200 local governments want to overturning Citizens United

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The Senate Judiciary Committee is taking a closer look at the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that made all these SuperPACs possible.  In July – the Committee will hold hearing on the impact of Citizens United and the variety of constitutional amendments that have been introduced to overturn the radical ruling. 

As Judiciary Chairman – Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy – said: “The devastating effects of the Court’s divisive decision in Citizens United are already being felt in states and communities across the country…This hearing will explore and evaluate a number of constitutional amendment proposals that have been introduced.” 

Around the nation – more than 200 local governments have passed resolutions calling for an amendment overturning Citizens United – and more than 100 Members of Congress support the effort.  Go to Move To Amend.org to keep the pressure on.


Fletcher Christian
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What does the "EXECUTIVE

What does the "EXECUTIVE ORDER" have say about it?

That's seems to be what matters.

STATES RIGHTS/FEDERAL RIGHTS... CONSTITUTION/BILL OF RIGHTS... SUPREME COURT/CONGRESS... all of their work doesn't add up to a bucket of warm spit!

All of our sacred institutions immediately go by the wayside when an EXECUTIVE ORDER comes into play.

Go ahead... tell me where I am wrong?


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My, my. I think the invective

My, my. I think the invective was a lot better when John Nance Garner used it. 

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If companies cant donate as

If companies cant donate as much as the want why should unions be able to?

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Quote:If companies cant

If companies cant donate as much as the want why should unions be able to?
What makes you think that anybody is discriminating between companies and Unions?