Is the Republican majority in the House of Representatives in danger?

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Speaker of the House John Boehner seems to think so.  In an interview with Fox News airing today – Speaker Boehner said Republicans are facing a “real challenge” in the upcoming election and that there’s a “1-in-3” chance that Republicans could lose control of the House.  Majority Leader Eric Cantor – who’s been a thorn in Boehner’s side for the last year was more optimistic on the issue – saying he’s, “very confident” that Republicans will add to their majority in the House in November. 

Looking at what’s happening on a state-level, Republicans should be worried.  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is facing a recall.  In Ohio – Republicans watched their radical anti-union law repealed by voters.  And in Michigan, a recall effort has begun against Republican Governor Rick Snyder.  So if the voters’ remorse at the state-level is any indication of what might happen at the federal level – Speaker Boehner has good reason to be worried. 


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Everything John Boehner says

Everything John Boehner says is a lie.

Any answer to this question would require a lot of work looking at polls.

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The situation here in AZ is

The situation here in AZ is SB1070 has mobilized lots of Hispanics to get registered to vote. And, without Mc Cain on the national ticket, the OFA is looking at having a presence here. If we can flip from 2d / 6rs, in 2010 to after redistricting 5/4 or 6/3, that will go a long way towards bringing sanity back. The redistricting in TX, CA and FL all have made more swing districts, which, coupled to better turnout for Obama will be good news.

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The 2010 elections saw Tea

The 2010 elections saw Tea Party candidates take enough seats to swing the majority over to the republicans. However, the approval rating of Congress is at an all time low so the infatuation with the Tea (Koch) Party is waning. Who knows how the actual elections will go in 2012 because corporations control the press and the right wing radicals are subservient to the powerful corporations, the dems sometimes only a bit less so, I'm sad to admit.

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Man I hope so! The Democrats

Man I hope so!

The Democrats did so much good work when they had all 3 majorities.  Or was it when the Republicans had all 3 majorities...  I can't remember.

That's funny... It's like... I don't know... It's like there isn't any difference?

That's strange!

Wait a minute!  What if there isn't any difference!?!

Holy crap!  I've got some reading to do!

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If there is no difference,

If there is no difference, then why are 9 out of 10 dollars being spent by SuperPACs all on the Republican side?

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REPUBLICAN, DEMOCRAT, BILDERBERG, GLOBALIST ETC.  Is there really a difference between the 2 ?

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Yes, the democrats are bad,

Yes, the democrats are bad, the republicans are much worse.

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At this point no way do the

At this point no way do the Republicans lose the house, but both the White House and control of the Senate are 50/50, up for grabs.

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antikakistocrat wrote:

REPUBLICAN, DEMOCRAT, BILDERBERG, GLOBALIST ETC.  Is there really a difference between the 2 ?

If there is no difference, then why is SuperPAC money 9-1 against Democrats?

And on the odds for the Presidential race are much better than 50-50.

PaddyPower has Obama paying 4/9, Romney paying 7/4. Which means the pros have it much closer to Obama being re-elected closer to 60%. I saw one analysis, and the only paths for Romney to win all depend on FL, but if Obama is able to win in AZ, CO or NV makes FL irrelevant.

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Betting odds are set so the

Betting odds are set so the "house" will get action on both sides.  The odds you quote here are set by the betting public, not the experts.  All you are saying is that those willing to bet money say that Obama has a 60% chance of winning. That may or may not reflect the actual situation.

As you seem to point out, the entire election will be determined by swing voters is swing states (FL, OH, PA, WI, TN, VA, etc).  And the election will be determined solely on how those swing voters in those states feel about Barak Obama's presidency.  So an uptick in the economy, he gets re elected, a downswing, he loses.  If gas prices go down (which they are supposed to) that will help him, if the Supream Court throws out Obamacare (which will probably happen) that will hurt him.

A lot can and probably will happen between now and November.