Well wishes for Louise's surgery and recovery

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As is in my tradition, I will

As is in my tradition, I will be singing many prayers for you Louise.  Blessings.

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"

Dear Louise - I  am thinking

Dear Louise - I  am thinking of you today.  I ask for grace to comfort you and your family - to carry you gracefully through this part and the future, and grace for your quick healing. May all those around you providing your care also be held and cared for. I send you love and many good wishes for your optimum health and optimum recovery.

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Hey! The Thom Hartmann show

Hey! The Thom Hartmann show keeps me sane.

I think it's super cool that Thom's wife is with him on his projects. He's lucky. All the best.

Best wishes for a full and

Best wishes for a full and quick recovery.  You wouldn't be the same without her.  We all need that someone special to make us special.

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Dearest Louise.... a sister

Dearest Louise.... a sister in breast cancer.  I also had breast cancer in 2007, caught early, mastectomy, went through a brief chemo treatment, and in the 5th and final year of hormone blocking drug.  I remain cancer free but continue to be vigilant.  I am so sorry you have had to join the club but you will be ok.  There are millions of women who have walked this path and are alive today because they were able to catch this disease in its early stage.  I will be thinking of you every day and praying/sending positive vibes for your quick recovery.  You have lots of folks wishing you the very best.  Be strong and march through the upcoming treatment like a true warrior.  One of my friends told me the chemotherapy is "Not your mother's chemotherapy."  It has been made much more tolerable and discomforts minimized.  Don't worry, you will be ok and you will be a wonderful supporter of early detection.  Take care, Sharon

No apologies necessary for

No apologies necessary for being absent, Thom ... Louise is a major part of the foundation that the Thom Hartmann show family rests on. Even those of us who are not religious are praying for her and for you also.

Take as much time off as Louise needs, when ever she needs you ... and give her a hug for us, in a spot where it doesn't hurt.

Thanks to both of you for all you do for us.

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All the best to both of you. 

All the best to both of you.  You are wonderful people, everything will turn out well. Best. 

Our prayers go out to Louise

Our prayers go out to Louise and family.  Our family has you in our thoughts.

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I know very few whose

I know very few whose families', friends', and acquantainces' lives have not been somehow touched by cancer.  I will walk.  I will contribute.  I will think of Louise and wish her the Very Best.

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All my best to you Luise,and

All my best to you Luise,and hope you have a speedy recovery.



Puyallup Wash.

Louise, I pray you gather

Louise, I pray you gather your strength, get through the next hurdles with peace, and heal completely. Thank you for the contribution you have made through Thom to my life and my education.

Sorry - dupe

Sorry - dupe

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Thoughts and prayers to the

Thoughts and prayers to the Hartmann family.  Louise, I was so very sorry to hear of this and hope it goes perfectly.  I've always admired you as the "quiet" half of a true and important partnership that has made a difference for so many of us in this country.  We need you both.  God speed your journey back into full health. 

Amelia Kroeger
Louise and Thom & family -

Louise and Thom & family - During this time, may you all be sustained and continually encouraged. A rapid recovery and cancer-free scans for Louise.   

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Louise, Peace and blessings. 


Peace and blessings.  Take plenty of vitamins, also take a calcium supplement.  Flaxseed, the seeds not the oil, is also a natural curative for breast cancer.  Stay strong.  Peace

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"He shall give His angels

"He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.
 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a  stone." 
                                                                                                91 Psalm 

Dear Louise and Thom—may your recovery be restful and enjoyable, may your health be complete and strong, and may your life be long and joyous. The light that your partnership and your work  brings to this world is a beacon of hope for all of us.




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Happy to hear Louise is on

Happy to hear Louise is on the road to recovery! May the Force be with her and Thom! 

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Louise and Thom,   You have

Louise and Thom,


You have all my positive thoughts for a full recovery.  I so appreciate all you both do

to help save our country,   Bob K.

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Peace, Love & Light to Louise

Peace, Love & Light to Louise on her continued recovery. Much thanks Thom to you Louise and all your staff in helping us all in this good fight for freedom, humanity, helping to save our environment and our sanity!

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Lots of prayers.  Looking

Lots of prayers.  Looking forward to your journey from Survivor to Triumphant!

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Sending good thoughts!

Sending good thoughts!

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May You always Be Well and

May You always Be Well and Stay Well PTL "Walk in beauty " Lame Bull

Roger Casement
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Best wishes and a speedy

Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Louise Hartmann.


Denise Middlebrook
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I lost my mother to breast

I lost my mother to breast cancer 17 years ago.  My heart and prayers go out to the both of you.


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Hoping Louise will have a

Hoping Louise will have a speedy and complete recovery. Thanks to Thom and Louise for all their good work!

I had not realized until

I had not realized until today that Louise was back on the job ... great news, whenever it comes.  I'm not surprised that she is back to work, being the trooper that she is.  Today was just the first time in a long while that I clicked on the "Live Blog" page for the radio show, and there it was ...

"Submitted by louisehartmann".


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Wonderful news.

Wonderful news.

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I too was recently diagnosed

I too was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. My prayers are with you and your family. Best wishes for a full recovery for your wife.



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My continue best of

My continue best of everything for Louise. Thom,don`t let her work to hard.   Jessie

will in chicago
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My best wishes for Louise on

My best wishes for Louise on her treatment from cancer.  May the treatments go well, and may she have a full recovery.  Louise is a remarkable woman and I am glad to see that she is getting a lot of support from the board.

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Thanks Lindab for your kind

Thanks Lindab for your kind thoughts - my prayers are with you too. Have you been looked into integrative therapies with chemo? Here's a great site http://www.gaynoroncology.com by an integrative oncologist

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Thanks to everyone for

Thanks to everyone for keeping me in your thoughts, Except for one comment line call (conservative?) hoping I would kick the bucket - the calls and messages have been heartwarming to me. People have sent me prayers and knitted me hats for my soon to be bald noggin. Thank you all. Louise

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Hi Louise,you`re very very

Hi Louise,you`re very very welcome and the best of everything to you again. As for the negative,you can believe the numbers that are positive for you,the opposite numbers are for the negative to kicking the bucket.This is a good example of good people never passing,but bad people, you would never know they were alive.   

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Wishing you and the family a

Wishing you and the family a quiet place to share, care and heal. 

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yes wonderfull friends of the

yes wonderfull friends of the world,we hurt when u hurt,prayers went up quickly when we heard the news.I had such a scare so I relate to the strange place.Wondering why we havent advanced from such cures. I respect Susan Somers as she shared her experience. I have taken vit. E reliogiosly for over a decade,since I had lumpy swollen breast syndrom.It has always worked to alleviate the problem of inflamation.I find Ibeprophen a great anti=inflamitory,and read that it has been recognised as such relating to cancer .Just needed to share my thoughts of concern.Wishing the best in all,u are blessed and u bless us, gracias

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Continue well wishes for

Continue well wishes for Louise and family, Jessie

I am so very sorry to hear of

I am so very sorry to hear of Louise's health struggles.  I heard it on your show today.  I send peace and love and send my strength to help augment her own.

All best wishes.

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The best wishes to Louise &

The best wishes to Louise & Thom & Family.

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Dear Louise; Cheering " Get

Dear Louise;

Cheering " Get Well" from Scappoose, Oregon!  We pray that each day delights you as you see yourself heal and grow stronger.  Yesterday my Wife saw someone moving their floating home in the Willamette by having Grandpa sit on the front porch and yell at the driver in the boathouse who was pushing it!  Thought you would enjoy that!

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I noticed Mike Pap was

I noticed Mike Pap was filling in for Thom this week and I had a feeling it was because of Louise's health issues. I am wishing her,Thom and their whole family well. You are very special people and I only wish there were more people like you.

take care, Troy in Minnesota "AM950 supporter".

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Journeyman 63......my

Journeyman 63......my thoughts exactly.

I hope you and Louise are doing well. I send my most heatfelt prayers and wishes for the two of you.

Where ever you go may God bless every step of your lives.

James in the "Heart of Darkness" .........Texas.


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I don't recall anything said

I don't recall anything said but Thom's break could also be that we have a couple of conventions coming up he may be doing the show from and this would be an excellent time to take a break and especially spend more time with Louise.


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Like many others I'm sure, I

Like many others I'm sure, I was wondering what happend to Thom.  He's been gone for over 2 weeks now and I haven't heard the stand-in hosts tell us what is happening.  If it is because of Louise's health, I wish her and the entire family the very best and a speedy recovery.

On a side note, I really enjoy Mike Pap and wish his show was during the weekdays when I listen to talk radio.

note from  webmaster   today

note from  webmaster   today about Thom's absence : 


Well wishes for Thom from ehillmax :


and more posts in the Prayers section for Thom and Louise : 



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Heard Thom say on today's

Heard Thom say on today's show that Louise had her last chemo treatment today. That is great news, and indicates that this is the last time she'll have to deal with the affects of the chemo treatments.

Beginning tomorrow, she'll be feeling better and stronger as her recovery continues.

Good luck to both of you.

Thanks for all you do for us, the Thom Hartmann Show family of listeners , viewers, and readers.

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This is just another word of

This is just another word of encouragement for Louise, Thom and the family.  We're thinking about you and praying for you in our own way.  Louise, remember the latest research shows you can be grouchy and not effect your chances of recovery.  Use your energy for recovery, not being polite.

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Continue best wishes to

Continue best wishes to Louise & Thom and family and co-workers.

I wish you well and hope you

I wish you well and hope you get well soon!

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Very happy to hear Louise is

Very happy to hear Louise is over the treatment and it went well. Continue best wishes for the best of health to Louise and Thom and that family & co-workers take very good care of them.