The “Methane Time Bomb” is real!

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A new survey of sub-arctic regions in Alaska and Greenland by the University of Alaska discovered approximately 150,000 different sites where methane gas is seeping out of the frozen permafrost and into the atmosphere.  Methane is a greenhouse gas that’s been locked under ice for hundreds of thousands of years. 

But as the planet warms due to human factors – the methane leaks out and rapidly accelerates greenhouse gas emissions around the world.  Since 1978 – methane concentrations in our atmosphere have increased dramatically. 

We’re nearing a climate change tipping point on this planet – and unfortunately oil barons are hell bent on dragging all of us across it – regardless of the catastrophic consequences for our planet. 


Fletcher Christian
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I'm being serious on

I'm being serious on this...

Should we employ the use of chemtrails to block out the sun?

I say, NO!

What say you?

(Whether you like it or not, that's what they "say" chemtrails are for.  I'm not buying the unofficial/official story.  I think it's to destroy independent farmers fields and make them sell to BIG AGRO CORPORATIONS.  That's MY opinion.)

If chemtrails are being used to "block" the sun... are you OK with it?

Again, I am not.

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so shouldn't we open up this

so shouldn't we open up this land to get this gas before it seeps up into the atmosphere?

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It seems like no matter what

It seems like no matter what we do we can't seem to stop this crazy train we are on! The oil barrons will go down with us and all their money won't save them so what the heck are they thinking?