We just lived through the hottest March in the history of the nation

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Across the country – more than 15,000 high temperature records were set last month – making it the hottest March ever recorded in 117 years since the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association began keeping temperature records. 

We also witnessed another string if massive tornados tear across the American Midwest.  Climate Change is no longer something to fear in the FUTURE – it’s happening right now.  And we the people need to kick the oil barons and their phony climate scientists out of the halls of government so that we can finally get to work addressing mankind’s most serious problem today: a plant that is turning on us.


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Looks like "geoengineering"

Looks like "geoengineering" isn't working so well - aside from irrevocably poisoning and destroying the entire ecosystem, it may even be promoting increased global temperatures.

The solution: Of course, ramp up the "geoengineering" operations!

Call for Arctic geoengineering as soon as possible

And here's a wonderful Source Document!

Remember, THEY know what's best for us, and the planet - surely they are doing God's work - - - or is it that other fellow's work?

P.S. Ever bake a potato in aluminum foil? It gets pretty hot in there, huh? Oh, so you think surrounding the stratosphere of Earth with aluminum oxide is any different?

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Yeah!  And the sun is very

Yeah!  And the sun is very hot!  I think volcano's spew out a lot of gas.  Did I mention that the sun is very hot.  It is, you know.  It's very hot.  Like a ball of fire in the sky.  It's hot.  Real hot.  Firey hot.  Hot like the sun... wait a minute... like I said, the sun is very hot.  Real hot.  Firey hot.  Like a ball of fire in the sky.  It's hot.  Real hot.  Firey hot.

I think volcano's spew out a lot of gas, too.  A lot of gas.  They spew it out.  Ash too!  Ash and gas.  A lot of it.  Like a big bag of gas and ash.  A big bag that's made out of rock.  Melted rock.  Lava, ash and gas.  It's pretty dangerous.  I mean they errupt... like a volcano... wait a minute... like I said, volcano's spew out a lot of gas.

I think plant's like that gas.  They eat it up.  They love it.  They live on the gas that they eat up.  They love it... yummy, they eat it up.  Hungry plants eat gas.  Lots of it...

I'm having too much fun being stupid.  I could do this for hours.  What's wrong with me?

One time I asked what brought about the ice age from a woman who was ranting about global warming in my favorite record store.  I Sh*t you not... she said it was from all of the dinosaur farts.  The gas from dinosaur farts caused the ice age.

She didn't use the term "fart".  She was very clinical and stated that it was from all the methane excreted from the dinosaur's.  You know... because she's educated and smart.

Dinosaur farts.  Stinky farts.  Lots of stinky dinosaur farts.  Smelly farts.  Lots of them.  Silent but deadly, loud and proud farts.  Rumbles from down under.  Farts.  Lots of farts.  Mud butt.  Running down the road, and you're carrying a big load, Diarrhea cha cha cha diarrhea cha cha cha.

I've got issues.  I'm just having some fun.  Cha cha cha... Lots of fun.  Having a good time.  Giggling like a school girl.  Cracking up.  Having fun... cha cha cha...

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Fletcher Christian wrote:I've

Fletcher Christian wrote:
I've got issues.  I'm just having some fun.  Cha cha cha... Lots of fun.  Having a good time.  Giggling like a school girl.  Cracking up.  Having fun... cha cha cha...

I won't quote some of the other comments...

An important topic was initially posted; then after my reply came the above comments. As I mentioned in one or two  other posts, there are dis-info agents right here on this board who would do whatever they can cleverly devise to debunk, diffuse, diminish or otherwise invalidate serious discourse on matters relative to our very survival.

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"Lighten up,

"Lighten up, Francis!"


Humor is a powerful tool... try it sometime.


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"Talent... on loan from

"Talent... on loan from Gaw..."

"Talent... on loan from a disgusting turd on the radio."

Information AND entertainment... why hasn't someone come up with this combination before.  I mean... it's like "Peanut butter AND chocolate!"  Could you imagine how AWESOME peanut butter and chocolate would taste... TOGETHER!?!

The possibilities...