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Hi Guys, I notice that Thom uses a lot of statistics on his show about the economy. 

Is there a website where I can find economic summarized data?  (possibly even graphs)

Its a nightmare to fish around for economic data on the net and then trying to visualize it is a whole different nightmare.

Thank you! 


artlin26 wrote: Its a

artlin26 wrote:

Its a nightmare to fish around for economic data on the net and then trying to visualize it is a whole different nightmare.

It sounds like you've already tried. I doubt anyone can help you much more.  Here are some links

Having statistics is one thing. Correctly interpreting what statistics say is another thing. Most "charts" are prepared by various advocacy groups, presented as "evidence" to support some ideological position those groups are advocating. You have to get to the source of the data they use to understand exactly "what question was asked." And you have to examine the time frame presented versus the larger time frame the source of the data covers (and perhaps "the question" has not been asked for enough years to understand what the answers mean.)

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And always keep in mind that

And always keep in mind that the standard right-wing meme is that the gov't is bad and full of dirty lying Liberals who will fill the gov't info sites mentioned above with lies to support their failed ideology.  They also lump in the entire education system and media as part of the Liberal conspiracy.

You need to ask yourself who has more to gain when you come to a fork in the road and have to decide whose information to trust when there is a disparity between gov't statistics and right-wing think tank or corporate media interpretations of gov't statistics.  To be fair, there are left-wing biased interpretations as well.  You have to decide which interpretation makes more sense relative to the gains to be had from interpreting in a given direction.

Thom makes it look easy, but you have to be commited to gathering, compiling and synthesizing the data to be able to wing it like he does.  I find it much easier to let Thom do all the heavy lifting and just pick the low hanging fruit.  I'm kind of a lazy-ass who was just stumbling through life until I came across Thom on the Radio.  I'm forever grateful to Thom.

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Yes, I have looked and its a

Yes, I have looked and its a nightmare. I realize that there are many ways to manipulate statistics and the government goes out of its way to not include any pie charts :(

 I'm surprised that Thom doesn't include his data on his website. I would love to use it for reference (since he does all the heavy research anyways)...