.com

Order a Free McCruelty Action Pack | McCruelty.com
You can share the leaflets with friends, family, and coworkers and tell them to give birds a break by boycotting McDonald's.

Have a heart, boycott McDonalds, for animal rights | Facebook


Pretenders singer, PETA grill McDonald's over chicken slaughter
Chrissie Hynde played chicken with McDonald's at a local franchise...
proclaiming "I'm Hatin' What I See" and "Boycott McDonald's Cruelty.

PETA protests cruelty of McDonald's chicken suppliers
with messages reading “McCruelty, I'm Hatin' It,” and “Boycott McDonald's Cruelty.”

Starving Babies and Illegal Food
I'd say that just about sums up what a conservatude is all about...

Recovering cons...
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If Conservatives do not want

If Conservatives do not want to make it more difficult to vote why are they changing the requirements? Why does it cost money, time and travel to comply the new requirements? Why is a student ID not a form of ID but a gun permit is?

I can support my points with data what about you?

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Do you have to go through a

Do you have to go through a federal back groung check to get a college id? You do to get a gun permit.

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Recovering cons... wrote:I

Recovering cons... wrote:
I can support my points with data what about you?

Did you deliberately ignore the fact that in my last post on this voting issue I linked to an academic, scholarly paper with reams of data showing how your concerns about voting ID laws suppressing people voting is largely overblown? You posted a fact you heard somehwere. I posted a link to a scholary paper with reams of data. You = fail.
Why is a student ID not a form of ID but a gun permit is? 

Because student IDs are more fakeable. Obviously. The consequences of people going around faking gun IDs are way more serious than the consequences of someone faking a student ID, so gun IDs are less easily fakeable. Oh yeah, and like that other guy mentioned, they require background checks, like I hope Driver's Licenses do. 

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 Bush wacker said Football

 Bush wacker said

Football teams are privately owned corporations that get the taxpayers to help fund their existence for their own good. 


 Actually Green Bay owns the Packers and the town has benefited immensely. There is no need for private ownership in this regard other than to siphon public funds Why else would the leagues have outlawed public ownership given the stellar performance of the Packers and Green Bay