A salute to Levon Helm by Bill Flanagan on CBS Sunday Morning

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Levon Helm: A second victory lap

On the 4/22/12 episode of CBS Sunday Morning, Bill Flanagan of MTV paid tribute to his late friend, Levon Helm of The Band.



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I should say something about

I should say something about Levon and The Band, I guess.  I still remember coming back to the States from Vietnam. San Francisco. Downtown somewhere, can't remember which theater anymore, there was a movie, just came out, and it was called Easy Rider.  Peter Fonda and Harley choppers from the pictures outside.  Had to see it. The signature song from that movie that's never left my mind was The Weight.  Still gives me special feelings to remember it.  I don't need to hear it played anymore, its in my mind whenever I want to hear it, but I love to.

The home page for CBS Sunday

The home page for CBS Sunday Morning is 

Check on Monday afternoon to see what stories from that Sunday's show were posted on the home page by CBS.  I think they even sometimes post the closing wild life segment. Stories that CBS does not post there sometimes are loaded by users or CBS on youtube (sorted by date to bring most recent stories to top) :